Day of DH…

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Fun things… (I would like to do at some point)

This thought has come to mind several times in the past several days, that while I don't really want to do a 'bucket list' so to speak that it would be useful to have a list on my blog of some of the awesome things THAT I HAVEN'T DONE YET that I would like to do. Some will be ridiculously easy to do, some won't. Some will absolutely require company, some won't. But the common theme is that ideally I'd like company to do them (the who of the matter will depend on what precisely these things are, of course!). So in no particular order here are some of those things that I would really like to do with folks that I have not had the opportunity to do up until this point!

-Eat at The Melting Pot (Edmonton location) — it was one of my favorite Indianapolis restaurants, and I'd love to go to the Edmonton location, but I haven't yet (although I am on their mailing list).
-Go paragliding/hang gliding etc. (I adore heights!)
-Go ziplining in a non-Canadian rainforest (I blame the Amazing Race and similar shows on this desire of mine)
-Go white water rafting in the Western part of Canada (I've rafted the rapids of the La Chine Canal in Montreal, but I somehow don't think it's the same)
-Go to Corso32 in Edmonton
-Have an entire off the menu meal at 100 Bar and Kitchen
-Go to MRKT in Edmonton
-Visit Japan
-Circumnavigate the globe (okay so that's a little ambitious, but it would be pretty neat to do just the same!)
-Go to Normand's in Edmonton
-See all of the Cirque du Soleil shows (I've seen uh… 9 already, and have tickets to one more)
-Actually visit the Muttart Conservatory (I have no recollection of ever having done this)
-Actually go to Fort Edmonton in the summertime when all the interpreters are out (not just for a special event) and really see all that is offered by the experience!
-Have an honest-to-goodness spa vacation
-win a trip somewhere (not one of those fake 'wins' that cost you more than not winning, but an actual honest-to-goodness win! I am a contest entrant after all!)
-Visit the Jurassic Forest
-Visit the Devonian Botanical Gardens IN THE spring/summer when it is open (not just in the winter for luminaria or for a school trip, I want to actually see the garden aspects!)
-Swim at an outdoor pool in Edmonton (not at a swim meet as a child, but actually just pleasure swimming!)
-Go on an honest to goodness hike in the wilderness somewheres, perhaps even with that er camping thing… or the carrying of stuff on my back or something (not just a short day trip, though I do enjoy those too, but yeah).
-Take a trip on the Edmonton Queen
-Go stargaze at the UofA Observatory after dark and/or at the Telus World of Science
-Go geocaching
-Actually make it up a climbing wall
-Go do West Edmonton Mall's Ropes Quest (okay this REALLY interests me!!)
-I think it would be interesting to go to a strip club, more as a cultural experience than anything.
-Visit the Maritimes
-Visit a Concentration camp
-Visit all the United States and Canadian Provinces that I haven't yet visited
-Visit all the continents (yes Antarctica counts!)
-Go to Australia/New Zealand
-Go for a Gondola ride
-Hike up a mountain in Switzerland (a nice gentle mountain with cows, mind you!)
-Try frisbee golf (I suspect I would be really bad at it!)
-Watch cherry blossoms in Japan (the Japanese love it, so I'd like to see it for myself!)
-Visit a volcano
-Fly first class
-Walk the entire walkable length of The Great Wall of China
-Visit the Calgary Olympic Park (I hear you could try bobsledding? That would be awesome!)
-Actually spend long enough in Manhattan to really get to see/know the city
-Eat a meal at Zinc (in Edmonton)
-Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
-Have High Tea at Rutherford House
-Eat at a revolving restaurant
-Take a train trip across Canada
-Go to Carnival in Quebec
-Visit the John Walter Museum
-Likely much more!

Those are just a few things that I could think of off the spot. Some are obviously WAY easier to do than others, but they all interest me! I like good unique experiences, and yet often go do the tried and true… maybe after having posted this, people might help encourage some of these activities — of course some are far off dreams (and others are likely outside my price range in the short term) but the list includes a ton of stuff that I think would be fun!

Thoughts on a few lost days…

On Saturday night, while playing board games, I got a headache. I still consider the fact that this headache was the worst of my life to be true, though perhaps in retrospect I'm a bit less worried about it than I was when it was the most painful. Long story short, Sunday was mainly a lie on the couch/bed and read day, while Monday involved a visit to a doctor followed by blood work and urineanalysis. I felt good enough that I attended my Kiwanis meeting that night, with the hopes of attending another on Tuesday. Tuesday I returned to the doctor, however and he sent me to the ER to get further attention, as my headache and associated symptoms had worsened, ibuprofen not seeming to make any difference.

