On Buy Nothing Day 2011

So, this was the fourth year that we have run a Buy Nothing Day Free Market to coincide with Buy Nothing Day on Friday and Saturday. And this year was by far the most successful. Not only did I get to see/talk to many great people including classmates and my uncle and aunt, but I got to rid myself of things I no longer wanted, and pick up a few items (3) that I did (a juicer, some cookie cutters to replace a few I no longer like, and some greeting cards). And yes, it was a great time: it was busy! We had lots of interesting items of various sorts dropped off and many more than last year found new homes. The most popular items are as usual books and other media, clothing, kitchen supplies and Christmas goods, but this year we had many more children so the toys were in high demand.

It was a great couple of days and I really enjoyed the venue! Having a pottery show down the hall also helped: we got lots of people in attendance who would not have found out about us otherwise.

Anyway, I had best get back to other tasks (e.g. homework etc.) but it was great to do some volunteering in the midst of the end of the school term madness.

Writer's Block: Tea for two

To be honest right now I would want to sit down and chat with Hermione Granger as a post-secondary student (or the equivalent) to see how she handles her time management. I find that while I'm good at time management in general, work-life balance issues are at issue, and I feel that she as a character had to deal with these issues in a somewhat super-human way — I only wish I were more skilled at maintaining an appropriate work-life balance.

And this is indeed why I do not blog more frequently. It isn't that I don't have enough to say, but in the midst of my MA and MLIS, particularly now that I'm working not only on coursework but also thesis-related tasks and research assistant work along with my other part-time job, volunteer work, and so much else…

In any case, the semester is winding down with so much work wrapping up, and while perhaps I might feel like I'm on a treadmill of sorts just to get so much done, life is on a whole pretty good… particularly when I manage to make some of my many assignments enjoyable — like assigning social media site participation as required readings.