Venting re: the Internet

So today I've been working at a chunk of the things on my massive to-do list (and unfortunately not getting anywhere near as much accomplished as I would hope: probably even making a BIGGER mess of my room than it was before, simply trying to find things… like a rather old photograph for example… gosh I get distracted easily sometimes!). And somethings APPEAR to be easy but in reality aren't. In fact updating my investment spreadsheets ended up being among the EASIEST things that I decided to do today… homework was also relatively painless (but given that I was just reading a rather pleasurable novel, I'm not surprised!).

But ack! The Internet beckons and I do my usual routine before attacking the rest of my to-do list… which of course involves the online world. And slowly I learn to hate disagreeing websites. Why can't they just agree on application criterion? [yes I'm finally looking at grad school application junk] Each website references broken links, and help pages do not direct me to comprehensible information (and I thought the online applications for undergrad or even to join the Golden Key Honour Society were bad… *sighs*). I miss the days of paper applications, but even so, given the amount of time I spend online you'd think I would be able to deal with the ridiculousness that this is. Heck I've taken entire courses on interdisciplinarity… but really you'd think that an offered degree program ought to be explained in a comprehensible manner, such that people can actually apply into it! I rather do want to take this program — I've been mulling it over for well over a year now. Heck until today I thought I had been talking everyone's ears off about it [of course today I realized that some people didn't even know I was contemplating the MA/MLIS thing… but I still feel like I had been talking people's ears off about this desire of mine… I HAVE wanted to be a librarian since I was in second grade, and Homecoming only served to prove those intentions].

So while I remain frustrated, I'm going to plow ahead and try to get this accomplished. That said, it sure isn't easy.

In other news I'm rather pleased that other things are working out more smoothly than I thought! For example the Kiwanis club is moving closer and closer to reality — forms have been sent off apparently (and monies!), so we are definitely en route to awesomeness!

I once thought I was too young to get a Lifetime Acheivement Award… I was wrong.

So yes, Alena sprung this one on me — as she had warned, but still! Perhaps it's too many years volunteering for my favorite Week of Welcome events, but really there's no harm in volunteering, is there?

So last night was the annual WOW/Orientation Volunteer Appreciation Party. And I must say, while I was initially exhausted (I worked from 7am-3pm that day anyway), I had a rather good time chatting with Devon and Nikki throughout my night (and it was good to see a good number of familiar volunteers present too!). Realistically I spent the night leaning on the edge of the bar chatting (and delivering cookies to) the bar staff… plus helping them a bit at the end of the night. I always enjoy talking with Devon and Steve so it was good to just be able to chat.

That said, I was entirely UNIMPRESSED (to understate things rather extremely) with the band: Faber Drive. I mean really, who needs to hear their music anyway? Not to mention their horrid stage banter (I've heard good stage banter, mediocre stage banter, okay stage banter, and bad stage banter but this takes the skunk prize, honestly!) I don't need to know about your horrible taste in bodily functions thank you very much, you very immature band you… *sighs* [I must say that I am far too nice about my criticism here…]

This morning was all about sleeping late-ish and reading financial help books (actually pleasant way to wake up). That plus a few fun stories from other books and I was off to work…

Now normally you'd notice that I don't chat much about work here. But today was pretty odd. Not because it was busy (it was) or because I have strange co-workers (I do on occasion) but because I really don't think that it's appropriate for my spirits to be brought down by 3 irritable co-workers while I'm on my break. Gadzooks! I mean really, if you're letting EVERY negative customer get to you, you're simply not going to have a good time working in this line of work. *sighs* And then after that… back on the floor of the store I have the wonderous joy of putting through one of the largest grocery orders I've ever dealt with: over $1100 worth of expensive yummy food. I really wonder how many mouths those men were feeding.

A few quick words… (an update)

Homecoming was excellent! I never would have imagined meeting the great people that I did, nor have so much fun seeing a person I knew! Such a great time, really. I'm definitely going to have to return to reunions in the future.

The AIDS walk was rather great also. The only downside was some awfully inconsiderate/rude participants/volunteers. That said I'm glad that I went (and fundraised a little bit). Good weather too: it only sprinkled a teensy bit! PLUS I got kettle corn!! I adore kettle corn (I'm not much of a fan of normal popcorn to be honest).

