Another busy week (but I think I'm regaining balance perhaps?)

So this has been (as of yet) another busy yet rewarding week. Monday was spent doing homework (reading mostly) and catching up post-Denver. Yesterday I ate awesome bake sale goodies to begin my day…
… and I ended my day by falling on the ice on my way home from work, popping open my bag of popcorn (it did break my fall) and making me lose some… I gained a wonderful soreness to the side of my upper leg though, it being a large bump almost as soon as I got up. Fortunately playing the Wii has helped prevent me from seizing up or anything equally difficult but it definitely was no fun going to bed last night in pain.

In more positive news though… thanks to J.D. I got my favorite computer game of all time working on my computer! Master of Magic (a wonderful game from the 1990s) works in a DOSbox emulator. I so missed playing it! Yes it's a time waster, really, but it's been good when I've been stressed out this week. Why stress? Working on thesis stuff for class (no guarantees that I'll actually follow through with this thesis, but it's a possibility) and other homework after being away in Denver on the weekend, mainly.

Anyhow… today was a refreshing change: I went to my partner's week visit, and truly enjoyed discovering about the role of the NEOS librarian. We even went to lunch together and I got to participate in a meeting. In addition I got a tour of some of the employee areas of Cameron library, which was a neat treat!

I'm also discovering that I still need to work on balance: but I'm getting there. I'm surprised just how awesome exercising with the Wii Fit is for me (it makes a good break away from the computer, and a good challenge to improve myself really), and I'm fitting technology well in my daily life… now I probably could blame my boyfriend for at least a bit of that, but it was high time.

It's pretty much a week until FIP (Forum for Information Professionals), the first conference that I'm working on this term. I look forward to it: not only do I serve as junior co-chair (next year's co-chair) but I'll be MCing, and I also helped with scheduling the program. So some things are ramping up.

Home from Denver (and the SLP Conference) armed with pictures!

Firstly I did finally upload the few pics I got of the Oil Capital Kiwanis meeting at YESS (Youth Emergency Shelter Society) where Drago was given his VP pin. They can be found at:

This weekend while at the SLP conference we were treated to both a wonderful '80s session complete with the outfits and a wonderful night of karaoke and carousing at the Spotted Dog (the most excellent pub in the hotel — note that Robert DeNiro was at that pub earlier in the day on the Friday of the conference… so while we didn't actually see him, we were definitely at a pub where famous people drank).
Picture evidence at:

But more entertaining yet are people's attempts at karaoke. I caught them with video:

As you can tell, we had a really great time though no, we don't necessarily all sing uniformly well… And yes you can see the back of my head in one of the videos.

In Denver safe and sound…

… but maybe a little bit more stuffed up than I would otherwise like. The Inverness seems like a reasonable enough hotel that I'm really going to like the amenities here (case in point: free wireless!) but gosh the trip here was an adventure.

Firstly, I had originally booked this particular flight in the hopes that I wouldn't have to miss class. Of course, since the incident in December, I evidently had to be at the airport earlier than previously expected: hence missing half of my class. I'm not terribly pleased with this.

I did get to the airport with plenty of time to spare, there not being too too many flights at that time, but it was a pain that it was shift change while I went through security and everything I had in my small carry on was searched.

On a positive note though, the customs official was fun: he even told Polish jokes.

Lunch was in the US departures area, meaning Molson Bar. The two items that looked the awesomest on the menu were unavailable, so I had awesome chicken gumbo soup (it really was great!) and a strange salad with buffalo chicken on it. It was strange because it was mostly lettuce and a tinsey bit of pulverized veggies and cheese with a lot of creamy dressing. Counterbalanced the spicy chicken well enough but it was still odd: had too many onions and celery but too small to pick them out.

So I took my flight — fortunately relatively straightforward except they changed the aircraft meaning that my seat numbered 13F didn't actually exist, and I was in 13D instead. This was a problem of course because the tickets were: A,C,D,F but seats were A,B,C,D. Lots of chaos. Regardless my luggage showed up and though I hurt my pinky in picking it up from the carousel, I got on the shuttle okay and off to the hotel just in time to miss all of this evening's events. I wish I hadn't had to miss tonight's stuff but whatever.

It's been pretty splendid to see friends (Tifanie, Jeff, Brent etc.) and others from my district (Ian, Don) as of yet. I'm sure I'll see more tomorrow. I'm not going to spend huge amounts of time online (though I can spend some certainly), but I'll be here a bit. In the meantime, I'm going to be a good little girl and get some reasonable amount of sleep for a change and go to bed before midnight… after first setting an alarm. It's going to be a long and busy day! No complaints though, and I still do want to go swimming while I'm here if I can.

And the Spotted Dog (the pub here) made me a most excellent bison burger. I was rather pleased.

Around the world in 80 days – For the travellers (meme from Karena)

Here is a list of >150 well known places (landmarks, cities, countries etc). Copy and paste this into a new note/post/blog and tag all your friends who travel and compare where you and your friends have been, and want to go in the future!

