It'll be a busy week…

… as I'm heading off to BC with family on Thursday for my grandmother's burial and won't be back to town until Monday. Thus I have a tonne to accomplish including packing, working a full shift, seeing a Citadel play and more all before I leave town tomorrow night (yes I will leave town on Wednesday night after the Citadel).

Unfortunately, I'll likely have to bring some readings with me (which I haven't finished yet, unfortunately). Readings aren't bad though — it could be essay writing instead or something similar, after all!

Anywho, this will likely break my streak of posting online every day, but I'll be back next week, for certain to regale you with more tales of my exploits etc.

FYI: today's Free Burrito day at Burrito Libre (supporting the Campus Food bank: I brought a can of salmon) was actually rather good (much better than Mucho Burrito: not only are less things cilantroified, but the ingredients taste better too, I think!). On October 5th Rodeo Burger is having Free Burger day (bring a $1+ donation to the Sally Ann or a non-perishable food item for a free burger), and I hope to take in that excitement — we'll see anyhow — if it's anything like last year, the line up will be much longer than on Free Burrito day.

Copious amounts of tea

Peppermint tea, chamomile tea, lemon tea, mango sunrise tea, green tea, white tea… it seems lately I'm consuming a lot of this marvelous beverage. And for good reason too — I'm trying to stay in the best of health and well, I've got a mild cold at the moment which isn't as amazing as I would like to feel, but whatever. I do like tea, and this is a good excuse to keep drinking it.

I've gotten into something of a routine vis-a-vis my online class, and I guess my other readings and online pursuits as well. I consume lots of tea while doing these things which is better than munching on lots of snack food or anything. I do like meal food much better than snack food anyhow on average. I've always been more of a person who likes salty or savory food rather than sweets anyhow.

Games: Fruit, geography and more!

So yesterday was a good one: not only did I have a most excellent LISAA brunch, but I caught up with Justin, and then hosted board games at my apartment. It was perfect as the crowd was small but good and we played a nice assortment of games. First we played Sushi Roll, which was kind of noisy but very fun. Then we played a few rounds of Monty Python Fluxx — which while it made our collective brains hurt was well received. Bananagrams was next and everyone seemed to enjoy that! Apples to Apples was next I think, and we played only until someone won (which was a fair amount of time as it is). And finally we played the Germany Settlers of Catan game. This took a while, but was super fun — even playing in teams as we were. I had a great time last night and only wish I was feeling better today (still sick-ish). I need to get a lot more homework (etc.) done so now to go do it all!

Apparently we're really good at trivia!

Out of the last three Kiwanis Trivia Nights I've attended our team has placed 3rd, 2nd and 4th. Not bad, if I say so myself, particularly since the teams haven't included the same people in each iteration. Last night we came 4th, losing the tie-breaker. It was a fun evening though, even if I didn't win anything at the silent auction (the stuff I donated went for a paltry $15). Beth got a nifty lamp though, and the food was pretty decent.

I took transit to and from the event which was actually kinda nice as I took a different bus route than I normally take. I enjoyed my evening!

Interesting how…

… much difference a year makes. Last night's event at Fort Edmonton was a much different experience than the previous year. Certainly the food and drink was the same as last year, but the attendance was far different. There were far fewer people in attendance. That said, I had some great experiences talking with fabulous members of both the library community and my fellow students in both first year and second year. It was a good evening overall and I thank Julie for the ride.

But it wasn't the same as last year's event with so many people that you could hardly move: I don't think as many library professionals were in attendance, nor were as many first years there. So yeah it was a pretty quiet evening.

I wonder how next year's will compare and how much of the difference is due to the difference in library leadership.

Still feeling sick-ish but looking forward to tonight's party

at Fort Edmonton park! This is like the top socializing/networking event of the year for the Edmonton library community (well academic library community) and I honestly can't wait. Lots of good food, great people to talk to, and alcohol for those who are fond of that sort of thing.

Today I slept in (gloriously), ate a small amount of food (I have next to no appetite) cooked some green curry concoction (soup I guess) which seems really good (I haven't screwed it up!), and well continued to read historical Canadian comic books. I'm a bit worried re: my other course readings but I'll get them done, I am certain.