Studio Theatre's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf was great! Definitely not a happy play, but one infused with a lot of tension, drinking and playing of rather cruel games (I would compare it to What the Butler Saw but for the fact that What the Butler Saw was far more funny). I was very impressed with the actor who played Nick, but realistically speaking I was impressed with all four actors. Each was incredibly skilled at the role set for them. I certainly can't imagine doing anything close to as good of a job! I was also rather impressed by the set design. It really evoked the right setting — and I liked the books strewn beneath the chair, a very nice touch.

Card making was a good activity at our Kiwanis club's first service project/meeting. Extra thanks go to all who brought supplies and certainly to Ian for volunteering to mail the cards!

Please support me in the AIDS Walk for Life!

This year, for the first time I thought that I would participate in the AIDS Walk for Life! It is less than a week away (I know) but I still thought I'd cobble together any support that anyone felt willing to give. This is indeed an important cause: AIDS infections are the highest in Alberta for an age group within which many of my friends are. While this may seem like a distant disease that isn't as dangerous as it was once it is still a major killer and definitely compromises one's immune system for years to come not to mention altering quality of life for many many people worldwide.

Thanks in advance for your support!
I'd also love to have company if anyone is interested in joining me too!

Because Beer just doesn't smell great when it's spilled on you during a poetry reading…

So, yesterday's poetry reading went excellently! I was complimented by the host (and the host for the subsequent segment at Java Express, though I booked it across downtown in order to make it to Maria Chen's reading at Three Bananas Cafe instead), and it went rather well though the cafe was not as well staffed as perhaps it should have been given the AWESOME crowd — of course it was also too hot in the cafe but whatever. Maria Chen and others delivered awesome readings at Three Bananas Cafe as well. I took copious notes on both sets of readings.

I even met up with Maria, Rebecca and Sheena for ice cream at Marble Slab afterward. Since Maria's off to Cambridge and Sheena's off to Toronto, it was good to see them again before they departed.

I splurged on sushi before heading down to the Edmonton Poetry Festival finale which absolutely rocked! [the only downside being the incident referred to in the title to this post]

Gosh, the readers list only got better with each subsequent reader (and I thought that the previous night's poetry was rad… this was just as exciting, but for different reasons)! My favorite readers were Mary Pinkoski (!!!) and Brendan McLeod.

Now, Mary Pinkoski is significant to me for many reasons… the main one is that I've known her for a LONG time (not that we've stayed in touch or anything). She was in the same swim club as I was growing up… and while she's still definitely recognizable, she has changed. I think I'm somehow a bigger fan now that I'm not just seeing her in the athletic arena: her skills with words are amazing! Gosh, I enjoyed her spoken word…

And Brendan McLeod, likewise rocked my socks (and I was at that point actually wearing some!). I even bought his CD. And I've since checked out his band online. I'm impressed. I like spoken word and he CERTAINLY has presence.

Something tells me I need to get out to poetry events more often. What a weekend!

Update on the Kiwanis club building…

So there definitely seems to be a number of people interested. The attendance at the second pre-organizational meeting was rather good (and I think we answered a lot more questions). I think that this Tim Hortons is more appropriate for small gatherings than the other one.

I do however REALLY hope that a number of people can make it out on Monday for our first ever meeting! Jim Courtright will be there from Arizona to help us get this club rolling. The meeting's at 7:30pm on Monday September 15th in Heritage Lounge of Athabasca Hall on the University of Alberta Campus.

As for our membership endeavors: the Facebook group includes at least 16 potential members (and growing!) and I'm gathering a good list of people who've attended meetings, events (Alex and I even attended a Kiwanis project already!), and who've emailed or verbally indicated interest.

Now I realize that all who are interested are busy and that regular meetings on the same day of the week would make involvement impossible for many… so I'm very glad that people have been receptive to our changing meeting time/date structure as of yet. We're looking into a messaging system to take care of that down the road… and we have some plans in the works for charter night AND for an eventual web presence (beyond the limitations of Facebook of course!). So this is getting more and more exciting!