Long story short, after about 7 or 8 hours waiting I saw some more doctors in the ER (a couple nurses, a med student and a doctor to be honest, but regardless), and they did some more tests to rule out in their minds the most probable worst-case scenarios. I was sent home, and feel pretty reasonable now, but was told to take it easy today and take ibuprofen. So this is what I'm doing. All in all, I'm glad that I sought out medical aid, though perhaps it didn't provide many clear answers, it did work to rule out a bunch of possibilities, and I seem to be doing relatively well now. I'm back to being frustrated about my wrists but that's normalcy in my books and so all is well enough in my world.

Sure, I may have taken a week out of my busy life and may be further behind on some major work that I need to be concentrating on, but my health trumps all that. And so I'm pretty okay with that. I've done some good reading in the waiting rooms (magazines and the Internet mostly), and I did read The Wisdom of Whores (which helped me get into a better mindset re: my thesis). I also finished reading the majority of my Absolute Sandman Volume 1 (I want the others!). So that's been good too.

Today I ordered pizza delivery from Panago (it was too early in the day to order some of my other delivery favorites) for a late lunch to celebrate Pi day (pizza pie!). I was into trying some new things from the menu, though I'm not sure what I think of my selection: the BLT pizza seems more like a bacon pizza with lettuce and tomato garnish than like a real BLT, but it was interesting! I have a bunch of other things I want to accomplish in the coming hours, but as I'm supposed to relax and NOT stress, and also really to take it easy, I'm working to not worry too much or attempt to do too much today. That can wait for the 'morrow.

My wrists are still being annoying and…

Seeing as I work today at the Gocery store, I'm not entirely looking forward to it. Then again it does help to put my wrist brace thingys on… so maybe I ought to wear those more often while doing transcription? (I'm thinking that that was when they got aggravated this time around, though I'm not entirely sure why, seeing as computer use generally never causes me issues, then again I've noticed that I type with a whole lot more force while transcribing, so that's something I'll have to pay attention to!

Yesterday I had grad photos, and while I think I don't look near as awesome now as I once did, they're not bad. I have up to 5 years to order them so I'm not exactly worried about picking which of my proofs I want at the moment (I'm thinking I'll only order them once my thesis is complete and submitted etc.).

I also had to pick up a package from the post office since it had been misdelivered (I don't exactly know how because the address was pretty clear in my opinion, but whatever).

Visited the Telus World of Science. It sorely needs some maintenance/repair to some of its most used exhibits (which is expected as I noticed that last time too). It's not as adult friendly as some similar exhibits in other cities (which needs to be rectified, I think!). I mean, really, Edmonton needs a good science venue to visit!

In the evening I watched Love Story for the first time (kind of funny given the name of the actress, the fact that I had a Love Story music box for many years, and the fact that I played Love Story on the piano!). I cried — an expected response but really it was a very well-crafted film.

Physical activity, wrists, online dating…

So life goes on. Nothing new in THAT regard really. My wrist is being all annoying today and the only thing I can think of as a cause this time is the transcription work that I was doing the other day (which is rather unfortunate as I need to do at least 40 times that much work on transcription alone. And that's in addition to all the other work I must do and/or catch up upon.

But whatever. I'll get caught up somehow. I have goals and plans. Part of the deal is that I need to start getting up out of bed earlier (it is so tempting to stay in my bed and do email related tasks from there but I know that I am a whole lot slower when I do it that way rather than from my desktop).

This past weekend I had a great time at the UofA Alumni Cabane a Sucre at Hawrelak Park. It really didn't matter that I had gone alone, because tire d'erable sur la glace is SO WORTH IT regardless (I had two sticks full along with two mugs of hot chocolate). I also got to snowshoe using the newfangled kind of snowshoes (I went all around the lake)! It is so much easier doing it that way than in my grandfather's snowshoes (though I LOVE the aesthetic of those I am probably too small to properly maneuver in those). I also took a sleigh ride around the park. I really want/need to get more active and events like that one are perfect for me!

As some of you know I've been having fun with online dating as of yet. While I'm still pretty hesitant about things I've met a couple of nice guys, and have been having some good conversations online with others. It's interesting that with each person I've been having entirely different conversations: travel, school, gaming, comic books, music etc. It is really interesting to meet such an interesting diverse crowd of people online with whom I can have these discussions.

Thanks to these conversations I've even discovered another online radio station I rather like: Radio Paradise. It's nice and mellow on the whole but includes lots of great music!