In other news, as of November 1st, I will be living on my own for a bit. I can afford it, and Beth's excited to be moving on to another living situation so all is good. This gives me a great excuse to clean/get rid of clutter at the Buy Nothing Day event that my Kiwanis club has planned for late November.

Anyway, I ought to go get ready for tonight's party: Dan and I are bussing/walking to the event but will likely take a cab home. I'm glad that I have classmates who live nearby!

School and Health

These two are tightly intertwined. I'm still working out a schedule where I actually get everything I want to get done done this semester without a) burning out, b) not having balance in my life or c) actually putting in the hours I'm supposed to be putting in. That said classes are going rather well in general. I like them, to be honest, particularly when I'm on top of things like readings and whatnot, like I am now. Evidently I'll need to get more than on top of things, but that will come in time.

This morning I woke up with a sore-ish throat. I'm usually pretty skilled at beating that and not actually getting noticeably sick, but it's one of the first signs that I need to take better care of myself usually. So today I will take it easier than initially planned and just work my 5 hours at the store, and spend a bunch o' hours catching up on school related tasks at home and whatnot. Perhaps I'll heat up some chicken noodle soup.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) and other thoughts on last evening.

Last night's Pub Monday was held at The Hat. I'm all for trying new pubs for the group, but I wasn't entirely too impressed with The Hat to be honest. The service was slow enough that we were questioning whether orders had been forgotten; several orders were mixed up or messed up entirely. And when it comes to food, the sliders were unremarkable (not bad though), my salad (their signature salad) was all right (but the candied walnuts definitely aren't my thing), the fries and sweet potato fries left something to be desired (and I ate too many of them, to be honest. Ick), and the tomato bacon soup was pretty decent. They also include the tip on your bill (not sure if it's because of the size of our group).

Seeing The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) was on the otherhand a very very good film. I was pleasantly surprised, having not been nearly that impressed with John Ford's The Grapes of Wrath last week. Starring John Wayne and James Stewart, this film was very well structured with very excellent shots. I liked the fact that the female characters, though in stereotypical female roles, were very strong in their own right. In addition though the film was 2 hours long it didn't drag or feel long. And it was a pretty good story overall. More films like this one and I'll always be a happy film-loving girl! 🙂

Is there a limit on the number of times one should change the date/time of a Citadel ticket?

… because I've already changed this one twice, and it may be a third time… a third and final time that is, because Eighteen Bridges is launching apparently. They're still using the website that Mihaela and I worked on (in part) with some significant changes and they don't seem (at first glance) to be crediting us at all with that initial work. Alberta Venture is the publisher now, and I really love the magazine to pieces, and all the people who work on it are rad. I got course credit which I think is wonderful, and simply didn't have the time/skill to devote to the project and do a job as good as I would have liked, so it was passed on to these other skilled folks and I'm excited that this project that I worked on is coming to fruition of sorts. And I really hope that it does well. Heck — I'd buy a subscription at the drop of a hat.

But in order to be at the launch, I think I'll probably have to change my Citadel ticket AGAIN. *sighs* I wonder what (if any) date will work for me now?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Owls, Roadrunners and Coyotes….

This morning (yeah it was morning), I went to the movies! It was a preview screening of Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole and the film itself was really well animated: very beautiful to watch and made VERY good use of 3D technology. Yes, the film was predictable (it is after all based on a series of YA fantasy novels), but I really liked the voice acting (Jim Sturgess did an EXCELLENT job of voicing Soren for example). I was rather impressed.

But even better than that was the 3D short film that preceded the movie: it was a NEW Wile E. Coyote short film with the Roadrunner and was absolutely fabulous. I mean the humor was there, the violence was there and the graphics were great! Such detail, such good use of 3D (some 3D is cheesy, but this just WORKED) and well, it's in the traditional spirit of the original Looney Tunes characters! I loved it! It was well worth the wait…

Because wait we did. The theatre had technical glitches that prevented us from seeing the film right at 10am as was planned. Instead we sat and munched on the Kinder chocolate that they fed us to keep us happy while we waited for a whole 40+ minutes before the film could begin. I have never been to a film screener that was delayed THAT much. I mean really, WOW.

It was, however, a good way to spend my morning.