Email messages not received?

So Apparently I'm having issues receiving emails and sending them from my ualberta email account. Those of you who know the address, could you please tell me if you've received messages from me or try sending me messages as I'd like to know what emails this issue is affecting.

Thanks a zillion!


So, I've been uploading a fair number of photos as of late — most of which are fairly old at this point, but that's mostly so that I put the other ones I've posted online on one site before those get deleted by those sites.
In any case, they can all be found at my facebook account — search me up by my name. And yes, this does involve registering for facebook.
Sorry 'bout that, but I find that Facebook's photo uploading utility is one of the easiest I've ever used, and I rather like the site.

Hanna's Suitcase

So I cried today.

Why? 'cause as part of the most excellent Stollery Childrens Hospital Foundation Gala in Blue Jeans that I've yet to attend we watched the play Hanna's Suitcase at the Citadel.

A really really amazing play (I recommend it to everyone! As much as it's part of the KidsPlay series, it's amazingly well worth seeing, and since today's matinee which I watched was the very first showing, it's showing for another month or so). As it was about the Holocaust, it isn't surprising that I cried.

The play was so good that I ended up purchasing the book. Many of you know that I read a lot of Holocaust literature when I was younger, so this isn't terribly surprising. What's amazing good about the book is that it has both the original text of the book (which came before the play) and the play.

It was a great time… 🙂

Now if only I had some entertaining plans for this evening! I'm sure I'll enjoy myself anyhow… but I'd love to do something interesting with one or more of my friends one of these days and I certainly have the free time.

Saturday November 11th — gathering at my place :)

So I haven't had people over for quite some time (not since my birthday party actually have I had a good sized group over here)… and well October has Halloween, December has Christmas… but November? Well, as much as the date happens to be Remembrance Day, I have the day off.

This means, that I'm finally going to host another gathering over here, and you're invited!

Who: All my friends who feel like attending — or who are in the area — and who are available to attend.
What: A casual get-together. I'm not known for organizing terribly complicated affairs or anything. I'll have hopefully a bunch of light snacks and whatnot available, and we'll be able to talk, play board games, watch movies, or really anything else that strikes the collective group's fancy — previous gatherings have included such things and more!
Where: At my apt. If you need directions, contact me directly by phone or email or something.
When: 2pm onwards on November 11th, 2006. I don't know yet when or if I'm working on the 12th, so I've no idea how late it can run. If you can only attend for part of it, that's fine, just let me know an approximate arrival time so I can expect you!
Why: 'cause I'm terribly horribly bad at staying in touch with all of you, given all of our busy hectic lives, and 'cause who doesn't like a relaxing gathering in November?
How: Just show up, oh and bring something that starts with the first letter of one of your names (first, middle, last etc.) whether it's a food item, a game, a DVD, a VHS movie, a toy, a CD or otherwise. It's not a potluck precisely, but rather an event where you have the opportunity to contribute something… but yes you can bring food (who doesn't like food?).

RSVP as soon as possible, so I know what to prepare for! 🙂 I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Can't sleep

I can't seem to sleep.

My mind is whirring too quickly… too much thinking…


Perhaps reading detective stories from the pulps doesn't help things much either.

But I want and need sleep.

And I'm rather curious as of late whether all my emails are getting to the appropriate destinations — as I know that some haven't been received recently.

a list of a bunch of musings and observations

As great as it is to have good dreams, it isn't much fun when they repeat like a broken record, constantly waking me up!
I'm still a big fan of Yokozuna and now Chirashi… I can't believe how happy it makes me to have some good sushi.
Serendipity is really one awesome thing sometimes.
Brahms music is quite invigorating at times — or relaxing for that matter, depending on my mindset.
Watching a prof and a student uh… have somewhat heated words is rather ummmm… well… less than desired (even if it might be necessary).
I'm still rather addicted to Spider Solitaire.
I'm looking forward to having some unexpected free time — although I'm sure I'll busy it up — it is afterall how I tend to do things!
Little Miss Sunshine is an amazing movie. I totally recommend it!
Note: there are actually types of tea that I DON'T like.
The bottoms of cookie trays SHOULD really be secured well before transport.
I actually somehow managed to read a whole Allure magazine today… too bad it wasn't for class!
Heather needs to be thanked like a zillion times for the awesome belated birthday gift! I'm loving the Spillane novel muchly.
The OED is entirely very helpful.
There is much to be said for a sunny day!

aura and a thought…

Your Aura is Blue

Your Personality: Your natural warmth and intuition nurtures those around you. You are accepting and always follow your heart.

You in Love: Relationships are your top priority, and this includes love. You are most happy when you are serious with someone.

Your Career: You need to help others in your job to feel satistifed. You would be a great nurse, psychologist, or counselor.

When I was reading another article online, it mentioned this wikipedia article which I find remarkably interesting… especially with regards to the box checking (which frustrates me to no end at times)… as much as the article may change with time, the information provided is very interesting!

Halloween Masquerade fun!

The Halloween Dance this year was held at St. John's, so I walked. Only one person asked me if I was going to a Halloween party en route, and the walk was rather pleasant. I was of course wearing my costume (I was a black cat).

The dance itself was awesome (although there were still a few people with whom I didn't get to dance but wanted to). Some of the costumes were good golly amazing! Beth was even second place for women for the costume contest! I really loved Mark's costume as Westley from The Princess Bride… no one could have done a better Man in Black costume!! The Man in the Yellow Hat (from Curious George) was also a great highlight, as was Chuck Norris, and let's not forget The Griffin family (from Family Guy)! I doubt I could have seen a better Meg ever! The plethora of pirates there were just fabulous… the bunch of grapes looked akward. I was one of a bunch of black cats (Kim was another! It was great to see her again of course!). Other costumes included Yoshi (well actually a frog, but it looked so much like Yoshi!), Kermit the Frog, and so many more!

My feet still hurt from dancing so much (and I guess from wearing some annoying shoes earlier in the week), but good golly did I ever have fun! Not only that, but even though I didn't dance the last waltz I was in one darn good mood! And our pumpkin won (well… we were the only ones to enter, Elaine and I that is but whatever!!).

BP's afterward was good — I didn't notice Alan's Battlestar Galactica patch on his jacket until then. I ate just enough food and slept really well last night — a short but good sleep.

In other news: I REALLY wish that we had some more good employees where I work. If anyone needs a place to work, PLEASE come join me here! I've been here for 5 years and have NEVER been as silly (by not showing up to work or being late for example etc.) as some of my co-workers (hopefully soon to not be co-workers, or to not do these things so often). I like the hours but would prefer not to be so short-staffed on a regular basis thank you very much!

A lot of people I know have been celebrating birthdays around now. I hope that they've been good ones!

I miss spinach

So, last night's event at the Chateau Louis Hotel and Conference Center (the location where my workplace often has its events, a location which unfortunately has a non-functional direct line to the Co-op taxi company phone and pretty dismal bus service) had me thinking about just how much I miss spinach.

You see, spinach, being one of my favorite vegetables (of which I have many) has been a staple food in my apartment essentially ever since I moved out of my parents' house and realized that I can't possibly go through an entire head of lettuce AND a bag of spinach before either would go bad, and so had to choose one.

Ever since spinach was contaminated with e. coli. I have really been missing it. Such great salads, soups, pastas, pizzas and so on all have spinach in 'em.

And unfortunately most spinach suppliers are from California, where the ban is still in place. Even the store rep for Alberta I was chatting with had NO idea when we'd get spinach again.

And frankly it seemed even more annoying when at dinner and the best salad from previous years simply isn't present due to lack of spinach.

Hey, I like my greens.