Counting the days…

So Monday night is quickly approaching. And I honestly look forward to that more than I do many other things. Sure I've a tonne to do before Monday arrives — cleaning/tidying a bit, laundry (a lot) are pretty high on my priority list, as is homework (I've a bunch of homework), and a few other commitments besides.

But things will be quite a bit different when my man is back in town this Monday night. And I've been sort of counting down the days ever since his flights were booked. It's been so long since we've been in physical proximity (in Norway in May), and even longer since he's been in Edmonton (January 3, 2010). So it'll be its own little adventure, I think!

He has Christmas presents awaiting him (just a few small ones, really), beside the little tree that I left up awaiting his arrival (all the other Christmas things have been stashed away for the time being).

I'm in this awkward state of really busy-ness, where I don't feel like I'm getting nearly enough done, but enjoying it all the same. I'm really hoping that soon I'll be able to get back on top of some of my more neglected tasks. We'll see how that goes, of course!

Because of my exercise routine (thanks EA Sports Active 2), my glutes are killing me today. I don't think I've ever had soreness localized to my glutes quite this way before — heck it kept me from sleeping straight through the night. But I still exercised today (and did some stretching too). Sometimes I rather find the activities on EA Sports Active 2 frustrating — but I AM getting better at them just the same! And my push up bars are helping me not put as much stress on my wrists on occasion (in particular the one with the very old nerve injury).

I ought to go get my laundry. So I guess that's all for the moment!

Busy Times in the snow…

As I get ready to fly off for the SLP conference (Kiwanis) this week, I realize that yet again I struggle to find the right combination of being busy (but not too busy) and productive.

This week(end) has been no exception. Following a week that featured the first days of class for all three of my classes (two in person and one online class), beginning to train a new (and awesome) staff member for the Health and Safety committee, and other more mundane tasks, I also managed to fit in some fun like the Girl Geek dinner (which was awesome!), board games, a tweet up, snowshoeing, and more!

Suffice to say the semester is ramping up with craziness, busy-ness, and more. And I'm trying my best to stay on top of things. But I'm an imperfect creature and sometimes I just want some downtime to sit in front of my computer and type away, write, read, play games or otherwise enjoy life away from all the obligations that surround me.

And sometimes I just need to do a better job balancing this need with all my other responsibilities, whether formal or implied!

Back to classes…

So I need to get back into a productive line of thinking… which means fewer hours used by video gaming (unless it's for the purpose of personal fitness I guess), reading non-school related texts, or otherwise… and it does mean that I'm going to have to say no to more social engagements (not all of them certainly but by virtue of being busier, I can't be everywhere at once!).

Today I started my first class of the semester — an online one. On international librarianship. I even completed my first task (reading one unit and posting a couple things on the discussion boards. I think I rather like online courses!

Upcoming this week are my two other courses, training a second person in Health and Safety at work, several more fun things, and quite a few items from my to-do list both under the columns of fun and enjoyment.

2011 musings (yes the last post alluded to them but I didn't enclose them — oups!)

And these are the 10 things I'm most looking forward to in 2011:
1. JD coming back (this is the one I'm looking forward to the most!
2. Kiwanis International Convention in Geneva!
3. Other summer travels
4. Finishing my course work for my degree (that'll be next December, though I will still have to finish my thesis).
5. Getting even more fit!
6. Personal development
7. Going to Heritage Days for the first time in YEARS!
8. Volunteering!
9. All the new experiences and people I will meet
10. All the great new things I will learn!

Here's hoping for an excellent 2011!

2010 & 2011 musings

So by popular demand I'm making a top ten list of things I liked about 2010 (number 10 being the awesomest, but the rest of the order is relatively arbitrary).

10. Having an excellent boyfriend: JD.
9. Having the ability to travel to Oslo.
8. Being able to help host a couple successful academic conferences
7. Trips to Vegas, Helena and St. Louis for Kiwanis and CKI.
6. Having a great Christmas with family.
5. Enjoying my Graphic Novels and Comic books class.
4. Getting in much better shape physically.
3. Going to some good academic events and conferences
2. Spending time with awesome people
1. Taking the time to learn so many new and awesome things!