On Black Cherry themes

So Grace's black cherry themed potluck party tonight seemed a resounding success, at least to my amateur eyes. Sure, I almost didn't remember to write down the address (well, it doesn't help that my computer decided temporarily that starting up without freezing wasn't an option except in safe mode where the internet didn't work… of course this rectified itself nicely when I disappeared temporarily and then returned… that certainly shows me for having waited to the last moment to write things down!! I should learn my lessons!), but finding it was certainly no trouble — afterall I ought to get better at socializing with my friends who just so happen to live somewhat nearby.

In any case, I was utterly impressed by people's black cherry dishes. Everyone was incredibly creative… good to meet some culinary whizzes… or rather people who can cook or mix up some excellent food all with that wonderful common ingredient.

The photo hunt that followed, now that was excellent. Never have I participated in a photo hunt that went ever so smoothly… not to mention was so short and simple: 10 great clues (kudos to Grace on this one… these took some imagination!), and one hour to fullfill them all. Needless to say we had some great times, and no we didn't break her one rule (not to do anything that would land us in jail 😉 ).

All in all, a great gathering of awesome people. I met many, saw others again after a long while, and of course had an excellent time. Many thanks to Grace for inviting me!

Updates from Ali's world

Yesterday's day off was an exciting day of reading, relaxing, and cleaning. Sometimes I just need days like that. Of course a lot of it had to do with the return of my symptoms of my cold. I really really hope my sore throat and stuffy nose goes away soon!! Summer colds are not much fun.

In other news, today I blissfully slept in. I don't do this often but I thought it was a perfect day to relax and daydream until like noon-ish.

This afternoon, the World Health Club (in the westend) called and said I'd been chosen for a free two week membership. There's no harm in trying that out, and in addition I really want to do more activity anyhow. Yeah, it's probably not the nearest World Health Club to my home, there being one right downtown, but having visited this one once long ago when I was dating Jeff made me somewhat comfortable with his gym… so, a couple weeks trying it out won't be a bother or anything. If I like it enough having a gym membership might even become an option for me — gosh knows I need physical activity, and it's pretty darn hard to find people to take long walks with or to play frisbee with when I want 'em, not to mention the lack of a pre-bronze ballroom class that fits into my schedule (darn evening class thing!).

I've been told that being busy is good for me, and I'd have to agree. Working almost full-time hours plus my classes, my hobbies, being active and hopefully continuing with my social life will be a good way to do that I'm hoping. It's only too bad that I'm not superhuman! 😉

Anywho… I ought to get back to the ol' internet-y stuff.

Life directions…

Somehow I think that things are going to be a-okay.

Sure I've a lot of uncertainty regarding life — who doesn't? But you know what? The sun is shining, and there's simply so much possibility in the everyday day-to-day.

Yesterday's work shift felt remarkably good (YES we're short staffed. YES I'd like more co-workers. If anyone wants a part-time job, we're hiring as per usual — good people are hard to find). Sure we were busy but not so much during the work day, mostly just in the usual manner of the after work rush.

I'm reading this excellently interesting book called 'the man of my dreams.' No it's not a romance or anything, although certainly like many novels there's those types of subplots. My co-workers teased me about it in the breakroom. My answer was that I was reading it for Elle magazine's reader panel. It's going to be hard to rank the books for the best of the year. Of the 6 books involved the 4 that I've finished reading (and I guess I'm halfway through this one) are remarkable to put it mildly.

I need to write more. I'm working on it. I think progress is a good thing.

As is getting out of the house more. As is doing new things. As is seeing my friends. As was reorganizing my bookshelf. As is cleaning etc.

My life is oh so exciting. But it's mine. And frankly, I can tell you that I like it. And I'm not lying.

Gosh it feels great to be happy 🙂

Tired… really tired

So I didn't sleep well last night. This isn't unusual lately, but I really hope that it doesn't become a habit, as I really hate staring at the clock at so many intervals throughout the night. Surprisingly even when I was playing frisbee with Tom this morning I didn't feel terribly tired.

Now however, after the aforementioned frisbee playing, 9 hours of work (overtime, woo!), and so on, I'm exhausted.

And still wondering if I'll be able to actually sleep well tonight.

Oh well… tomorrow's another day.

Sore as all get out… and why??

So today, I've been infernally sore. All day. So sore in fact that this morning I didn't want to get out of bed and just rested there daydreaming until the realization that I ought to rise and shine struck me… I nearly never do that — stay in bed for so long, regardless of how awesome the daydream/dream.

The workday clearly did nothing to rectify this soreness — frankly I found it semi-stressful. I was floating (in otherwords was in charge of ensuring everyone got their breaks — not a terribly hard or stressful position, I actually enjoy the responsibility) and we had three people go home or call in sick, plus one person who didn't show up at all. Stressful because this meant that we were insanely short staffed… and I'm not a terribly big fan of being oh so short staffed.

*sighs* So my shoulders have the stupidest amount of knots in 'em because of this stress — I tend to tense up when I'm running on adrenaline (and I actually like the excitement of dealing with a challenge usually — but today I think the soreness contributed to the atmosphere which just made me feel more stressed), and I did develop a slight headache also.

But enough complaining. I think part of my problem is that I've been thinking too much. As per the usual really. *shrugs*

I dreamt really good dreams last night… I wonder if they're good omens or not. *shrugs*

Went to Cook County…

… for the first time ever, and had an utterly great time! Now, not only am I sore in the shoulders (the way I woke up) and in the shins (from standing all day at work) but I hurt more due to tiredness and two-steppin'!

