FBOFW… wow…

So normally I don't spend my time typing about my comic reading addictions, and face it I have a few (it's a 50/50 split between web comics and those originally found in the dailies usually… plus I suppose a sprinkling of graphic novels to suit), but gosh Lynn Johnston's For Better Or For Worse has been a part of my growing up. And now, she's wrapped up the storyline.

While I'm super glad she's not stopping entirely (as this means that I'll still get exposed to new comics) the series will no longer be moving forward in time. One of its strengths for me growing up was always that the characters grew and aged. I longed to be like Michael, yet found myself often still in Elizabeth's life stages, making it easy to want to know what happens next. Of course the strip has gone on for 29 years and I'm not quite that old yet myself, but still.

So, tomorrow, when Lynn begins anew with her series, adding to the ol' story lines we are so familiar with, I'm going to miss the suspense that has had me wondering what's next for so many years. Thank you to Lynn Johnston and For Better Or For Worse! http://fbofw.com

Would any one person like to join me at a Simple Plan concert?

I won tix a while back for the Simple Plan concert on Friday Sept 5th (at 7pm) at Rexall Place. They are General Admission Floor Standing tickets, which arrived in the mail today. I was wondering if anyone would like to join me. It is far less fun attending a concert alone, and as I have two tickets, I really wouldn't like to let the ticket go to waste.
I believe the openers are Faber Drive and some other band that I can't recall the name of right now.

Quick Fringe Recap

Unlike last year, where I saw 12 Fringe plays (including 2 holdovers) this year I've only seen 2 Fringe plays (with no current plans for the holdovers but that may change). That said, I do have Fringe Theatre Adventures season tix so I'll have all this Fringe happiness spread out over the course of a whole year. What I did see was excellent however:

Anime: what an epic journey! Complete with light and media use, quick costume changes and a LARGE cast, this show, held at New City was amazingly thought provoking and used most of the tropes of actual Japanese amine: of course it was live action but it worked rather splendidly and the choreography was fun. Gotta love nature vs. technology debates… not to mention the aesthetic appeal of this one. Long but worthwhile, this one used every aspect of New City to it's hilt (pun not intended).

Occupied: Loved this one! Especially Joel Bazin and P.M Pilarski (of course I know them both so I might be slightly biased). The script was excellent and I loved the debate between the absurd and the important, as well as the issues at play and being brought up. Yes indeed there was a woman in the men's public restroom…

And then the outdoor acts:
Apocalypse Kow: which I adore regardless. I bought their CD and it's more amazing acapella. Fabulous! If only their set was longer… *sighs*

Duo Hoops!: I was totally entertained by Becky Hoops. I especially loved when she hula hooped carrying her male partner on stage. I also appreciated the Quebecois slang banter in between moves.

Bob: was okay. His stunts were pretty good but his verbal antics were repetitive.

Vinyl Burns: I'm not a fan. I saw him at the Street Performers Festival and wasn't impressed. This seemed like much of the same.

Foodwise I would say that this year's Fringe wasn't as good as in previous years… I missed the Crepes! Regardless, Funky Pickle/New Asian Village's partnership to make Butter Chicken Pizza was well worth it. Yum!

Worldview meme

You See the World Through Green Colored Glasses

You live your life with generosity. You feel like your life is abundant, and you are very giving toward those around you.
You judge all your interactions through the lens of harmony. You figure you have something to learn from everyone, and you listen well.

You face challenges with a persistent attitude. You can see the prize at the end of the road, and you have the strength to get there.
You see love as the utmost expression of self-esteem. You have to love yourself before you can truly love someone else.

At your worst, you are greedy and selfish. You love money more than you'd like to admit.
You are happiest when you are in nature. You appreciate the feeling of balance that being outdoors brings you.

Updates from August adventures…

So I'm starting a Kiwanis Young Professionals club. It'll get off the ground soon. If you're interested I set up a facebook group to begin with (eventually we'll need a good website but that's not my area of expertise. I also adored Wayne's suggestion that we somehow create a system which messages all members (email message) when someone wants to plan an event and if a minimum (threshold) number of people confirm attendance the system will email everyone back a confirmation that the event/meeting/social/service project would go ahead (this would allow for irregular meeting times and locations since I know everyone's very busy and a single day of the week to meet and/or have events is rather unlikely to work for everyone. Initially we will have to meet semi-regularly at least to get to 25 members to charter. This is essential.

Anyhow… CKI LSSP/ICON/Denver adventures, and Kiwanis DCON in Swift Current were great! Highlights include:
– Making PLINKO at LSSP!
– Using a weed eater for the first time
– Winning a round of BINGO!
– Being on Team Canada for LSSP Olympics
– Winning Apples to Apples at the Silent Auction
– Seeing the Six Cents book for the first time (in draft form)
– Seeing great friends from across the CKI and Kiwanis world
– Dances, board games, and crazy social events
– Changing the organization entirely (provided it is approved) at the House of Delegates
– Seeing a tiger at the Aquarium
– Watching Elephant painting at the zoo
– Bowling (times two!)
– Seeing Red Rocks
– Checking out the Museum of Nature and Science
– Seeing Colorado School of Mines!
– The Waffle Cart! Yum!
– Casa Bonita (if you don't understand, find the South Park episode or some YouTube cliff diving videos)
– road trip to Swift Current in a yellow sports car and from Swift current in a red convertible
– Wind Farm Tour
– Historic Downtown Swift Current
– Saskatchewan Express
– The Real World House in Denver
– and much much more! Eventually I'll get photos up on Facebook… but I'm lazy!

Off to Denver…

… and another CKI LSSP and ICON. I'll be back in Edmonton momentarily before heading off to Swift Current mid-August. It'll be great to see more of Colorado than the airport! 🙂