Zack and Miri…

… and other entertainment.

Yep, that's how this week's been going, entertaining. Last night Beth and I went and saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno (the new Kevin Smith flick). This was rather entertaining (though I did find myself wondering whether or not the film was an experiment on how many times seemingly ordinary characters could use the word f*ck in a movie….). I enjoyed the fact that while the movie is rather formulaic it does use conventions for rather good comedic effect — it's like American Pie for a slightly older age demographic… as the characters are celebrating their 10 year high school reunion. Regardless it was an entertaining preview screening. It's nice to make it out to these every now and again. I'm going to recommend this movie to my brothers… It's definitely something like 40-year-old Virgin too. It does have more nudity (but for a movie about porno it's really tame).

I've been out to eat a few times this week, which just plain feels good. It's worthwhile to conquer stress by keeping busy though I really really ought to make a dent on my homework *yikes!*.

The halloween costume should work out great tomorrow. I can't wait to stop by the store (grocery shopping) just to see some of the costumes…

I spent an hour today fighting with the ridiculousness that is pension plans (user-friendly websites… such an oxymoron!) just to make mine less filled with fees (yay for that!). I'm beginning to appreciate the fee deductions that are inherent in my group plan though the fact that I lost a lot of money in the stock market drop might seem annoying on the surface — It's not as if I can touch this money anytime soon. I'm looking forward to finally having my funds make at least some logical sense. Other finances stuff has continued to be entertaining.

Now why is it that I can't make EVERYTHING work out? [stress release needed] Hey I've got chocolate! meme

Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you.

1) Your name?
A Best Friend, someone that you know you can always rely on through anything and everything. you know that your ali wont ever desert you and will always be there for you to talk to, you can tell your ali absolutely anything. Your ali should only be YOUR ali if you can trust them with your life, if you would do anything for them and if they mean the world to you, a best friend that you couldn't live without and who you never want to loose.
1: Am i your ali?
2:no, only ali is my ali 😉

2) Your age?
750ml of alky
1 mickey + 1 mickey = a 26

3) One of your friends?
gem like, shim-shimmering like a precious stone, awe-inspiring and captivating.
adjec; to bling, or razzle dazzle.
the escalade was completely beth'd out on 22 spin-teks

4) What should you be doing?
To slack off from any responsibility and veg for an undetermined amount of time.
I decided resting was the only way for me to maintain my sanity.

5) Favorite color?
1) a communist
2) CCC tablet (Coricidin, OTC anti-tussive medicine)
1) You reds!
2) He passed out on 48 reds (!)

6) Birthplace?
not defined yet

7) Month of your birthday?
A month when mostly the hottest girls are born
That girls so hot she must be born in July

8) Last person you talked to?
I don't know their name

9) Your nickname?
not defined yet

You hold the camera while I tie the parrot…

actual words said during the donning of my Halloween costume for the first time. This was pre-UADC Halloween dance. I'm very much in awe of Olwyn's skills in making me the skirt and sleeves (yes, eventually I'll post pictures… of course I'm at least 6 months behind at picture posting… but eventually!). The dance itself was great too. While the ol' crowd wasn't there in mass (though a good number was present), a bunch o' CKIers were present with which to talk and coerce onto the dance floor. I'm always entertained by people's perspectives on their own dancing — most men think they are worse than they are (with a few exceptions who are the opposite).

In other news, the Kiwanis club building efforts are moving along nicely. There are a million things I need to do right now, and I hope I don't forget any of them.

The Forbidden Phoenix at the Citadel today made me cry. Of course that was probably brought on in part by my reading A Little Piece of Ground by Elizabeth Laird before and after viewing it… and also getting more and more frustrated with the Citadel's issues distributing tickets (mostly because of a downtown power outage/surge this morning). So I still don't have my other Family Series tickets yet. *sighs* Very frustrating though I did end up with a good seat thanks to excellent staff… and as I said before I cried. I bought a CD sampler of a few of the musical's songs and had it autographed by the writer and composer. It was nice to meet Marty Chan!

Tonight I hope to see more theatre and make a dent in my rather scary to-do list. The wind right now is frightening: during the time I was in the theatre various things fell down (blown down) outdoors, making my return home rather odd.

Fictional Characters meme post

Comment on this post. I will randomly give you a letter. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

chibifrieza gave me a L.

Lyra Belacqua [From The Golden Compass by Pullman] — the main character from the first book, and while I haven't read the other books yet, nor watched the movie, I find that her inquisitiveness and thought processes make the book an engrossing read.

