Fait Accomplit Released! :)

Wow… that was an excellent release party — perhaps I should have prepped more for it or something, but I think it was a smash hit — the attendance rocked, and people seemed to like the cheese, grapes, candy and cookies… yes the cookies are gone, the juice was almost gone, the pop given away and the wine… well you get the picture! Wine and cheese worked well.

The readings were awesome too… rob's was heckled throughout to great amusement by all. Mine went well although I read overly fast a few times, it has been too long since I last did a public reading though. David's was VERY well received! Katelyn and Indy got great audience reactions, and Shaun's story, written only last night was amazing. No one else gets such audience reactions like Shaun does! The readings of his works seem so much more vivid and alive than just seeing it on the page — it adds a whole other dimension to the work.

So many people deserve thanks for an amazing release party… THANK YOU! We will definitely have to have more awesome events at Alhambra Books in the future. And yes, at some point I will have to BUY BOOKS.

To those of you who want copies… just contact us and we'll arrange something.

On to tomorrow… a day of training. I think I'm just about ready.

Quick Taste of NY…

After a hectic red-eye flight arriving at La Guardia on Pi day, Lana and I took a shuttle to the hotel (The Inn at Fox Hollow — a very luxurious hotel located on what the locals call wedding alley, where a bunch of these fabulous hotels are located and where weddings are hosted like clockwork — so efficiently and so wonderfully). We met the bride and groom in the lobby before checking in and relaxing with guidebooks and naptime before taking a short jaunt to a restaurant: TO FU for a late light lunch. This restaurant served both Chinese and Japanese food and did a rather decent job at both, especially considering that it was a VERY reasonably priced place. After spending a bit of time with the groomsmen, we primped and relaxed to broadway showtunes on the local University radio station before heading over to Fox Hollow for the wedding itself.

And what a wedding! The ceremony was incredibly tasteful, beautiful and unique. I loved the little touches and the hall was gorgeous! Of course so was the bride, so beautiful was her gown and hooded cloak. She stole the show (if it could be said that anyone did). Of course the rest of the wedding party all appeared radiant as well.

Cocktail hour was a yummy affair. As I don't drink the open bar didn't tantalize me as much as the others, but the food — my gawsh… so yummy! There was everything by way of incredibly delicious hors d'oeuvres and such. Delicious! And then the reception, which began with a grand entrance that rivaled all I have yet seen. 🙂 I think we ballroom dancers knocked people's socks off with our antics… (oh well) but the dancing and fun continued all night… so entertaining and yummy the evening was (I ate duck). The bride and groom shone with radiance — dancing up a storm. The evening ended with photo sharing, New York, New York and more great dancing! Oh and two awesome friends of mine caught the bouquet and garter respectively.

The next morning, we headed to Manhattan via LIRR. Manhattan brought the joys of tall buildings, the hustle and bustle of crowds and of course some fun! Indeed, we rode the carousel in Bryant park before heading to the NY Public Library. So gorgeous a building it is — it recalled Europe! We caught a Jack Karouac exhibit, a 400 yr Milton retrospective, some drawings of Monumental France, some glass etchings, a Gutenberg Bible and the original Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animals. And that's just a library! Wow!

The rest of the day included a visit to Rockefeller Centre (where we went to the NBC Experience where we toured and saw part of the SNL set — including a pre-rehearsal rehearsal of some SNL sketches and pretended to be Today Show TV personalities), a visit to M&M World, Saks 5th Avenue, the world's largest Build a Bear Workshop, a Sanrio store, and a Hershey's store as well as Times Square and of course Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum before heading back to Long Island via a LATE train (1:06am).

Sunday was a bit more relaxed. We arrived in Manhattan in time to catch some lunch before our respective shows: I saw Chicago! 🙂 Lunch was also delicious at Ruby Foos in Times Square — another Chinese/Japanese restaurant — this time with more of a westernized Dim Sum style. Much fun and DELICIOUS food — especially the AWESOME maki! The evening was spent in the company of the Bride and Groom who entertained in their suite — yay for playing the Wii, before I packed to head home via delayed planes the next day (yay for Minneapolis weather *rolls eyes*) arriving home in time for class.

So that's the uber brief version of my quick trip. I think some of the others arrive back today…

Oh and if you didn't hear it the first time: have a splendid Easter! 🙂

Murder Mystery, Kiwanis, Presentations and fun…

So the Murder Mystery was a success. Michelle guessed the murderer and all had fun — sure it was chaotic but it was still fun. The feeder fish in the table centerpieces were extra fun touches.

The Oilers game was excellent as well. Sure slow at times, but we won on the shootout so it made for an exciting finish. It was good to catch up with my brother as well. The only unfortunate thing is I bruised the inside of my thigh while getting out of my seat. Oh well… bruises will heal.

Our in class presentation on Sab went rather well — in fact I'd say it was one of the best ones yet — so all of our time-pressed work was worth it. Now if only I could get my butt in gear and write the associated essay! 😉

Presentations to Kiwanis clubs on the Mammoth Project are going well, also. I only have one left — and I'm looking forward to it!

As for fun — New York is coming quickly… and I'm trying to make sure I take the time to enjoy myself frequently (even while I am extra busy). Jackie and I have started going to the gym semi-regularly which is enjoyable. I'm liking swimming again too… it reminds me just how horribly out of shape I've become. A few lengths of butterfly always reminds me of this! 🙂