Happy Halloween!

So this Halloween I've done quite a few things… Rocky Horror Picture Show was last weekend (and though not technically halloween it's in the spirit of things so why not?), Friday night was Bowl-o-ween at Ed's and Aimee's party at Windsor Park Plaza, and last night was Beth & Kristina & Tots' party at Tim's, and Basil's party at Basil's place.

All in all it's been a crazy time and tonight will be spent with Kim again in the Halloween spirit. It's literally all I can do to get my readings done (yikes!). Hopefully I'll catch up/get on top of school (etc.) stuff soon!

Hmmm…. warning signs mean… I can't wait!

Okay so as many of you know, my roommate's packing her things to move out, and I get the place to myself starting November 1st or thereabouts. And, well I'm in the midst of a school year which means I'm having a hard time balancing everything — not that I don't balance what matters, but I really want to be doing a better job. I mean school, work, social life, healthy food, and exercise are all important to me (plus down time, sleep, entertainment, volunteerism etc.) but I often find that I don't quite have enough time to keep it all straight.

I wonder how much of my stress this week is due to the state of my apartment? I mean I know that clutter/mess/etc. affects my concentration/state of mind, and it's NEVER been this chaotic, but it can't be all, right?

I feel behind (I know that I am) in various areas (RAship, thesis work, cleaning, exercise, cooking for myself, spending time with friends, sleep, spending time on myself), and well, yesterday's post shows just how successful I was at unwinding (not at all) when I really needed it… *sighs*

Meh, regardless, I'll get what needs to get done soon enough. In the meantime, I'm trying to help Beth with the moving out process — I'm not sure how helpful I am, really, but I'm trying. I just don't have the time to put into everything that I want to do, and I knew from day 1 that my semester was going to be very back loaded (for due dates etc.) and November is nearly upon us so, yikes!

Regardless, I hope that mornings like this one, where I actually didn't feel like exercising, don't happen too often. I mean I've been getting FAR better in the staying active arena lately — even Beth's remarked on a slight positive physical change. I just need to stop wearing myself to a thread when I don't need to! 🙂

A generally crappy day… (with some sprinklings of awesomeness)

So whenever I do that ruining my sleep schedule thing, it doesn't tend to hit me until a couple days after the fact — and lately I've been sleeping in a bit to compensate for the Hackathon (among other things) so the fact that my utter exhaustion chose to hit me today and make me rather crabby (comparatively speaking) was pretty annoying (though, I guess, not entirely unexpected). Still I got up relatively early, worked out (in the process making myself feel ill) and then slowly got my reading and laundry done. I fell asleep a few times while doing class readings, but it worked out all right anyhow. They all got read.

So I had been looking forward to attending a preview screener for Monsters ever since I realized that I had won tickets. I was supposed to go to the theatre and ask for the guest list, they'd find my name, I'd have my two tickets and then go see the movie. Simple enough, eh? I mean I've gone to preview screenings dozens of times.

So I made a call out for people to join me. No one could. I was like fine, I'll see it by myself — I don't need company to go see a movie. So I headed out to catch the bus. I missed the bus I wanted to catch (just barely). Walked to a better bus stop caught a bus and eventually made it to West Edmonton Mall. Then I went to check out Delux Burger Bar (Because they make food with good quality ingredients and make it fresh, plus people keep tweeting about it). And I ordered my burger. And they made the wrong one, so I had to wait for them to make a new one. Normally this would have been an oh well moment, but my body was doing the ack you have to feed me now! thing so I was kind of weak/shaky and my stomach was unhappy. 50 minutes after I arrived my burger arrived (it was a blue cheese blackened chicken burger — the celebrity chef of the month's burger) and it was delicious! I ate it SO fast! And then asked for my bill — and they gave me the burger for free!! So they totally made my experience much better — though by that point, I wasn't expecting it!

I went to bring my M.A.C. cosmetics cases in for recycling and pick up a few new cosmetics items (foundation powder, a lip gloss (free as I was recycling!), and an eye shadow with Maleficent on it (I think it's a bonus to have Maleficent on it, but the eye shadow looks awesome, particularly wet!). So that was a good experience.

Then I went to the theatre. I was an hour early (a relatively normal early time if you want to be at a good place in line for a screener), and went to the desk to get my ticket and they didn't even have a guest list yet — they called management and it turned out that a rep hadn't shown up yet. So I went walking through the mall for a bit before returning at about half an hour until the screener. At this point the line for the screener was ridiculously long — this meant that I knew that there wouldn't be many good seats left, but whatever. I asked again re: the guest list, and got the same answer. Fine, I went and waited until it was like 10-15 minutes before the movie start time, asked one last time, nothing had changed and I — stressed/tired/grumpy — just gave up and walked out to the bus. No they didn't have a guest list. No no reps had shown up. By this point there wouldn't be any good seats left (if any at all as all movie screeners are over sold) so I was pretty happy I hadn't brought anyone with me.

I guess that's the worst experience I've had with a so-called prize win. And well, I would have taken it all in stride if it hadn't been for the other aspects of my day, I guess. My time is at too much of a premium for me to want to waste that much time. On the positive side, I do have some new M.A.C. stuff and got to try Delux Burger Bar for the first time. Delux Burger Bar would be rated among my favorite burger restaurants… it's not quite Burger Bar in Vegas, (my favorite) but it's damn close — just a different style! I would definitely return — I think it'll be one of my favorite Bourbon Street restaurants and really reasonably priced too (and I'm refering to when your meals aren't comped. I think I'm probably the first person I know to have this mediocre of a service experience there).

