Kiwanis/CKI International Convention this week!

So I've been waking up earlier than strictly necessary these days, and I'm imagining that my awakening before my alarm this morning has a LOT to do with the fact that I fly to Indianapolis today for Kiwanis and Circle K International Conventions. Yes, I'll be incredibly busy the whole time. Yes, I look forward to it. Yes, I have quite a bit on my to-do list. Yes, I know that I'm unlikely to actually see/touch base with all the folks I'll want to see while there. But you know what, the last time I was truly in downtown Indianapolis was in 2003 and a LOT has changed since then. So this is exciting.

I figured it out last night: this will be my 12th Circle K International Convention (since I started going in 2003, I've only missed last year), and my 11th Kiwanis International Convention (I attended parts of 2003, 2004, and 2006 before going to full conventions in 2008 through now). I have no plans to stop attending Kiwanis International Convention where possible, as it's an event that truly reinvigorates me about both Kiwanis and other aspects of life, particularly when things have been stressful for whatever reasons. No matter what the organization there are often politics, stressful moments, frustrations, and times where one doesn't feel as positive as one might want. Events like Kiwanis International Convention reinvigorate me in part because I see the friends whom I rarely see throughout the rest of the year. There are personal development sessions and other fun events, chances to see/explore a new city (or in this case a city that I've visited many times before but not for this event since 2003), and the opportunity to see some great speakers, performances and other fun things.

Things I'm looking forward to this trip include the Alumni event, LSSP (it'll be my 12th LSSP even if I can only really attend parts of it), seeing Judson Laipply for the 4th time (in the past I've seen him perform at two CKI conventions and one KI convention), the fireworks at the ballgame, walking the walking trails, Steak 'n' Shake (a CKI governor etc. institution of sorts!), seeing my friends, voting at the House of Delegates, and celebrating a great year and given that this is the 100th Anniversary convention I'm looking forward to all of those aspects too!

Like most CKI conventions (and Kiwanis conventions on occasion but less so) there won't be enough time to sleep if I do everything (so I know I can't do everything) but I look forward to so many familiar faces, things to do, and much much more.

Someday I'll visit Indianapolis for non-Kiwanis reasons (GenCon is on my personal bucket list for example, or at least it would be if I had one), but I'm really looking forward to visiting for Kiwanis reasons today.

(F)unemployment and other adventures?

So the last blog posting I wrote here talked about one chapter of my life ending and another beginning. Then I promised myself that I would actually take the chance to enjoy the month of May before job hunting in more earnest in June and beyond. And I think I've accomplished that to a certain extent thanks in part to the serendipitous timing of May being Yelp Fit Club. In the month of May I attended 9 different fitness classes or events (out of the 13 available ones) for free all hosted by Yelp. This was great as I got to try things like a surf fitness class, barre, power yoga, boxing, and much much more besides. At this stage I'm tempted to buy a 10 pass to a local gym for High Intensity Interval Training, but in the interim I probably should get the bike out of storage and continue the walking adventures that this summer is all about.

Because as soon as May ended, I began a walking/step challenge (started by some friends on Facebook) and you know what, although I don't actually own or wear a step counter, I'm doing a reasonably good job when only counting my mini-workouts at home and my walking adventures out and about town (of course the fact that I walked 14 km on Wednesday has something to do with that). I mean I know that my steps are only approximated by distance traveled but that'll do for me because I have no desire to get a step counter, given that I often don't wear clothing compatible with such devices and/or the wrist ones irritate my wrist issues.

And I still have wrist issues. The fit club classes reminded me of this fact repeatedly as I consistently have to modify moves to deal with my wonky wrists (somedays I wish I knew why my body acted up on occasion). My wrist issues are darn minor in most cases however, and as long as I remember to modify certain moves and not do them, I'm golden. So there's that! 🙂

In January I had focused a lot on reading every single day. So one of the splurges after finishing my job was comics and I'm now able to pick up quite a bit of different reading material. Likewise I have lots of DVDs and Blurays to catch up on which is nice. I've also really enjoyed getting out and seeing things in my city be they of political import or just for the fun of it. Long ago I learned that if I hermited myself at home for too long (longer than about one day actually) I start getting down on myself. So remembering every day to plan to do at least SOMETHING outside the house has become pretty important.

And yes, now that it's June, my list of things to splurge on is a bit more manageable, I've gotten a few of the more important things sorted out (investments, some insurance, etc.) and others have begun, and I've begun working on the job hunt again in earnest. There's at least one position that would be AMAZINGLY AWESOME on so many levels that I've applied for this week and I really hope that I get an interview (I need to practice my interview skills terribly badly too).

And I've been doing some volunteering too, which is nice. I'm feeling a bit more balanced in my life these days though it's always a day-to-day struggle/adventure to figure out exactly where that balance ought to be. This is likely going to be the case from here on, really. But small victories deserve to be celebrated. And life is a great celebration. So here's to the completion of an excellent (if perhaps overly stressful on occasion) month of May, and to a great June and beyond. 🙂 Perhaps I'll blog more frequently too?