Even More Fringing! :o

So as much as the Fringe festival is over and I THOUGHT that I'd be done Fringing for the season, Ramona has invited me to two holdovers today. I saw The Creation of the World and Other Business this afternoon and will be seeing God's Eye tonight. The beginning of a very busy (work AND otherwise) long weekend, this bodes well!

The Creation of the World and Other Business
Not meant for children, because of its sexual innuendo and nudity, this show was incredibly humourous, tasteful and professionally performed. I loved the anachronisms for example (gotta love the trash that exists on Earth!). I'm sure it strayed a bit from Arthur Miller's original a bit (like the comment about the actress who played Eve's prosthesis), but it was impressive!! And the music chosen was well done… and… I would totally recommend seeing it (mind you it's over now). (4.5 stars)

Edmonton Contest club?

Edmonton needs a better Contesting community. The current version has very poor attendance at its events. That said, it was kind of fun going somewhere out of my element, meeting some new folks, and eating some food at a relatively decent restaurant (I need more healthy choices however… my body rebels!). Anywho… Edmonton Contesting Group as it is called had its second attempt at a meeting, which was the first I was able to attend. Not my normal area of town, or demographic to put it lightly but a good change to broaden my horizons.

Must Be Tuesday is awesome!

Besides the fact that I craved the 'Orange Crush Song', seeing Must Be Tuesday perform last night was awesome! Certainly the food at Sapphire leaves something to be desired (as did my gingerale… though the alcoholic drinks apparently pleased everyone's palate), but the company was awesome! Not only was Carla and Beth and Jackie there but so were Phil, Aaron, Mike and Elliot (plus Nancy and Graham of course!). A muchly enjoyed evening, although rather delayed and otherwise marred. *shrugs* if I were an event organizer (and I'm not!) I know some things I'd have tweeked, but really no huge issues. Poetry events NEVER start on time anyhow!

I MUST see more of Must Be Tuesday's performances in the future.

Fringe wrap up…

So the end of the Fringe approaches… and I saw two more plays yesterday. This evening I look forward to hearing Nancy perform at Sapphire. Plays!:

Sex over 40 and other amazing stories
Very amusing, with great musical accompaniment, this one woman musical (plus the three men who accompany her on instruments) proved to be very empowering and thoroughly entertaining! Favorites include everything from her pulling a friend of mine on stage for a game show and emulating a pussy cat… plus some rather rad dance and song numbers. Possibly more relevant if I were over 40, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it! (4 stars)

An incredibly well done set of three plays (interrelated) each dealing with religion(s). The first pits Superman against Jesus, the second has Zeus waiting for prayers while he argues and talks with Thor and Kali, and the last sees St. Peter interacting with an atheist at the gates of Heaven. An absolutely excellent performance — one that has me still thinking now. (4.5 stars)

A glance at the Edmonton Journal shows just how differently I perceived the shows compared to their critics. I'm just glad of which shows I saw: all good ones in one way or another! 🙂

Carla Carla everywhere… and more Fringe updates!

Audit at work is over! *utters big sigh of relief and smiles genuinely*

So I keep noticing Carlas at various Fringe events. How many plays have I gone to and NOT run into a Carla?: 1
How many plays have I gone to and not run into two Carlas?: 4
How many plays have I seen?: 7
How many do I still plan on seeing?: 2
New Reviews:

The Medicine Show
Another show starring Prairie Fire, this time along side a Quack Doctor/Magician. Caberlesque was a better showcase of Prairie Fire's talents, although this does indicate yet again that she can act (and dance and…). The Magic was not terribly unique or amazing, but entertaining nonetheless. I liked the humour in it. (3 stars)

Waiting for Grimm
Incredibly humourous, very amazing and some fabulous fairy tale commentary too — what more could I want? Not only did it cover some of my favorite fairytales and some of the theorists' approaches to their study (no, really! This did!) but the whole thing was very smartly executed. I was incredibly impressed and while it wasn't perhaps nearly as rip roaring stitch in the side funny as Cyranose, or as smoothly executed as Caberlesque, it was definitely one of my favorites of this year's festival. (4.5 stars)

The Fire Fundraiser was also quite fabulous!

In other news, on the board game Facebook Group front, I've organized an event for Tuesday night if anyone's interested.

Interpretive Dance!

And I apparently went to another Fringe play last night, this time with Shaun. Entertainingly I ran into Carla while I was there (guess which one! ;)).

Private i
An entertaining and humorous interpretive dance number about several intense topics reflecting upon one's self, this show had all the zaniness to make it enthralling! (3.5 stars)

More Fringing! :)

So who would have thought I'd spend time with TWO Carlas all in the span of one Monday evening?