Lena [From the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants books] — she's very creative, and expresses herself well in art. Well-traveled and family centered her growth throughout these novels is a good reason to read them — as romantic as they may be.

Lorelai Gilmore [From The Gilmore Girls TV show] — actually the name of several Lorelais, most noteably Lorelai and Rory, the main characters of this, one of my favorite TV shows. I was once compared with Rory favorably though I don't think myself quite so brilliant (nor as successful in love)… I think I'm more like her mother, Lorelai in many ways, but the fact that I identify with both characters is a reason why this series carried so much weight for me.

Lucy [From Across the Universe movie] — she's beautiful, thoughtful, driven to follow her beliefs, and falls in love with Jude, who is amazing. What's not to like, especially when her emotion driven voice sings Beatles tunes so amazingly? [yes, I'll admit to having just watched this film recently]

Lavan Chitward (Lavan Firestarter/Firestorm) [From Vlademar books by Mercedes Lackey] — Lavan Firestorm is a character from one of my favorite fantasy universes. He un/fortunately has the gift of firestarting, which while it causes much grief does allow for some amazing deeds. As he becomes a Herald, he is certainly a character whose thinking merits some accolades.

8 Things Meme (because homework isn't appropriate when I'm thinking of funerals)

My 8 obsessions…..8 things that I am passionate about…

1. The Kiwanis Family
3. Learning
4. Literature
5. Friendships
6. Good Food
7. Travel
8. Finances

8 words or phrases I use often…

1. Sorry
2. Thank you
3. Interesting
4. Newfangled
5. Well
6. Darling
7. Dear
8. Take care

8 things I want to do before I die…

1. Find 'True Love', or at least a good long lasting romantic partnership
2. Write a well-received book.
3. Circumnavigate the world
4. Have a family of my own — I really do want children.
5. Become financially free
6. Finish my formal education at the university!
7. Continue to try new things
8. Get into great physical shape.

8 things I have learned from my past…

1. Time is fleeting
2. Spending more on a good-quality item is often a better plan than to buy a cheap poor quality one.
3. Living in the moment is crucial
4. Listening to what others are telling you (non-verbal cues as well) is often more useful than you might think.
5. Face to face communication is worth it.
6. There are always more than one way to look at a particular situation.
7. Hugs are invaluable.
8. The Golden Rule is invaluable.

8 places I would love to go or see..
1. Japan
2. More of New York City
3. Australia (and the rest of Australasia)
4. More of the UK
5. Jamaica
6. The Rest of Canada
7. The rest of Europe and Asia
8. The whole wide world!

8 things I currently need or want…
1. A hug. Right now I really really want one.
2. A time turner a la Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
3. At least 15 more members for the Kiwanis club we're building.
4. Less stress/more sleep/better health.
5. The book Commission Free Investing by Cemil (Jim) Otar
6. Je me Souviens 3 CD Boxed set
7. Nice Girls Don't Explode (on DVD)
8. To not have to cook for a while.

I'm tired of bad news…

You know what I'm not enjoying this week? Hearing bad news and not being able to do much (if anything) about it. People who are suffering are so far away that I can't just materialize over there and show just how much I care. Others are nearby but are still suffering.

I feel like I'm so lucky to be whom I am and to have so many opportunities — but am still frustrated that others are suffering so. And I'm worried about several situations.

And to top it all off, my horrid stomach aches for the past several afternoon/evenings are probably the start of my feeling sick since I woke up with a mild sore throat to go with my general exhaustion…

At least my Halloween costume is one awesome thing to look forward to!

You know that tired feeling after your body has become ridiculously physically exhausted that it….

… is echoed in your mind? Well I have that now. But for good reason mind you!

So after getting all the reference letter forms off to my most excellent references (woo!) I had a most excellent Thursday night seeing a preview screening of Blindness, a most disturbing/thought provoking film (definitely not happy or meant for younger audiences) with Kim. It's nice seeing her more often these days.

Friday after work (I think I'm shorting myself on sleep again — mind you it's mild but should get nipped in the bud so to speak I hope) I visited with an aquaintance before getting my hair cut by Jackie (I got SO MANY compliments yesterday… even the annoying ones felt good inside somehow). And I began to read a lot more investment/stock information on my favorite online investing messageboard… which was a fun exercise in tempered enthusiasm. I'm having fun here!

Today however, was Run for the Cure, and for that reason (and the fact that we ate an immense brunch to celebrate Misty's birthday (well the run was for that purpose too)) I'm absolutely bushed. So tired! But it's worth it, I think. I truly enjoy these walks. Definitely one of my sports of choice!

Now onto the next adventures…!