Reading Week Recap (or a week without much reading… :( )

So this year reading week began with the CKI District Convention in Winnipeg from Saturday through Monday. It was a great well organized well run convention, and I was very proud of the organizing committee for all the work that they put into its success. The only improvement I would have is that attendance could be greatly greatly increased.

Tuesday was essentially my enjoyable weekend day type day: I spent it completely at leisure — partially catching up on sleep from the weekend, but also going out to lunch with Olwyn and spending some quality time with JD.

Wednesday I worked and then attended the UofA CKI club's Mid-Winter Formal at Lazia downtown. Good stuff!

Thursday was a day of volunteering: I manned the phone bank at the Stollery Radiothon from 6am-10am before volunteering at the Oil Capital Kiwanis Club's Casino (at Casino Edmonton) from 11am-7pm (approximately). I was exhausted enough afterward to fall asleep at my computer.

As a result, today's been less active than it could be (though I did exercise and have been getting some stuff done). My hard drive dedicated to music did something weird for a bit (but JD fixed it). Right now I'm wading through the HUNDREDS of emails I have received and all the other to-do items that got neglected in the past few days. My back has an odd twinge in it but otherwise I am doing well.

So much for Reading Week!

Busy Bee Me

FIP went rather well on Friday. This means that I no longer have that conference to think and worry about (worry — well I didn't need to worry as it went really rather well) and whatnot. And I madly wrote a paper on Sunday (as it was due at midnight). Yesterday was also homework-ridden (mostly as writing that paper meant a lack of time to get the other things that I needed to get done done on time).
And boy do I have homework to work on. The online class is a lot of work. My other classes are reasonable (and I guess so is the online class) but there are so many other demands on my time that I find it difficult to keep on top of everything that I need to do and work on. That said, I'm rather enjoying my classes and my assignments and the challenges thereof… it's just stressful as I don't always feel like I have enough time to get everything accomplished that I would like to do. I guess that's where my mind is at at the moment.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and unfortunately we didn't get to do much special (other than JD making a very very yummy pumpkin pie. Today we'll go to the ballet (thanks to Beth for the tickets!). And on Saturday I had a remarkably good time at Rednex for their Valentine's steak and lobster dinner (the steak was yummy!) and date auction (but I kept JD from being auctioned off… I still rather like spending what little free time I have with him — it is afterall pretty new to have him around). I think yesterday would have been far better if JD hadn't been suffering from headaches (migraines?).

Anyway life is pretty damn good, but it's also damned busy and I'm not yet at the point where I've found the right balance of getting things done and enjoying myself… but in due time I'm sure that I will get there (or at least closer to there).

Changes impacting my life… so glad that my man is here! :)

I haven't updated in the past week since JD has returned from Norway, and yeah part of the reason is that I haven't really had the time or found the need to do so, but I guess there's been a lot going on, so I thought I'd type up something.

JD's flight got in mildly late on the evening of January 31, 2011. Along with his mother and stepfather, I met him at the airport, just outside of the customs area. He was exhausted, having missed a whole sleep cycle, yet the next day he got up early with the intention of getting things done.

It took the whole week to get him even partially settled and some of his things moved over to my place. He now has a pretty organized-looking office, and while the wireless internet in that room is strangely unreliable, he's actually sort of getting some work done (still for his employer in Oslo). I think he'll get more productive as he gets more settled: both into a routine and into his environs.

We went and visited with his mom and family on Thursday night, and he met his niece for the first time. She's such a fun little baby… a good age and likes bouncing, baths, and so on. JD's less than fond of babies, but I think it was good for him to see his family. We also played Taboo with his family — which was rather fun, particularly given the nature of all the clues that we gave each other.

On Friday I went and saw August Osage County at The Citadel. It was probably one of the best plays I've had the chance to see, in particular as it included so much difficult content and such good acting that I doubt that it could be replicated in any other way. I highly highly recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

We moved some of his bigger furniture in on Saturday night and visited with his dad. This was a good experience as it meant that he finally has a desk (so we can eat at the kitchen table again!), but it was also good as I love eating at Famoso Pizzeria, and it was really good getting to spend some time with JD's dad.

Sunday we visited ENTS for the monthly meeting. The meeting went rather well, but we didn't stay terribly long afterward. I'm glad to be a dues paid member for the coming year (yay for paying in advance!) now. I was super happy to see Render's helicopter (complete with two cameras and controlled by his iPhone) work in the space. Someday I'm sure I'll have more of a reason to visit ENTS more frequently than just at the monthly meetings and for Branding committee work.

When he came back from Norway, JD brought me the awesomest Dale of Norway sweater! I'm wearing it right now and it's warm and perfect for what I wanted a sweater for! Over the years I've come to really value appropriate layering pices, and this is most certainly one of them! He got some Christmas presents when he returned too, and it felt great to give him gifts!

I'm a bit (okay more than a bit) behind where I would like to be on many fronts (classes, thesis, readings, email/internet) but I feel happy to have JD back in my life in a more tangible way. It's a struggle to get everything done these days, and this struggle should get less problematic as time goes on as I develop a new normal or a new routine, now that JD's back. Life includes a lot of different experiences. And I'm really appreciating the complexity and wonderfulness of this one.