Yesterday's Fringe adventures (after a day of work battling with a hole punch with battle scars to show from it… although I did win!) included well… not only seeing Matthew in one of the most fabulous jackets complete with gold braid… and some fabulous dancers and fire breathers… and Carla's sparkling dress… and the other Carla's hair pulling surprise (woo!)… but two rather awesome productions:

The third Cabaret-type show that I've seen this summer, and certainly a great one! The music, the dancing, the sex-appeal… rather great entertainment if I say so myself (and I do!). Truly an excellent production!! I truly recommend it to anyone who isn't too prudish to enjoy it. (5 stars)

Passion, A musical
What can I say, I like musicals! 🙂 This one was great if only for the absolutely splendid voices… The male lead was also truly good in general (and such a voice!). The acting was somewhat strained at times, but that could easily be made up for by the vocals and costumes. And of course the fact that a former classmate was in the production helped (and the fact that we somehow managed to obtain free tix was great too!). (4 stars)

I'm exhausted though… partially because of the audit prep at work and partially because of the crazy awesome Fringing! 🙂 I do however recommend these shows!

Lack of sleep, parties… oh and the FRINGE!

Whew… I'm finally semi-caught up on the internet (like I'm ever going to be actually caught up on all the stuff online I want to read, really now!)… and I'm realizing that what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend was anything but relaxing: it was much much better!

Friday I had coffee (well, chai tea latte in my case but whatever) with a co-worker. We talked for a remarkably long time… mostly about poker and traveling actually. This was followed by the use of the internet for a rather extended period of time (as per the usual these days).

Saturday was an entertaining mix of things. Certainly there was the internet (but what else is new?) but then there was Matthew's party which I attended for 45 minutes (and helped attempt to assemble a mangled IKEA chair!) before gallivanting to Whyte Ave in the rain to The Keg and Nicholas' delightfully delicious birthday dinner… how could I not enjoy great food along with great company?? I also attended maybe 45 minutes of his party at his place after dinner, such that I could partake in some Street Fighter II Turbo edition. Yeah… I proved yet again I'm no computer game fighter!

After another somewhat moist walk back to Matthew's flat, I remained at that party for a considerable amount of time, watching Settlers of Catan, playing some cards (Sweeper/Janitor/President or whatever you like to call that game!), and then partaking in some Mario Party 8 once the children left. I lost at Mario Party but dominated the card game so it works out.

It was late at night/early in the morning when I returned, and so surprisingly I slept a full eight hours (until noon!) before buying some Fringe tix… and meeting up with Carla and Matthew and Erin et al. We wandered the site seeing some random buskers and an entertaining circus themed show before catching our first ticketed play:

The Tale of a T-shirt
While amusing, and high energy, it wasn't perhaps my favorite when it comes to random plays. I thought however that the seagull stole the show. Definitely fun and entertaining, but not as polished as I would perhaps have preferred from such obviously talented actresses. Mind you the singing was good, as was their semi-improv-ed acting. (3 stars)

This was followed by some more explorations of the grounds and of course some fun randomly running into people before

Sound & Fury's: CYRANOSE
Which exceeded my expectations! I'd heard great things about the Sound & Fury but this blew me away with awesomeness (plus they used some of my words from audience participation!!)… gotta love the way they use words so excellently! Totally my kind of Fringe play — my belly ached from laughter! (and it helped that I knew Cyrano de Bergerac on which it was based, not that that was terribly crucial or anything… it was clearly just amazingly funny!!) (5 stars)

Anyway… tomorrow it looks like I'll be catching at least one more Fringe play, which will rock! This is the most Fringe I've ever enjoyed… maybe someday I'll even volunteer for the festival.

The Deathly Hallows…

So last night after work (around 5:30ish) I finally opened the newest (and last) Harry Potter book. It was finished by 4:15am. Certainly I did take breaks to eat and check email and whatnot, but it was pretty much solid reading other than that.

I rather loved the book, as I loved the others. Predictable? Yes. But its use of Fantasy and fairytale motifs was worthwhile, as was the commentary on politics and society. I truly found the similarities between this and Hitler's rise to power fabulously well done. Even more evident after watching the 5th movie, really.

And so now I am incredibly pleased. But I want to own a boxed set of hardcover books, with the original covers (not the adult ones) Canadian or British versions, sooner rather than later. *sighs* such great comfort lit! 🙂

And yes, I'm reading a bit of fantasy as of late again… I perused a new book of Valdemar stories the two nights previous to finally reading Harry Potter.

Friend deprived?

*gah* I really really really should not spend this many hours online continuously.

Mind you I still haven't caught up on the behemoth that is my email accounts and Facebook and contest entering… so whatever.

Offline I will go and soon. Just to do what? I can't possibly be unpacking already can I? 😉

Realistically too much internet often causes me to get lonely. Frustrating.