I found them!!

I found my sunglasses!!
They were hanging off my shoe rack in the front closet.

As per always, I find the lost ones right after purchasing a cheap pair. The cheap pair will come in handy however, as I always can use them for things where the good glasses might get scratched or something. Regardless, I am happy!

Oh and I leave for Portland crazy early in the morning… so I'd best finish packing (start packing?) and go to bed.

Off to Portland and… the last week of ups and downs.

So apparently I turned 25 on Tuesday. This was a greatly awesome event!! I mean, I had an excellent time thanks to the awesome people who attended. Board games were great — People loved playing Bandu and I won at Hackers. Of course where were the crazy shenanigans of the Family Fun game and awesome Fondue and potluck awesomeness. I also got a card that hoots and hollers at me (terribly entertaining, thanks Kevin!)… among other excellent gifts.

The downside (why must there always be one?) is that I somehow managed to lose my perscription sunglasses on that day. Regardless of the fact that I need to get new glasses again anyway and that my work glasses coverage has increased recently, it's still annoying since I rather LOVED them and the perscription was pretty close to perfect *sighs*. If anyone sees them, let me know.

In any case, not only was my birthday great, but so was the rest of the week: Wednesday was the AWESOME Weird Al concert — which I totally had a blast at!! Not only was the show one of the best I've ever attended, what with all of the crazy antics and whatnot, but the costumes rocked (as did the music) and it was stellar awesome!! (to say the least).

And then there was the long day of Thursday where I not only volunteered at the slide but saw the Peking Acrobats (they're unbelievable!) and the Great Big Sea concert (I love their new song!!).

Friday night was Mim's long belated birthday — a day where I finally saw one of my ol' roommates' new abodes, and ate some great food and saw Theatresports!!

And yesterday just felt long too… but Elaine and Jackie arrived and helped make my day end on a great note — plus I finally finished reading Joseph Boyden's awesome short stories book: Born with a Tooth. Awesome!

And I slept long hours last night in preparation for Portland, Oregon where I will be visiting in just a couple days and will return on the 10th.

Public Links to my Europe photos (finally!)

Here are the public links to my Europe photos. If you have Facebook, please feel free to comment there, otherwise, here's some space to comment all you wish as well! 🙂 [since I promised public links to all my Europe photos]


Yes, there are 14 albums. 14 is my favorite number! 🙂

A Busy July

It's the usual busy July. I'm working full-time-ish like usual… and I'm out and about like usual. July's always a lot of fun, but this one's a scorcher (which isn't helping things terribly much.

On Thursday I watched the Capital Ex parade with Beth– which was as good as it is every year. It was good to see a Shriner I know well in it however. This was followed by meeting Jackie at The Taste of Edmonton (we saw Jenn there too) and eating some yummy food. Then I visited Capital Ex and wandered (Loved seeing Louis Lavoie (one of my FAVE painters) paint live to music!) before my shift at the Kiwanis Giant Slide (boy was it ever hot!!)… and later visited the butterflies, the trade show, and all sorts of other fun stuff. A long hot but great day!!

Friday night was good fun at Kel's birthday party. Not only was the food delicious, but the company was fabulous as well. I hadn't had fun like that for a while… especially with some people I'd only just met! I proved that I'm still not very Wii co-ordinated (as much as I love playing Wii games)… but totally had a blast. The view from the balcony was also rather awesome.

Saturday was another full day… beginning with The Taste of Edmonton with Heather, I went to the Jub to find Kim and others with whom I watched Mamma Mia! (which was great, I must say… I totally didn't predict it either!). After that we visited the accessories show at the Arts Barns before heading out to eat and then to the UADC social. It had been AGES since I'd danced… but I had a totally great time once a sufficient number of awesome guys showed up. It was also good to catch up with Brad and others whom I hadn't seen in ages.

So I'm rather tired but enthused about July! Upcoming events include:
My birthday on the 24th
Weird Al on the 25th
Capital Ex volunteering and Great Big Sea on the 26th
Mim's party on the 27th
Flying to Portland for CKI stuff on the 30th.

Yes, I still do have some free time in my schedule… it's just limited, as you can probably surmise.

