Brief update…

So as you probably may have heard HuCon happened this week, which meant a fair bit of prep work, and a LOT of exhaustion after the fact. This weekend, I've been a bit less than productive, though I've already done my class readings. My RA work is going along at a snail's pace partially because of procrastination but mostly because of a lack of information in certain areas — but I'm finding things, ever so slowly. School work on the other hand is less of a priority than it could be… but it also on the radar screen.

Last night I went to Riley's party and had a great time! The Cheese fondue was the very bestest thing. I think Riley had quite the adventure with all the women there… wow! I mostly spent the evening hangin' with the others in the geek room having conversations about the ipad, video games, school and nifty online stuff among other things. Heck Calen and Riley were excellent hosts, and I was very happy to attend!

I think my body's trying to deal with its sleep deficit — hence my energy levels' crash once I arrived at home, but regardless I woke up in a sunbeam this morning — quite pleasant!

Quick social media post! :)

Apparently I've jumped into some more social media fun (craziness). You may already know that I'm on some other sites (like oh, foursquare, twitter, facebook etc.), but I'm adoring answering questions [at least I do when that site isn't broken]. Ask me whatever you want, really!

But that aside, I joined Empire Avenue today and my stock value has already gone up! (woo!). Find me at the stock ticker ALIG.

And I'm really looking forward to Day of DH 2010! It looks like great fun!

Brief post before essay writing (yes I wanna write two papers before I sleep… We'll see how I do!)

So this weekend: rather unproductive in general (this seems to be a trend), but I did get a few minor things accomplished:
1. I made a weekend to-do list. If all goes as planned I'll have accomplished more than half of the immediately urgent important things on the list along with most of the life-balance things that I generally like to do to keep me happy… now that does require all to go as planned, but it shouldn't be TOO TOO difficult once I transcribe some of the interview I did for the interview assignment.
2. I did all my readings for the upcoming week. This SHOULD allow me to get a great deal of the RA work that I somehow didn't find the time for during the Reading Week break. I just need to stay on top of things.
3. I played the Wii Fit Plus consistently, and continued to make personal bests. I also cooked me some simple but relatively tasty meals. Nothing to write home about, really, but still! No complaints. I even ended today's session with a full 100 Jackknife exercises… so I'm betting my abs will dislike me mildly tomorrow, but I think my core strength is improving… and that can't be a bad thing!
4. I read for pleasure. I think I really needed that. I finished the book I bought on a whim on Thursday: 2033: The Future of Misbehavior and really liked it. Scary visions of what the future could look like in 2033 should we choose to go down those paths, but such sweet short fiction. I've always liked future fiction as a genre so this was definitely a good thing.
5. I FINALLY got caught up on ALL my email accounts and other correspondence. Honestly it feels good to be on top of that behemoth again. Something tells me I receive FAR too much email.
6. I got some reasonable sleep. Not huge amounts but as needed.
7. I attempted a mouth guard. No dice. Honestly, even after trying to reshape it for comfort (which does work better) it's no fun to sleep with… my teeth hate me just as much in the morning after that as they do when I grind my teeth. Back to plan B (perhaps the better plan): less stress and more life-balance!
8. I got my powerpoint prepped for HuCon. That's one less thing to worry about.

So much else to get on top of in the upcoming days and weeks. Here's hoping I'll manage A-Okay!

Reading week, what reading week?

So apparently Reading Week has come and gone and I have accomplished no more, really, than I had before. My room is a bit cleaner, DCON has come and gone (and I have two more conferences on my plate in planning capacity in the coming months), and the workshop I was to have given last night wasn't attended by anyone really. So not superly productive but whatever.
Still I did manage to take some videos and photos at CKI DCON so that was okay. Not as many of them are stupid blurry as before — the blurry ones I still have I mostly like because they evoke a sense of movement.
But first the videos:

And the photos can be found at:

Not bad for a phone camera, if I say so myself! 🙂

Ask me anything! :)

Instead of answering just any meme, ask me anything here:
(yes, I've jumped on the bandwagon! I blame two individuals whose names conveniently start with the letter 'J').

Pirates and lectures and busy-ness… all in a few days of a SLIS grad student

Just a brief note: I'm really enjoying myself as of late (I'm VERY busy with everything from data entry to conference planning to classes, to work, to fun, YES fun!).

Monday night's SLIS board games were extra awesome. I lost at Clue, I lost at Killer Bunnies, and I did reasonably well at Bananagrams.

Edmonton Opera's Pirates of Penzance with Kathleen, Darby and Stephanie was absolutely amazing. I really truly enjoyed the word play! Lots of entertaining rhymes, and slapstick-like dancing among other things. Very fabulous, and well worth watching. I think this operetta is very approachable regardless of whether or not you have ever seen opera before.

Seeing/meeting Kathleen is pretty cool though: it's nice to see what an actual MA/MLIS candidate has done in her research, and her perceptions on the program. I've seen her speak twice now (including right now), and find her research subject fascinating: particularly since I also adore traveling but have limited some of my travels for safety/etc. concerns among other issues… so this is definitely a relevant subject area to learn more about.

I don't actually expect to do research outside of this area at the moment but there are a lot of different options for the future!