Fill in the brackets as follows:

[x] I've been there
[!] I want to go
[?] I've never heard of it
[ ] I have no interest in this place / Indifferent



[x] Canada
[x] United States
[x] Mexico

[x] Vancouver
[x] Edmonton
[x] Toronto
[!] Ottawa
[x] Saskatchewan
[x] Winnipeg
[!] The Maritimes
[!] The territories (Yukon, NWT, Nunavut)

[x] The Rocky Mountains
[!] Parliament Building
[x] Niagara Falls
[!] The Great Lakes
[!] The Arctic

[x] New York [City]
[x] Las Vegas
[!] Washington, DC
[?] Forks, Washington
[!] Hollywood
[ ] Dallas
[!] Chicago
[!] Seattle
[!] Miami
[!] San Fransisco
[x] Salt Lake City
[x] Idaho
[x] California
[!] Hawaii
[!] Alaska
[ ] Mississippi
[ ] Arkansas

[ ] Mexico City
[ ] Guadalajara
[ ] Cancun
[ ] Chihuahua
[ ] Monterey
[ ] Mayan Riviera

[!] Statue of Liberty
[!] Empire State Building
[!] Wall Street
[!] The White House
[!] Golden Gate Bridge
[x] Disney World (or Land)
[x] Six Flags (any)


[!] Guatemala
[!] Costa Rica
[!] Cuba
[ ] El Salvador
[ ] Honduras
[ ] Belize
[!] Panama
[ ] Nicaragua
[ ] Colombia
[ ] Ecuador
[ ] Venezuela
[!] Brazil
[!] Peru
[ ] Bolivia
[ ] Paraguay
[ ] Uruguay
[!] Chile
[!] Argentina

[?] Salto Angel
[!] Panama Canal
[?] Iquazu Falls
[!] Amazon Forest
[!] Machu Picchu
[?] Tikal
[!] Galapagos Islands


[!] Australia
[!] New Zealand
[!] Fiji
[!] Papua New Guinea
[!] Palau

[!] Great Barrier Reef
[!] Sydney Opera House



[!] China
[!] Japan
[ ] North Korea
[!] South Korea
[!] India
[ ] Vietnam
[ ] Thailand
[ ] Cambodia
[x] Taiwan
[!] Malaysia
[ ] Burma
[!] Philippine
[!] Indonesia
[!] Singapore
[ ] Mongolia
[ ] Bangladesh
[ ] Laos
[!] Sri Lanka
[ ] Iraq
[ ] Afghanistan
[ ] Pakistan
[ ] Iran
[ ] Saudi Arabia
[ ] Kazakhstan
[!] Dubai

[!] Great Wall of China
[?] Temple of Heaven
[!] Forbidden City
[!] Mount Fuji
[!] Himalayas
[!] Mount Everest
[!] Nagashima Spa Land
[!] Victoria Peak
[!] Taj Mahal
[!] Twin Towers


[x] United Kingdom
[x] France
[!] Germany
[!] Spain
[x] Italy
[!] Greece
[!] Turkey
[!] Sweden
[!] Finland
[!] Denmark
[!] Russia
[!] Poland
[!] Ukraine

[x] London
[x] Paris
[!] Madrid
[x] Rome
[!] Venice
[!] Athens
[!] Berlin
[!] Moscow
[!] Siberia

[!] Buckingham Palace
[ ] London Eye
[x] Eiffel Tower
[x] Louvre
[ ] Notre Dame
[?] The Prado
[x] Vatican City
[!] Leaning tower of Pisa
[?] Neuschwanstein Castle
[!] Berlin Wall
[!] The Acropolis and the Parthenon
[ ] St. Basil's Cathedral
[!] The Kremlin


[!] Morocco
[!] Algeria
[ ] Libya
[ ] Nigeria
[!] Egypt
[ ] Sudan
[ ] Ethiopia
[ ] Somalia
[ ] Sudan
[!] Madagascar
[!] Kenya
[ ] Zimbabwe
[ ] Rwanda
[!] South Africa

[!] Sahara Desert
[!] The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
[!] Cape Point
[!] Victoria Falls
[!] Mount Kilimanjaro

So how did you do? Are you a world traveler or are there more sights for you to see? Where to next?!

Still having trouble being productive, but otherwise having a good time…

Last night's party was great for putting things in perspective. Jenn and Dave's housewarming/Jenn's birthday party was wonderful: I met some new and excellent people and got to see and spend time in a wonderful house that Jenn and Dave have made into a great home. It's nice to see people so happy with a life that they have made for themselves.

I took some mediocre pictures of the cake portion of the evening. Dave took the last two so they're actually in focus.

Wingfield, Pandorum, and other events

As you can likely tell, I'm still being a very busy girl. More so lately as I'm getting into the swing of far too many commitments I think… and its hard not to procrastinate the important ones. Fortunately I'm deadline oriented and should still manage to get most things done but still it sure isn't easy… particularly with the prevalence of… uh… distractions as of late.

