Return of the annoying health-issues LJ post

As some of you may know, my left wrist has been acting up lately. I've been cashiering one armed and I've been trying to stay away from lifting by doing odd jobs at work.

Well… the health thingys don't end there however. On Tuesday night, while flossing my teeth as per usual, the 'permanent retainer thing' aka. 'the wire on the back of my teeth' partially came loose. Unfortunately, I didn't get into the dentist until this morning at 7am (which was good, since the wire was entirely removed, and so I'll be able to floss without floss threaders… although my teeth still feel funny and I'm getting repeat cold sensations like when the dental hygienist was using that device to remove the cement from my teeth). My tongue isn't used to the smooth tooth backs, so it's still playing like crazy just as it did after the wire came loose.

Today I've been feeling under the weather… I was completely great (more than great!) this morning following the dentist visit… then about 12:30pm, I simply couldn't stand anymore and ended up in the washroom at work for nearly an hour half-lying/sitting on the floor until I gathered myself enough to work again. Eventually I felt fine again, but my stomach's not been perfect for the remainder of the day. I wish I knew what was up, whether it is simply stress and poor sleeping habits or whether I shouldn't be eating something or whether I'm actually sick or something.

Anywho… two more days of work… And very little time remaining to get everything done for my trip on Sunday. I'm going to miss so many people!! I hope I don't forget to get much accomplished.

Hidden Talent?

Your Hidden Talent

You have the power to persuade and influence others.
You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around.
The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it.
Always remember, you have a lot more power over people than you might think!

Should I actually believe this? *shrugs*

Oilers going to the Stanley Cup Awesomeness!

So as I sit here, happy and marvelously excited, cradling my arm on the occasions when I'm not typing in the wonderful rapid relief cold pack and a towel, I listen to the wonderously boisterous noises from outdoors… all of the honking and screaming and general cavorting about (yes, I'm safely indoors and nowhere near Whyte… although I'm certainly near Jasper, and thus the craziness!).

It's so exciting to watch our team head to the Stanley Cup Final! I'm no HUGE hockey fan or anything… but I do like my ice sports and I do like hockey… and the playoff maddness is catchy… and well… I gotta love the Oilers! I mean I did grow up cheering for 'em, and I still do! 🙂

Yay for the Oilers! We are totally the CITY OF CHAMPIONS here! 😉 Let's get Lord Stanley's Cup (and it's a mighty fine cup too)!

I wonder what the result of the ruckus will be… I mean it is a Saturday night… on Whyte… and Jasper… with a MASSIVE Oiler win… and it only keeps getting crazier as time goes on!

Could everyone please get well soon?

It's not been easy these last few days and weeks. Emotionally I've been on a roller coaster… and it's not been easy to get off or to relax or to just be the me I was previously (or the me I'll be eventually, whatever that'll be).

The arm is still not 100% (not that it might ever be but whatever) but work's been marginally better. My stomach stopped twitching as much yesterday evening (from digestion not liking me that is) but it's still not perfect either.

But what is so frustrating other than emotions is friendship.

And what makes that more frustrating that normal even is to realize just how many friends are sick or injured lately. And when I say sick, I mean really sick — not just the garden variety cold — but hospital trip sick, pneumonia and other afflictions.

Frankly I'm more than just a little worried about people… and sending all my love and best wishes toward them such that they can get better.

I love my friends and I wish the best for them. I want to know that they're okay and/or will be okay before I disappear off to Montreal. It's incredibly hard to think about all the temporary goodbyes I have before I head off…
which of course isn't much helped by the goodbyes we all had to say to our co-workers last night — quite a few of our staff moving to the new store… many of which being my fave co-workers.

Oh and in other news… I'm not sure what I think of the new Xmen movie. Sure I liked the film for many things… but not necessarily for my fave character's actions. *sighs* It was good to go to it however. Especially with some of our group's commentary causing guffaws throughout!

So I hate feeling under the weather

Yes, my arm still has been bugging me. But it's not my arm that's the most annoying at the moment. It is instead my digestive system that's been really annoying. I like food. You probably know that. But I have no appetite and am forcing myself to eat. The stomach rumbles and doesn't like me. And so on.

Not fun. Especially when I've so much to get done in the next week.


Also, it would be great to hear from more of you regarding my going away potluck.

Mission Accomplished! :)

So today I finally bought the extra suitcase and frying pan that I'd been looking for these past few months in preparation for my trip to Montreal. It's kind of actually hitting me just how quickly that's approaching.

And, yes, certainly, there's a zillion things to accomplish before then… including yet another writing portfolio to get into that intro fiction class… maybe this time, eh?


Fun and Friendship

So, whereas Friday I was rather tired and not in a terribly amazing mood (lack of sleep being an issue of course), after a long work day I watched some snippets of the hockey game before heading out with a brand-new coworker to Fiore to get to know her a bit better. Not necessarily something I'd normally do, but I was in the mood to initiate doing something that night and most certainly did. Much better than sitting around and continuing to just watch Gilmore Girls (as great as that is) continually.

Yesterday, the day went along pretty normally until midway through it when I ran into/talked to some awesome people and got into this incredibly awesome good mood. (Still am in a very excellent mood actually. Life IS fabulous afterall!) In any case after a long work day (my 6th in a row, and thus overtime), I headed over to a house warming party which I thoroughly enjoyed. Not only did I get to play Settlers of Catan for the first time ever (and really had a blast!) but I got to discourse about Lem (well pseudo-discourse about Lem), watch failed attempts at making a hot air balloon in the rain, and catch up with CKI friends I hadn't seen in ages.

Essentially when I returned home at some excellently early hour this morning, and went to bed after starting to read a children's book (yes, it's a fun book to read… it was that or reading children's bedtime stories — I didn't want anything too serious), I dreamed about playing Settlers of Catan. Highly amusing to remember THAT from my dreams 🙂

In any case I think I'll go watch more of season 3 of Gilmore Girls before heading off to work today. 🙂

Strange Dreams….

So, last night I really didn't sleep well. I know the reason, and it was a pretty natural reaction. That said, for some odd reason, I woke this morning before my alarm, feeling relatively well rested, after some mighty odd dreams.

Now I know that some parts of my dreams were simply a reaction to events of daily life. My brain processing that which has occurred and I suppose trying to make sense of things. I know that my emotions were controlling much of what happened in the dreams for example.

But what puzzled me (and still does I guess) is why that particular content. You see, the dream that I remember best had me situated in my apt, with several friends (one female several male… no one in specific), and family (I don't often dream them into such unusual situations). I had just woken up and was trying to explain to everyone the state of affairs (which relates to real life the most directly) however the people I was talking about didn't correspond directly to that which was happening in the world at large.

Even more puzzling was the fact that the ceiling was bleeding water. Not just in one place either, but everywhere. It dripped like a slow moving waterfall. Somehow I wasn't going about rescuing or saving things but rather was caught up in trying to figure out its source, and to explain stuff to friends and family. I wonder why that particular chain of events showed up in my dreams. I mean, really… how exactly do I get a ceiling that bleeds water like that?

Yes, I'm still on an emotional edge, but that makes sense to me, it's actually rather normal sometimes.