Conferences and conventions oh my!

So with FIP come and gone (it was a most excellent conference and gives me much hope for next year's edition), I've come to realize that I really really ought to make some decisions/plans regarding this upcoming year's conferences/conventions and whatnot. There's a lot to consider, even as I slowly grapple with the everyday.

So what's up? Well…
I attended the Kiwanis SLP conference in January (Denver, CO)
and FIP in February (Edmonton, AB)

And will be attending (anything truly tentative is prefaced with 'possibly'):
CKI DCON in February (Edmonton, AB)
HuCon in February (Edmonton, AB)
CKI GATC in April (St. Louis, MO)
Possibly ALC in April/May (last week of April beginning of May) (Jasper, AB)
(likely a trip to Oslo, Norway? for the majority of May, though that's not a conference)
Possibly DHSI in June (Victoria, BC)
Kiwanis ICON in June (Las Vegas, NV)
Possibly DRS in July (Montreal, PQ)
CKI LSSP and ICON in August (St. Louis, MO)
Possibly Kiwanis DCON in August. (Helena, MT)
[not sure what would transpire for fall semester]

With this tentative schedule I realize that a) I really really really need to figure out my finances in more detail (the money is there IF I need it, but I'd rather be cautious, and sort out financial situations in the most logical of manners), b) I probably can't take on a summer job UNLESS I can do it from my computer on the go, or on my own time (research work is good) c) if I don't find research/special projects work for the time in the summer that I'm actually around, I can squish more hours in at SaveOn, but I'm not sure how happy I will be to do this extensively…. then again this is the precise reason why I still do work at SaveOn after all, d) I really really should look into costs of conferences/how to get to them, scholarships etc. And yes, if you're curious the above listing already takes into account the fact that I've already decided not to attend a fair number of conferences/conventions as it is.

*sighs* so much to think about, so much to plan!

In other news, I'm running a workshop on how to run effective meetings at ENTS in less than two weeks (now that I have building access and everything!), am getting a fair bit done on the RA side of things, and am getting excited about my presentation for HuCon among other things. There is a LOT on the go right at this moment, but gosh balancing enjoyment with my busy schedule helps a tonne — particularly with me playing the Wii and chatting with my man regularly, as well as going and having regular time with folks with whom I enjoy spending time. For example, I enjoyed tonight's Pub night, and the SLIS board games night, and am looking forward to Pirates of Penzance tomorrow night. Reading week will also help with the whole catching up on things that are going on thing.

Another less-productive-than-I'd-like-to-be weekend, but I'm making progress and having a great time

This weekend, I watched XIII: The Conspiracy with J.D. and totally found it both suspenseful and entertaining. Perhaps one day I should actually watch the Bourne movies as there seems to be a fair bit of similarity to the Bourne Identity from what I understand. I've been watching a lot of dystopian movies lately.

I chose this weekend to play the Wii with a different strategy in mind than I had previously: I played the activities I either a) hadn't tried before or b) hadn't done often. This has resulted in a whole lot of muscle soreness — which likely means that I'm doing something right as it feels like I really have worked out! That said, I probably should pace myself better as my soreness was affecting my concentration. I rather like being more productive than I have been so it's something I should watch for regardless.

I had quite a few things I could have gotten accomplished Saturday night, but instead mostly procrastinated and got caught up on things around the home. I did make some progress on things I needed to get done though. Sunday was much the same: less productive than I wanted to be but productive just the same: I went to an excellent #brunchwar at The Commodore for like 3 hours before heading back to the computer and then in the evening had some CKI things to deal with.

Today's been a busy one as well: I basically woke up (after being woken up by snow shovelling at 5am I tried to sleep until 8ish) and did grocery shopping (with TONNES of coupons!) before heading to the Art Gallery of Alberta to catch the opening. I even wrote three pages of poetry while in the soundscape there. What an amazing addition to the city core! I'm very happy/impressed with the gallery, and I've been to a LOT of art galleries over my years of travelling so this isn't a bad thing, certainly! The lighting effects in the architecture are neat, and I rather liked the Karsh exhibit! I really hope to return and use that interactive photo booth as well as take in the Storm exhibit that wasn't up and running while I was there. My favorite ever installation piece is still the Eucalyptus room I experienced at the old Art Gallery but the new AGA is so fabulous that I'm sure I'll experience a lot of equally awesome works of art in the future EVEN if I only attend a couple times a year (which is more often than I've attended in the past, by far!)… and given my time constraints a couple times a year is likely good.

I also managed to pick up my latest book win from the Metro, ate some Chicken for Lunch (second time ever, and it was yummy), and finish the required homework as well as help out with the CKI club elections, encourage people to attend CKI district convention AND attend Pub Monday. All in all it was one excellent day for accomplishing things really!

This week will be another busy one: FIP is on Friday, and I have a tonne else to accomplish, but now that I'm in the thick of things school-wise I think I'm probably on a roll to get things done.

And heck I even had the time to read a bit for pleasure today as well as for academic purposes. And maybe even enough time to play Master of Magic before bed? Gosh how I love playing this ol' game… it's still my favorite computer game after all these years!