Sometimes distractions are necessary: lately I've been using them partially to prevent me from overparticipating in class. And I sure as heck don't want to run down that path too often… even if the material happens to be super engaging. Brown-nosing while useful to certain ends is clearly not my purpose.

And well I definitely feel happier lately than I have in a long time, even if I do happen to need to be a lot more productive. It's all about prioritizing and I've gotta work on that! For example, my project management class involves actually managing and accomplishing a project out in the community with an organization and I'm rather pleased with the idea of getting that done, even if the organization's expectations are necessarily not the same as our own. Gawsh, to think I'm a technical advisor on a real project, even if it does happen to be for class!

Last night/afternoon I watched Pandorum. It was a very good dystopian movie in many senses. But right out the gate it was so utterly frightening/gruesome… ack, I'm not a very big fan of horror/scary movies, but this one worked out to be better in the end. Plus I had good company, even if he was rather far away.

Then I went and saw Wingfield's Lost & Found at The Citadel. It was far better than I thought it would be, and I saw Brad from SLIS there, so I wasn't entirely alone. I now understand the appeal of the Wingfield plays.

I've been playing a lot of Wii lately… and been enjoying the results… even if I'm not changing hugely it's affecting my energy levels and preventing me from getting all frustrated by sitting in front of the computer all day. I try to play for at least half an hour to an hour each day.

Lately I've been posting semi-regularly

And I apologize to those who for whatever reason don't care to read what I choose to type… but I have my motivations.

Today was an interesting one I had the hardest time getting out of bed (I really should get to sleep soon tonight), but had a good time in class before heading to the SLIS part-timer's lunch (no I'm not a part-timer, yes I go to their meetings, as I have been invited and welcomed regardless of the fact that I'm a HuCo/SLIS student). I had wanted to be at the CLA Student Chapter meeting as well, but no luck in the being in two places (even in the same room!) at once game.

This evening I attended the most excellent launch of the WinSETT Centre and WISEST Lecture. It began with wine and cheese (yummy cheese!) and some speeches — my favorite was, as always by Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour who entertained us with science! I've always adored her science experiments… and finally I got two on video!

After the initial speeches was Anne McLennan's lecture, which surprised me in just how passionate and well-presented it was. Did you know that women outnumber men in the workforce in North America for the first time ever these days?
Photos are found at:

Anyway, one of these days I'll get better at uploading videos and whatnot, but for now I'm actually quite pleased with how well I do with my phone anyway! And I think I'm rather enjoying being back in school, even with all the challenges and all. 🙂 If it wasn't difficult would it be nearly so worthwhile?

The Olympic torch on a chilly Edmonton evening….

… tonight, during a 15 minute break from work, I walked to Jasper ave and saw a little segment of the torch relay. I even took my very first video with my phone and some (somewhat blurry) photos with my phone. The photos can be found at:
Here the video should be (it's my first time posting a video to YouTube so it may take a while to work):

I'm not planning on editing it or anything either — I rather don't want to go to the trouble when the original video isn't that great to begin with. Not bad considering I was certain that I would be missing the whole thing, as I was working from 12:30-8:30. It was a slow day at work though — VERY slow not just for me up in the office but for the whole store seeing as the roads were somewhat impassable for a large part of the evening, due to the torch relay.

I did however nearly fall asleep at work after the relay. I was really tired AND reading perhaps one of the driest books: the Occupational Health and Safety Code and whatnot for Alberta. Regardless it has otherwise been a really decent day: school went well as did work (well the work part of my day where I wasn't trying not to fall asleep, but was actually getting work done).

I do think I need more sleep however.

I think I'm finally getting into the groove of school-mode…

… but I'm still procrastinating a fair deal. I have got into a semi-habit of playing the Wii Fit regularly though so that's a start. Today I learned how to use IRC (thanks Michael!), and I downloaded iTunes (along with the new Vampire Weekend album, and some scattered tracks) to use my gift card. I'm not a huge iTunes fan — mostly because it all used to have DRM and I don't like DRM — I mean even if I do happen to own the tracks DRM could hypothetically make it unplayable years down the road given new computers etc. not effective! Mind you, nowadays it's supposed to be better — tracks are sold without DRM, and free music is free music, right?

We saw the Librarian and Archivist of Canada speak today at lunch. This was after we had two guest speakers in class so it was a lot of new faces to see and listen to today. Seems like the goals of the Librarian and Archivist of Canada are pretty huge but it would be really nifty if they are realized. We do need some permanence if digitization is to proceed. Otherwise what's the point if we'll have to redo it all again 3 or 5 years down the road?

I'm trying to stay on top of my readings for class. There are quite a few of them at the moment, as I never purchase texts or start reading before the first class actually happens, but I'll get there, I think.

Conference planning is coming along at a reasonable clip: FIP and HuCon are looking on track for success. The CKI DCON is behind schedule as per the norm, but at least they are making progress. I'm not about to stop them from doing their planning themselves, but I really hope that they make some decisions soon.

I fly to Denver in less than two weeks for Kiwanis business. I still feel like I have a tonne to learn and so much more to do in the coming days and weeks.