Run for the Cure is tomorrow!

Please go to and donate if you can afford it (I do not support donating if it is going to put you in a bad financial position).

This weekend has started off on a good-ish note. Yes, I am working a rather LOT of hours these days. Yes school work is hard (occasionally) to keep up with. Yes I've quite a few projects on the go. Yes, occasionally I've been having breathing difficulties *sighs*. That said, I think both my health and well-being are rather good. Now if only I could be less lazy in the kitchen!

The WOW/Orientation Volunteer Appreciation Party rocked! Not only did I have a great time (for the short while I was there) but I got to talk with Devon, Alan and others… oh! and I got an award! And they spelled my name right! And it was laminated AND full colour! Score! 🙂

Matt's pre-birthday party was also quite entertaining. While I never did get to play with the Wii this time, and while I was really reasonable in leaving when I suddenly felt exhausted (it was a long day), I had a great time! I enjoyed losing Apples to Apples (yay!) for example. And the pumpkin buns were scrumptious!

Now for the rest of a jam-packed weekend. Oh! and my homework! 🙂

Things don't always end up as planned…

So due to Murphy's law, we were unable to see the movie as planned last night… but I did find the time to have dinner and good conversation to catch up with a friend instead. It worked out quite splendidly all things considered!

Did I mention that I'm the undergraduate editor for Fait Accomplit this year? I'm looking forward to it. It's a publication I've always felt was rather appealing — even when I was still (jr.?) high school back when the publication originated.

Gotta love being busy but enjoyin' every moment of it.

Want to see Shake Hands with the Devil?

I won what I assume is a double guest pass to an advance screening of Shake Hands with the Devil at South Edmonton Cinemas for Thursday the 27th at 7pm. Now, while I very much want to be in several places at once, I'm thinking that if someone would like to join me to see this, I will choose to attend. It would be easier if I were to have transportation (I work until 4:30pm) but either way, I'm looking to have some company (otherwise I'm going to go to another thing I should be at). Please reply by email (if you have my address) or Facebook message by the end of the day Wednesday September 26th so that we can arrange to go together. As they always oversell preview screenings, we should arrive early — around 6ish if possible.

Weekend=Far too little sleep

Yet another weekend of fun and craziness… This time this meant seeing a great play (on ethics of Art and Science, called Should've which I totally recommend to everyone involved in either art or science or essentially living on planet Earth), going to the gym for the first time in what seems like months, working too many hours (what else is new in this boom town?), and attending a fabulous birthday party. Yes, Stef's birthday party was excellent — partially because I met some awesome people (with quite popular names actually), partially because I got to see a couple of people I already knew, and clearly also because hummus and other nibbles are terribly amazingly yummy… among other things.

This of course meant that I stayed at the party longer than I had initially planned (which isn't entirely a bad thing — I got more sleep than I normally do following a ballroom dance event for example). That said it still means that I'm incredibly sore following a work shift that included half an hour of overtime (I'd have liked to stay longer, but this thing called homework likes to intervene with my-semi-good-natured-devotion to work… *laughs*).

Regardless, the weekend's got my head working overtime to think over random thoughts — not a bad thing, but one that does tend to add to stress levels occasionally, and sometimes consider possibilities that aren't necessarily the most reasonable — mind you, reasonable isn't exactly the definition of Ali… *smiles

Run for the Cure

Finally. After so many years of thinking about it, since I've always wanted to participate in a run/walk for charity, and after donating to many others' runs/walks and volunteering behind the scenes, I finally took the plunge myself! I'm excited (though this is almost last minute)! Wish me luck, and donate if you can! 🙂

Here's the link to donate:

I'm so looking forward to this… perhaps I'll even get some good donations?

School's back (evidently) and I'm buried in (fun) books! :)

Ahh… yes another school year… and this means more readings to do (pleasant ones, really. I just finished reading Ami McKay's The Birth House which was excellent!). I love it when I got $135 of my textbooks free (gift certificates for bookstore, Chapters and… and lookee here, I've won another book in the mail (woo!), and it looks like for the 4th year (of 8) I've won a Welcome to U prize too (a bookstore gift certificate which will be nice for next semester). Did I mention I'm innundated with books yet?

I've also been reading magazines like crazy. Harpers takes forever to get through (it's dense stuff but theres some great pieces in there), the Conde Nast Traveler magazine I was given as part of a gift basket from work is terribly entertaining, the mags I picked up from Organic Roots are pretty nice reads, and then there's the first ever issue of Unlimited magazine. I'm thinking of even getting a subscription to Unlimited, as it seems like my kind of magazine. Fun like Good Magazine (which I really enjoy!), it's aimed at people in the workforce (or intending on getting into the workforce) aged 20-35.

And I've a ton of writing to do this semester too… but that'll be just plain good stuff — that is once I get started!

It's been a BUSY long weekend.

So, it's the busiest weekend of the year at work now (or one of 'em, given that all the students are back in town), so I'm inevitably working loads of hours (yay for cash!)… and of course it's also a busy weekend outside of work and school prep.

Yeah… so, I had the joy of working 7-1:30 on Friday before running to campus to get my U-Pass… and be told that after 7 years on campus with the SAME ONEcard, I suddenly need to get a new one 'cause the 'U-pass sticker doesn't fit'. I am rather proud to have gotten this far with my ONEcard and don't particularly want to get a new one. Regardless they did put the sticker on my old one so that I don't miss out on the transit. *sighs*

Then to the Fringe for the aforementioned play viewing. In the evening Ramona and I viewed another amazing play:

God's Eye
Heart-wrenching enough that I shed a few tears, this play, essentially acted by one woman (who played a young boy) with the accompaniment of a man in a wheelchair on the stage, was incredibly literary and imaginative. It reminded me of the cognitive psychology of storytelling actually… plus of course the fairtale motifs, and many of the is there a God is there not a God arguments that exist. Regardless it was highly interesting! I thoroughly enjoyed it — and for the last of the Fringe plays I saw this season it was right up there with the best (4.5 stars)

Saturday started out as an early morning too — 7-3 work, and was followed by a trip to campus to sign up for some volunteering. After a good dinner with Beth at Phobulous, we went to Symphony under the Sky and were entertained by the Arrogant Worms and the ESO with their renditions of so many great songs like 'Canada is Really Big' and 'I am Cow'. I even bought a CD of their last performance with the ESO and got is autographed.

A long walk later and we were at the board game party at Matt's apt. This included some great games, one with a Guillotine (such fun!), Bonnanza (yay for bean fields!) and of course the Killer Bunny game we played until the sun began lightening the horizon.

Yeah… so I've been quite busy but enjoying myself thoroughly. I'm muchly enjoying the additional board games in my life these days!!