Quick Harry Potter Quiz from Kate

Harry Potter Survey

[x] You've never done drugs.
[x] You have a lot of friends.
[X] You get along with everyone.
[X] You love soccer. (I 'love' it enough to play it and watch it)
[ ] You love baseball.
[X] You're into writing and art
[x] Favorite music genre is rock. (it's one of my favorites)
[X] You believe in innocent until proven guilty theory.
[X]One of your favorite colors is red or gold.
[X] You have good grades at school.
[x] One of the worst things you are at is lying
[X] You plan on going to college. (yep… I plan on going for one more year!)


[x] You're content with mostly everything in your life right now.
[x] You laugh a lot.
[ ] You like to follow trends.
[ ] Politics suck.
[x] You love to swim
[ ] Water marco polo is awesome.
[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors.
[ ] Black is morbid & depressing.
[ ] Michael Jackson is talented as a musical artist.
[x] You're an optimist.
[X] You're very emotional.
[ ] You believe in going steady at a young age.
[ ] You haven't made fun of anyone this month.
[X] Loyalty & trust are the MOST important things in a relationship.


[ ] You're depressed to a certain extent.
[X] You love to read.
[X] You appreciate theatre & arts.
[ ] Sports suck.
[x] Hate is completely unneeded.
[x] Indie is your favorite genre of music. (sure, it's one of 'em)
[ ] Every once in a while you have little anger outbursts.
[ ]Lying is sometimes okay.
[ ] Blue is one of your favorite colors.
[X] Knowledge is the key to power
[X]sarcasm is the best kind of humor
[X] People should know what they're talking about before they talk.


[ ] There's at least one person you hate/dislike
[x] Basketball is a good sport. (sure…)
[X] Football is amazing. (it's all right)
[X] Black is a cool color.
[ ] You've lied about something serious
[X] You're a very deep person
[ ] You have considered suicide.
[ ] You are not very loyal.
[ ] You like heavy metal.
[ ] They make school seem more important than it is.
[ ] You're scared to grow up.
[ ] Anger is one of your primary feelings.
[x] You have trust issues. (sometimes, very rarely)
[ ] You believe in guilty until proven innocent.

Since my wallet is falling apart….

This URL is the closest I've yet come to finding the perfect replacement wallet for the wallet I've had since I was 12 (it was a gift) that is now starting to fall apart but which is still pretty much perfect.

Is anyone able to scour the internet for other options? In a perfect world I'd like to find one with a removable changepurse like the one I currently have (it has velcro to hold it in place. I don't particularly like the clear ID pocket on wallets either.

I was there and I may well be

One of the reasons why I loved the latest Harry Potter movie is because of the fact that now that I've been to London, a lot of the scenery was familiar to me. I could marvel at the cinematic panoramas and otherwise and think hey, I've been there!

So yesterday at work, I was made aware of a new position's availability (it's a year long position, 4hrs a week, doing a lot of the things I already know how to do but working for the banner rather than for the store… the rest of the time I'd work my normal job). I put my name in after quite a bit of thought, so who knows how that will turn out! 🙂

I spent a large portion of yesterday and today reading again. Specifically Michael Ondaatje's Divasidero, his newest book (which I own signed). It was rather good, although there were a few loose ends that I would have liked to have had tied up (at the same time the open endedness is refreshing). I loved how it wove time and place and persons together all in very interesting manners.

Oh and I'm finally working to put up the hundreds of Europe photos. They'll be on Facebook (with public links). I rather like the commenting feature of Facebook, so feel free to ask about the photos. As Kim (and for part of the time Beth) discovered I took a LOT of photos — and I don't necessarily remember everything about them.

Day 11: And we're home!

One last breakfast, a quick trip to the Fumicino/Leonardo Da Vinci airport, some time in the shops at the airport (we bought some Italian Chocolate) and we were off.

General Comments about Rome:
-I'd like to go back in off season: when it's not quite so hot and the crowds are less crazy — those crowds were horrible!
-there remains SO MUCH to see and do!
-the Sistine Chapel was worth seeing, as were most of the attractions I saw in Rome
-I like how scaffolding is hid with cloth decorated with a design showing what is hidden beneath — especially when they're working on a particularly nice building.

Comments about Europe in general:
I'd like to visit more of Europe. In Italy I'd like to go to Napoli, and Venice. I'd love to see so many cool countries that I've never been to (well in actuality, I'd like to travel the whole world over!). It was an awesome trip, the food was great, the culture, scenery, attractions etc. were all amazingly awesome!