Along with our Awesome local Kiwanis club support the goal is getting closer to reality!

It feels weird to be considered 'smart' again…

Today I got my invitation to join the Golden Key International Honour Society in the mail. It didn't take much thought to figure out whether or not I wanted to pay the one time membership fee and join. After all, a good friend of mine is president of the local chapter, and I've many other great friends and acquaintances involved. The list of reasons goes on and on. That said it feels surreal. All in one year I convocate with distinction (which frankly was a surprise to me) and then get an invite to join Golden Key? Is this really me they're referring to? Regardless, I think it'll help my chances of getting into the MLIS program that I plan on applying into.

In other news, though I may have already posted it here before… I'll be doing the Run for the Cure this October 5th, and would love to have some more sponsors. I firmly believe that this cause is important. Breast Cancer affects us all, men and women.

Please visit my donation page here:

Quick Update… oh and I'm Reading at the Edmonton Poetry Festival…

So the next Kiwanis pre-organization meeting is scheduled for Thursday night at 7pm at the Tim Hortons at 10665 Jasper Ave. I hope to see lots of enthusiastic people there (plus some who just want to find out more. *special note* Because of AWESOME sponsorship by local area Kiwanis clubs, the first year's membership for the first 25 members will be steeply discounted!!

In other news I'm finally on the readers list for the Cafe Readings at Edmonton Poetry Festival. I will be reading at Java Express Cafe on Saturday September 13th at some point between 2pm and 3:10pm. Come out and listen (some of you have heard me read this poem before. I wanted to read it once more before a good audience before going on to other things… since it's definitely the most recently published poem (albeit in shortened form) of mine.

First week chaos…

Wow… The first week of September (aka the first week of school) has come to a relative close. And what a week it's been! Here are some highlights:

Sept 1st
– Went on an AWESOME shopping excursion with Jackie! I totally love my birthday gift: an awesome mod dress!! Great way to pass Labour Day!

Sept 2nd
– Got my birthday present from my brother!! I got the awesome Goodkind refillable wooden pens that I requested on my lj! So happy am I!!
– Made it through 15% tuesday without a glitch. Thank goodness for that!

Sept 3rd
– Work, while relatively calm was also somewhat stressful. That said I got what I needed to get done!
– The first pre-organizational meeting for the brand new Kiwanis club of Edmonton Young Professionals! Some excited future members came out along with some extra awesome Kiwanians! I'm getting more excited about this prospect… of course I'm also worrying about spreading the word: so if you know ANYONE in Edmonton who might be interested… direct them my way (or to the Facebook group or Facebook events)

Sept 4th
– Yummy pancake breakfast (though not as good as today's).
– Met with Becky to provide the CKI club with its awesome new Member of the Month supplies and pins!
– Gave out handbooks (and wrote on people's hands with a highlighter!)
– Went to class!! I get to study Harry Potter, and Anne of Green Gables and so much more awesome stuff!! So excited am I!
– Served Beer at Beer Gardens (and enjoyed myself in the process)!
– Was a tour guide at my 9th Taste of the U. So very yummy too…

Sept 5th
– More serving beer at Beer Gardens (this time after a LONG day of work).
– Simple Plan concert!! Such fun! Olwyn and I had a blast!! Cute is What We Aim For was good (while I like their songs better in their recordings, I rather loved the lead singer's hair… whoa CUTE is the word!), Metro Station was decent (I found them posturing a bit much and a bit fake for my liking but they weren't bad sound-wise), Simple Plan was better than I could have ever hoped for! Reminded me a bit of the Savage Garden Concert from 8 years back but with different genre of music entirely. So very real and down-to-earth: they honestly seemed to be having fun on stage and weren't just putting on a face for the crowd. Great stuff, really.
It would be good to know why Faber Drive wasn't performing. I kind of worry about it — it was hinted that it was negative.

Sept 6th
– Got myself outta bed in time to serve flip pancakes for Shinerama's breakfast (a royal mess of miscommunication began the morning but the end result was yummy!). The only downside to this very delicious morning was that I burned myself while flipping a pancake over. It isn't serious but I'm glad I purchased a burn dressing to help it heal.