CMS frustration and other fun stuff…

So after a few nights of adequate sleep (as much as I really wanted to go and do fun things, sleep was worth it), I seem to be back at the 'doing productive-ish things on the computer' game. And that means working on my project management project. And that means frustration. I don't feel that I'm QUITE skilled enough to implement all that I want to implement with this CMS but at the same time don't feel that it's so far beyond my skills that I ought to be having this much trouble. It's an issue, which I'm dealing with though perhaps not as well as I would like.

And though I've been having strange health (sleep pretty much fixed it so I think I'm a-okay) I'm getting back into the shape that I want to be in. Certainly I'm mildly stressed with the figuring out things for the summer thing, but things ARE falling into place relatively nicely so no big complaints.

I *did* however hit my head today when I was on campus to meet regarding my project management class. And though it did not hurt at all at the time, it's a pretty massive pain at the moment. Not my idea of a good time!

That said, yesterday's District Officer Training Conference (held half in person and half on Skype) went remarkably well. Indeed I believe that all involved learned from the experience: my old notes from when *I* went through GATC are invaluable (seeing as some of these essential skills just aren't being taught anymore). I'm pretty pleased even though it is pretty limited to be using Skype when an in-person trainer would be so much more beneficial!

And today I settled down to read the first chapter of Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book, and loved it enough that I can't wait to get back to read more!

(US) Census flashback/forward meme

Because posted his, I figured I'd post a similar post indicating where I was in each US census year. Of course I'm a shade younger than he is so mine will be a tad shorter, but still!

– 1990 – I was in 2/3 split for grades 2 and 3 and thus learned a LOT about cats. My teacher loved her cats and we learned more about felines than about much else of significance (other than local history: I remember that!). I think I also had my first (and only) brush with plagiarism that year.

– 2000 – I graduated from high school. My grandfather died. I moved out into the place I live in now, with my best friend from high school (still my best friend now, even though we no longer live in the same province). I attended my first ever big concert (Savage Garden). I began my first undergraduate degree at the UofA. Lots of firsts, lots of learning experiences.

– 2010 – I'm now working on my 3rd and 4th degrees at the UofA. I still live in the same apartment, though now with my 7th roommate. I work at a supermarket parttime and also do research assistant work for my profs. I am an overly busy woman online and otherwise. I am currently dating a most wonderful man who happens to live on a different continent at the moment. I am a Kiwanian, CKI district administrator, and a member of ENTS. And while I adore boardgames and ballroom dance I don't often get to enjoy either.

– 2020 – I don't really know where I'll be but I will have likely completed post-secondary by this point, and hopefully be gainfully employed in a way that makes me happy. I would also like to have a good home life with balance in all areas but the likelihood of that is unknown. Regardless, I wonder if I'll still be blogging by then or otherwise fascinated by social media!

Post Day of DH daze… and other happenings

So I'm in the midst of procrastinating again. But I honestly don't much care: the assignment's reasonably easy and I'm getting some progress done. I hope to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight get up in the morning and be more productive than I have been.

And like usual when I'm procrastinating, I've gotten more or less caught up on some email, some contesting and some others things too.

Anywho… This week began with my registering for CKI ICON (yes, it's my 8th, though my second as a Kiwanian), a massage (so much needed — I *HATE* my back… but I could blame grad school for most of that! At least regularly playing Wii Fit Plus seems to help! And I'm feeling happier as a result), and PubMonday.

I've been cooking a bit this week. Nothing fancy of course, but actually making things rather than just grazing or going out to eat. I don't think I'm going to be super adventurous in this area any time soon, but it does feel healthier to be making my own food on occasion.

Day of DH went well. The only issue is that the server's currently down so I haven't had a chance to read everyone else's posts or update mine with pictures. I look forward to updating that soon!

Friday I caught up with RenderMan for lunch which was wonderful (it had been far too long!). Friday was otherwise a crazy day but it also ended on a bright note: I watched the Oilers game at Brewsters with my Kiwanis friends! Not only was it a great game but the Oilers won!

Last night was the UAMC Spring Concert at the Winspear. I really enjoyed it, and had a great time at BPs afterward. Of course, my not being a particularly rowdy person, I left around 1am for a pleasant trip home. Gosh it's nice out these days!

And today's been more of the same: catch up and a CKI district board meeting. Realistically I haven't been terribly productive lately (sadly enough) but I'm not behind either. I just wish that I could make a few more of the pieces fall into place — and I should be able to do that in the next few weeks. It's always good to know what's happening.

Upcoming this week: Day of DH (and other updates)

So this week (on March 18th to be precise) I will be participating for my very first time in The Day of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH), and blogging my exploits for approximately 24 hours. I really look forward to it, as I really enjoyed reading all that transpired during Day of DH 2009 (indeed it was here that I perhaps learned the most about humanities computing/digital humanities, particularly if you compare it to all my other not-in-the-classroom activities).