Flight home: the flight was pretty decent. I watched Music and Lyrics on the flight to Toronto, and then had the least annoying ever passage through Toronto airport en route to Edmonton. The second flight, I half-slept through. By the time I got home I'd been awake for well over 20 hrs.

Jet lag took like a week to get over — I mostly wanted to go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 5am — which is totally not useful, especially when I was working past 8pm.

But yeah, I totally have the travel bug (still!).

Birthday wishes… ('cause people keep asking)

So the 'what do you want for your birthday?' question arises yet again. Now, since I've been kind in the past (and semi-helpfully been trying to keep a list so that I could answer this very question), I'll provide a semi-useful list of material goods (and otherwise) that I might just appreciate. Realistically, no pressure or anything! I really don't absolutely need anything.

I wish I could have it but it might just be difficult to find/get:
-True love! 😉
-A trip around the world! 🙂
-Je me souviens 3 CD Boxed set of Quebecois music
-Nice Girls Don't Explode (on DVD if at all possible, but VHS will do — remarkably I still want this movie after seeing it when I was a teen and loving it)

Not available yet:
-Perfection! 🙂
-That '70s Show seasons 7 and 8
-Gilmore Girls 7th Season
-Matched Hardcover Boxed set of all the Harry Potter Books (this won't be out for a while I imagine… and I hope it does exist eventually though!)
-Matched set of all the Harry Potter films (they haven't even been filmed yet so this would take a while!)

More realistic items:
-to see you [aka. my friends] sometime soon (or hear from you or etc.)
-the use of GoodSearch.com to benefit good causes like Circle K International
-Mercedes Lackey books, particularly the rest of the Heralds of Valdemar books I don't already have (feel free to get these second hand) which
Exile's Valor, Oathbreakers, Winds of Change, Winds of Fury, The White Gryphon, The Silver Gryphon, Storm Warning, Storm Rising, Storm Breaking, Owlflight, Owlsight, Owlknight, Sword of Ice, Sun in Glory and other tales of Valdemar, Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar
-Black Bird by Michel Basilieres (one of my FAVE books… I'd like this one new if possible. Why? 'cause I owned it, lent it away and it never returned… and I'd like a new copy anyhow)

-Gonzo's Little Book of Motivation by David A. Kelly
-How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling
-How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People
-Personality Plus
-Five Love Languages
-Launching a Leadership Revolution
-Rich Dad, Poor Dad (and/or other Robert Kiyosaki books)

-Arrogant Worms
-Barenaked for the Holidays (yes it's a BNL Holiday CD, and I know it's totally the wrong time of year… but I've wanted this for a while)
-That '70s Show Season 6 (I own the first 5 seasons I may as well complete the set!)
-Johnny Depp movies
-Topher Grace movies
-Natalie Portman movies
-Quebecois movies
-A IHateCilantro magnet! http://www.cafepress.com/cilantrono.56979119 (I really hate cilantro, but don't particularly need any of the other swag… I do think the magnet would look great at my desk!
-paypal money earmarked toward last.fm subscription?
-donations to charities I believe in
-surprises that you'd think I'd appreciate.

Really, presents/material things aren't necessary… I have much of what I need already. But since people have been asking… the list should help.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix… and other summer stuff

So I did indeed see this movie. And I must say that while it differs greatly from the book, it too is rather enjoyable. Too short — but all the movies are in one way or another. The book is better — but we can't go around having 6 hr + movies here and have them be utter successes at the box office as well, which indeed this intends to do. It was however a greatly pleasant watch and well worth seeing in the theatre.

The street performers' festival was pretty good today too — it was too hot to see much, we only watched one act really before buying Harry Potter tix and eating some great dinner at Lazia, but it was worth it to see the tightrope act. I might see some more Street Performers' Festival before it ends, but I somewhat doubt it.

My schedule for the next lil' while is rather busy, but I do still have some time remaining before I head off to Portland, Oregon for CKI stuff. Some of my plans include:
-Capital Ex parade
-Taste of Edmonton
-Two shifts volunteering for that Kiwanis Giant Slide
-Two concerts at Capital Ex's EdFest (Weird Al and Great Big Sea)
-Mamma Mia!
-Two birthday parties (mine plus a friend of a friend's)
-possibly a soccer game
-oh and a ton of work shifts.
So, like every July, I'm keeping rather busy. But I try to make the most of my summers, eh?