Somethin' tells me that if it was that much fun this time, I've gotta do this more often. Michelle and Katherine were awesome and it was great to see Grace again too. Fabulous to see old friends again, and to of course meet Michelle for the first time, who just happens to be my neighbour (she lives in my building!). A lot of that 'small world' phenomenon happenin' here tonight. It feels darn good to touch base with old friends these days and make new ones. Not to mention of course do some two-stepping, line-dancing, and generally have a great time.

The stickers were awesome though — Dangerous Goods A Board — especially wearing 'em!

Last night was similarly fun. I walked to where people were playing soccer, caught up with Lana and Chris and ended up hanging out at Mac's followed by the Windsor Pub of all places. That too was a first, to spend time at the Windsor Pub.

Awesomeness! I totally need to get out more — especially to places like Cook County again!

Now, although I STILL haven't managed in my random phoning sprees to find people to play frisbee with when I crave it (usually right after work), I am getting out of my apt into the real world beyond work, travel and craziness. I totally want to catch up with all of my friends — you, reading this, take note! I wanna see you sometime!

The Facebook addiction…

So I'm starting to see why there's this Facebook addiction. Ever since Boston (and I guess clearly before that as well) I've been finding out more and more why I like www.facebook.com

Now, it's even letting me crosspost all my lj posts automatically into its notes system… a rather cool idea if I say so myself!

I'm really liking finding everyone's photos from LSSP/ICON in one place.

Anywho… it might just be easiest if I just post some of my photos there (provided I get around to doing that sometime soon… etc.

Now that it's open to regional networks (like Edmonton for example) I presume that nearly anyone can sign up and use Facebook and that it's not necessarily just a college/university networking site any longer.

Just a few thoughts on the topic anyway. I like it 'cause it lets me keep in touch with all my distant and not so distant friends — in effect one of the purposes of this here livejournal!

Home from Boston… with a cold.

So I've returned from a rather great trip to Boston (and previous to that an amazing time at my grandparents' 60th). And while I returned with a cold, I did manage to make it home EVEN with the crazy security issues (who would have thunk I'd be flying through the Logan airport right following the suspected-terrorist woman being stopped there).

Here's a few memorable moments:
— being escorted out of the mall 'cause we were taking pictures as part of our photo hunt
— the extra memorable photo hunt photo of the guys imitating a Braveheart scene (great blackmail fodder if I were into that!)
— the longest house of delegates in what must have been 20ish years!
— megaphone maddness!
— Bandu: now I NEED to get a copy of that game. If anyone could buy me it from ebay or something, I'd love ya! I know that Chris found a copy for US$13 on ebay… and after my fourth time playing it (over 2 years) I know that I need to own that excellent old Milton Bradley game!
— nights discussing the organizational structure of CKI late into the night
— Nadine's great hospitality
— Chris' raptor
— Mike ridin' the pony
— All the crazy icebreakers 'specially big booty
— the kids at the zoo, especially Timmy, my buddy!
— Union Cemetary and its ancient gravestones — the one in memory of the person who died in the Titanic was especially memorable
— the crazy items we found at the park when doing the clean up
— making baby blankets!
— making quilt squares
— the amazing architecture
— going to Cheers (and everyone knew our names)!
— Seeing the public gardens and driving past Boston Common
— the Kiwanis Family store's great selection of stuff (yeah my place gets more CKI incrusted each year)
— coming 7th out of like 80-90 people in a Texas Hold 'em tournament, playing Texas Hold'em for the very first time!!
— getting to pie Bob at the luau
— eating at Legal Sea Foods (did you know that they served their famous clam chouder at various presidential inaugurations?)
— eating at Texas Roadhouse (watching the servers linedance was great… plus the food and country tunes rocked too!)
— Bugaboos with their crazy talking moose and bear. They claimed to be based on the Canadian wilderness but I don't remember ANYTHING in Canada like that restaurant!
— line dancing
— what Chelle calls 'sex with your clothes on' or in otherwords the many dances
— two-stepping at the themed party
— s'mores at the themed party (thanks Katherine!)
— hearing about people being caught on camera in the 'make-out tent'
— the board game: Marry, Date or Dump
— playing Candyland for the first time EVER!
— playing various versions of Jenga, including 'truth or dare'
— making masks at our ball
— playing hop-scotch
— rolling a die/pinata
— fun workshops
— crazy fun cheers
— yet another Hard Rock cafe
— and so much much more!

Suffice to say, I had a great time.

Mission accomplished…

that is if you consider 'my great accomplishment of the summer' (well aside from this wonderful attestation that says I completed my studies at UQAM in French with my NAME SPELT WRONG… I suppose that's a rather nifty accomplishment too — fortunately a quick call to Monique and an email to the language school means that I will hopefully be sent a new one) as fantastic as I do: *drumroll please*

I finished watching all the episodes from the first five seasons of Gilmore Girls!!

yes, that might just mean that I'm pathetic and need a social life beyond the walls of my apt, especially given the rather gorgeous weather as of late. Perhaps that means that I just might need a break in between my galavanting the countryside attending functions and sightseeing… maybe it means that I needed the mental-pick-me-up that is one of my favorite television shows of all time…

Regardless, I am a huge fan of the first five seasons (I've watched VERY little of season 6, and can't wait for the DVDs to come out to see it in sequence). Much fun! 🙂

Next on the to-do list is to continue reading and reviewing books for Elle magazine (they're rather amazing books afterall!).

Oke doke… back to all the other things I need to do before the drive up North along with the Boston trip.

Off for more adventures! :)

So Tomorrow I head North for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary weekend. On Monday I'll be back in order to fly to Boston… I return from that on the 16th.

Essentially… it means I won't be around again. So if you want to reach me… bug me after I return or something else like that.