It's now less than a week until I leave…

… and oh my gawsh there are so many things I'm looking forward to doing! I mean just purely seeing J.D. is going to be great, but as I love to travel and Render gave me some brochures, and I've been perusing some websites I'm totally looking forward to seeing the sites too! Kim will be in Oslo for a week as well so I'll have some company during the day which will be great too! I miss her so much — she's one of my bestest friends! And I've never been to Norway, let alone Oslo so that'll be a good adventure! I definitely love Europe (from what I've seen) so there's that appeal too!

But before I get there there are tonnes of stuff to do here too! I have to pack (I started that process today by doing laundry), finish the scholarship app I wanna hand in tomorrow, and well much else besides. I mean I have 5 more shifts at the store, a bunch o' hours of RA work, much online stuff (well evidently!), and a couple (or more) fun things!

On the fun things side of the equation, tomorrow looks to be a busy, productive and fun day! I will go to the Butterdome Craft Sale (which I adore) in the morning, followed by some lectures later and I'll run some errands too (among other things). Saturday I'm going for a walk in the morning (hopefully a long one). Sunday night I'll go see Beauty & the Beast at the Citadel (whyever not?).

And then on the 5th I'm having a Board Games gathering at my apt as a sort of going away shindig before I'm out of the province for 5 weeks. So feel free to come by anytime from 6:30pm onwards. You can bring games and or food if you'd like but that's entirely optional. If you need info or something please contact me.

Time trickles away slowly…

… as I prepare to depart. And it'll be a few fun-filled, busy days in the coming weeks. I have 10 shifts of work scheduled before I take off, plus a couple tasks at my RA job, but otherwise my time is relatively open. I even have a going away/board games party scheduled for the 5th and yesterday I bought a ticket to Beauty & the Beast at the Citadel as I've been meaning to see it. If I find the time, I'll even visit the Butterdome Spring Craft sale and look around too!

The last couple days have been jam packed with busy-ness, but it's been good. School's essentially done now (yay!) and I'm only waiting for one more grade. I'm almost finished the scholarship app I'm working on (just needs some reference letters, transcripts, and proofreading). Yesterday was the humanities computing year end party at Famoso — delicious pizza as always — and then I attended As You Like It at the Citadel — which was even better than I could have imagined (especially when I compare it to the disappointment that was Macbeth at the Citadel).

So yeah I'm definitely counting down the days and working on several things… but I'm totally becoming more and more excited about Oslo and seeing J.D. and whatnot! 🙂

Tminus 2 weeks until OSLO! (and J.D.!!)

Gosh how time has flown by…

So since the last time I wrote a particularly personal entry quite a bit has happened: the school semester has essentially ended (I'm already getting my grades — slowly though. I do still have a meeting with my client for HuCo 530, but that project's essentially done save for small bug fixes). I already have an A in one class so the semester doesn't look half bad. 🙂

On Easter Sunday I went for my first long bike ride in like a decade. It was in Fort Saskatchewan with my brother and nephew. It felt good to get out and about in the city I grew up in. Plus it was good to spend the time with my family over the holiday. Even though my butt was a bit sore (from the seat) for a day afterward it was still good.

GATC in St. Louis was actually a lot of fun. Not only did I get to meet the new CKI and administrator leadership, but I got to take in the good weather, do some service, help build a pyramid of sub-region A folks, and meet the gov and admin from the new CKI district (yes there IS a new one). Yes I learned a tonne, and I got to play phase-10 and Mexican train dominoes with some awesome Admins. And I ate ice cream from Coldstone Creamery (I think I prefer Marble Slab), went for a walk in the good weather, and took my gov out for lunch. All in all it was a fabulous weekend with some fabulous times (ignoring my flight issues getting there). In fact I took a video:

We even made some pretty awesome MANLY baby blankets, which you can see at:

Then there was the SLIS Year-End-Party (which was tonnes of fun), the Drowning Girls at the Citadel (which I rather enjoyed), and my organization of summer plans and whatnot is in full force. Honestly things are all coming together nicely. I even went for a LONG walk last night with a couple members of my Kiwanis club. Lots of fun, really, even though my feet still hurt a bit (need to finish breaking in these sandals!).

I just hope that the volcano doesn't decide to screw up my travel plans — it certainly has caused enough havoc as it is. I hope that my friends and relatives etc. who are traveling also get where they are going and whatnot!

And the countdown has begun — the summer is beginning soon and well… many of my travels have been scheduled! 🙂

Writer's Block: Gone with the wind

Gosh another one of these er questions shows up in my Friends page and I actually try to answer it (is this what my LJ is coming to? I doubt it… but I rather don't wanna type about volcanoes right now and that's what's on my mind… plus computer/website stuff and well other things).

In the next ten years I think that the whole non-environmentally friendly approach to living should or rather (to think positively) will become obsolete. Honestly, planned obsolescence is so 2010… and utterly wasteful. What will become more important is thinking of how to live the three Rs in all things. And that includes technology. While I highly doubt that in the next 10 years all forms of technology will change irrevocably as we march forward (as some people like to predict) I do believe that technology will look very little like what it does today. And the wave that has begun in the last few decades will grow into a tsunami wherein people will really truly start caring about the buzz words of today and what they ACTUALLY mean: sustainability, environmental awareness, etc.

And yes there will be disasters along the way.

Writer's Block: I can walk under ladders

I thought I'd try answering this one as it did come up in my friends page.

As much as people might call me lucky (Wendy for example), I don't actually believe in 'luck' exactly. I believe that certainly if you enter more contests there's a greater likelihood of winning something eventually (which I do enjoy). And if you don't give up opportunities that you can take advantage of situations that otherwise wouldn't arise, but I don't chalk it up to 'luck' exactly. That isn't to say that sometimes life doesn't smile or frown on a person, but rather that it isn't based on being lucky or not. Chaos is a fact of life but life is not entirely chaotic: there are predictable factors.

Long weekend?

It's a long weekend, which would make a difference in my world if a) I had classes on Mondays or Fridays or b) worked on those days. But regardless, it's a good weekend to go home to see my folks (Sunday for Easter), and it's a good weekend for ridiculous amounts of homework.

Still it's been a pretty good week: one in class presentation, lots of homework, some relaxation (Still working on that sleep deficit) and I finally booked my flights for May-June. Not bad for a week!

So yeah, I'll be in Norway for most of May; I'm going to sdh-semi in Montreal(even if I don't get accepted, it'll be a good experience) and DHSI in at UVic. It should be good.

This month though I've a few things to work on: taxes, homework, RA work, scholarship application(s) and generally getting things in better balance. Still life's pretty grand!