On the whole Rocky Horror Picture Show experience

I slept rather late this morning and finished reading the complete Maus (this means I can give Anick her books back). Of course I did have valid reason for sleeping in — I was up until 4am (well I did read a few chapters of Maus before bed) partially because of my excursion to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Garneau with HUCO people. It was also great to see Cathy, Jenn and Dave. Most of us dressed in costume — only a few small exceptions. Most of us were technically RHPS virgins (as people are called before having experienced it for the first time). Dan was the noteworthy exception in my group, but he had never seen it at the Garneau and made some comments about the noteworthy differences when it is held in Victoria. Here are some of my observations in brief:
– Toast is sharp
– Rice is slippery when not on the carpet
– Jenn's costumes/shadow cast acting was amazing!
– Some fabulous and BRAVE costumes! I think next time (whenever that is) I ought to have a better costume, but we'll see, I did get a rather lot of compliments on mine as it was — plus Dave did a sort of double take when he saw me for the first time! And I confused my friend Josh on Skype, and JD liked it… so I think my costume is all kinds of win! (yes I'll wear a variation on it when at various Halloween events in the coming week.
– As expected I think I enjoyed the film far more for having seen it before (thanks Graham!)
– I'm glad it wasn't colder outside, but didn't really mind as my costume was somewhat practical
– I'm also glad I was brave enough to go on stage, even knowing I wouldn't win.
– I'm not entirely sure if I like the whole props thing… but I do love the shadow cast aspect!
– The cute little girl in the Columbia costume was adorable. She stayed for the whole film, and I'm not sure that as a parent I would have really liked to allow a kid of that age to do that… very cute though! The Frankenstein monster dude was a bit over the top/ridiculous — it was sad that he scared the little girl so much. I hope she didn't have nightmares… wow!

So generally I had a great time and would certainly do it again.

Tupperware, RHPS, Halloween, and Exercise clothing, oh my!

So today I got the Tupperware I ordered from my nephew's mom. I'm pretty happy with it all — partially as I really needed these items (or at least I really needed some of them — some are just fun items that I thought would be useful regardless). So many nice big bowls and containers!

Today I went shopping for a Halloween/Rocky Horror Picture Show costume. I picked up an awesome dress, wig and apron and am going at Magenta (sorta) and I think it's pretty awesome. Not sure I'll be Magenta for the halloween parties I'm also attending in the coming week. Rocky Horror Picture Show is tonight at midnight.

I also went exercise clothing shopping at One Tooth and bought a top, a pair of pants (for the first time ever to get yoga pants), and a pair of shorts. I used a Groupon so it was a rather good deal (I've been using a lot of groupons lately).

Speaking of groupons, I also took Beth out to dinner at Sabor Divino last night to celebrate her birthday — great food! The best duck and risotto combination I've had in a restaurant as of late. Plus I love how they have taster sized desserts. She enjoyed it too.

She's been packing up her boxes — I look forward to not tripping on them anymore when she's gone.

This week in brief: Hackathon, school work and so on!

So this week, I went to the Beyond 2010 Hackathon. I stayed from 9pm until 6am working on the emergency preparedness app that we were working on (essentially I was a proofreader for the information that would hypothetically get included in the app). It was pretty fun, to be honest, and I had fun getting to know people a bit better! I even got to meet some people I never thought I'd encounter in my normal day-to-day life, so that was pretty rad, if I say so myself. Most people consumed a lot of energy drinks to make it through the night, but I only had one caffeinated cup of tea (all my others were tisanes or infusions).

Earlier that evening I had spent some time at the YEG Girl Geek Mixer, which was okay. I think I much prefer YEG Girl Geek Dinners though — maybe if I hadn't been so late it would have been awesomer — still, I really hope to be able to make it to the next one.

The trip to get to the mixer was a gong show — gotta love it when the LRT loses power, really… *sighs* but whatever, I got to the Delta South Hotel okay. Wouldn't want to trek like that in the winter, but the unseasonably nice weather isn't half bad.

Other developments this week include school stuff (I finished my Josie and the Pussycats assignment), and my apartment becoming well… much more difficult to navigate. This isn't a bad thing, entirely, as this is the result of my helping Beth with her organizing/packing to move out, and there is an end point in sight, it's just entertaining for the most part. An adventure, really.

Writer's Block: MAKE IT STOP!

Any of the songs from the Josie and the Pussycats movie. Why? Because I spent yesterday working on an assignment based on this movie (and the comic books). Honestly! As much as I like girl bands on occasion (Letters to Cleo style ones for example), some of the stuff from the Josie and the Pussycats cannon (eg. from the Cartoon Network) is pretty damn infectuous!

Election day!

I voted this morning for the municipal election. I was rather surprised just how DEAD my polling station was, however. Please, people go out there and vote (after getting educated on the candidates)!

It's a beautiful day for an election — the walk to the voting station was brief but good — it was my first time setting foot into the Grace Lutheran Church, after all!

So go out and use your electoral right to vote (before 8pm)! Thanks!

A hallowgiving and Homeless Connect

It's been a busy weekend, I guess. Last night was Graham and Nancy's Hallowgiving party, which was really rather excellent. Holly turned out to be the life of the party (and I really liked the spiced cake she baked, yum!). As per usual there was a cake lit on fire, and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, but this party also had lots of junk food, crossdressing, lots of drinking (by some individuals anyway) playing YouTube videos on an iPad, and much much more. Definitely a good evening!

This morning I made it to Homeless Connect before it opened and stayed for lunch, giving out books to all those who wanted them. It was interesting to learn what they were interested in reading. The lunch at Homeless Connect was delicious as well and I got to know Gina better (among other SLIS students). Definitely a good use of my morning!

Today I want to hunker down and get some homework done (among other things), and look forward to getting my assignments for this week done (and if not completely done, have the first draft finished for the one that is due on Wednesday. So it should be a good day! 🙂