I'm apparently not in the habit of updating this blog terribly frequently. So some recent happenings include a week of staying up way too late doing homework, seeing Courageous at The Citadel [which was AMAZING btw and WELL WELL worth watching], attending the ARTery Literary Saloon [hearing the awesomeness that is Marty Chan's personal story crafting, absolutely adoring Tom Wharton's reading from his work in progress from the Perilous Realm Trilogy, and determining that I really want a good glass pen like the kind Shawna Lemay demonstrated among other excellent things], spending a day in relaxation including such fun as finally watching Juno with J.D., discussing a lot about the future, the environment and sustainability, attending Kevin's birthday party and the UofA CKI winter formal [I guessed who I was in a guessing game of sorts: Sailor Moon], and today struggled with CMS installation [and NO I didn't win].

This week looks to be another busy one — and not only because this weekend was remarkably leisurely when it comes to school work (to a certain extent a result of spending so many hours the week before doing school and RA work).

Social Media — time waster/procrastinator… Technology — helpful hindrance! ;)

So this weekend was productive in the WORK area but not so much in the SCHOOL area of life. Still it's been a good weekend. I got a fair bit done on two RA projects that I'm working on which was nice, and managed to procrastinate homework rather horribly. Still I got to spend a lot of time with J.D., watched Desk Set (1957) and generally got a lot of work done.

Thanks to Twitter (and Matthew!) I got hooked on the excellent online card game: Echo Bazaar, which really reminds me of one of my favorite HuCon 2010 presentations (and abstracts!). I really like the game play, and the time delay which prevents me from procrastinating too horribly.

I've been spending a fair bit of time on Hunch which totally entertains me. Empire Avenue still entertains me pretty well. On none of these sites am I spending hugely prohibitively destructive amounts of time, but they're good places to go when I need a break.

Today I went to #brunchwar at The Commodore, before heading to ENTS for the monthly meeting (and paying my dues), and then attended ENTS's Lightning Talks as well. After that, I went to David's for his much delayed housewarming. It was great: I talked, ate some great food and played three board games: a collaborative story telling one [which was all right], Ticket to Ride [WHICH I WON! I was so proud! Honestly the sensation of adrenaline because I was doing well was crazy], and some robot moving game [at which I was okay]. Then I broke a water glass, but didn't cut myself on any shards which was good 'cause I had/have bare feet.

And now I think I'll go to bed early-ish so I can get some good homework done tomorrow. I can't procrastinate forever: I am VERY deadline oriented.

Stress and balance… time to adjust yet again…

So as you may well know, I'm a ridiculously busy person. As a result this semester, I've had a slight tendency to get stressed, complete with tense shoulders, and sleep deprivation. Not precisely my idea of a good time, but whatever. I've definitely been working on maintaining some sense of balance though. You know, fitting my RA work, my homework, and my thesis stuff in around something resembling a social life complete with Kiwanis work (well mostly CKI-related Kiwanis work as of late) and plenty of time spent at the computer or using the Wii.

I'm finally getting SOME of my to-do list items accomplished: finally deciding to fix some of my finances (not that they were broken but I kind of want to reduce the MERs on some) — I still need to actually move the money around but making the decision is certainly step one! I've also booked my flights for GATC, and my hotel and flights for Kiwanis International Convention (if you're interested I'll be in Vegas from June 23-28 because it was the best deal cost-wise). I'm currently hoping to buy tickets to two Cirque shows. I really want to see LOVE and any of O, VivaELVIS, or Mystere. I have no desire to see Chris Angel Believe (as I've only heard negative reviews) and I've already seen KA and Zumanity. I'm pretty certain to see LOVE, and the other show will depend on finances/ticket availability/deal availability I think. Mystere is the cheapest but the others look pretty awesome too… *shrugs*

I'm still trying to figure out plans for May travel. I rather want to go to Norway (partially to visit J.D. of course) and given that Kim will be in Scandinavia around then we could perhaps do some sightseeing together (which would be pretty nice!). It's cheaper to fly multi-destination, so I'm hoping to get details on whether or not I'll be going to Montreal before DHSI in Victoria… It would be really nice to be able to book all that travel! It would also be pretty awesome to have some additional funding *crosses fingers*. As it is, it will be an expensive summer — not that my finances are in disrepair or anything, but still!

Beyond that, I've been working on getting work stuff straightened up for summer — and I'm not just talking special projects, rather I'm talking increasing shifts at SaveOn while I'm actually in town. This shouldn't be too bad as I'll be away a LOT this summer. If I just so happen to get some additional employment with a project or two, that's all the better!

I don't know if you've noticed but I've been tweeting rather regularly lately, and liking it. It become a pretty nice community to engage with, I think! In other news I've been out to a bunch of great events recently including the Canadian Literature Centre's Author Cabaret and Reception and the Henry Kreisel lecture. Both were excellent! I met great people (authors and community people) some of which are famous in their own right!