Not all is perfect in Ali's happy world

So today is the day that Greg is moving out. And certainly it is evident by all of his efforts to do so that he is accomplishing that.

Today's also the day I determine conclusively that my fridge has died yet again. So I ate marinated chicken breasts and broccoli with cheese sause for breakfast and lunch… likely (although I haven't yet) with yogurt and thawed fruit for a snack/dessert.

I got my passport photos taken (I don't look terribly photogenic, but it is me, so that's not a problem really)… bought a skirt, made my feet sore with walking, and finally picked up Gilmore Girls Season 3 (Zellers had it cheap. I wanted 4 too but Zellers was out… I *will* find it cheap and SOON… the rebate thing ends soon!).

Today I get to wear my Oilers jersey to work (woohoo!) let's go Oilers!

And hopefully I'll get the kitchen more cleaned-ish than it is currently.

*sighs* Asides from these facts, things are going remarkably well, as per the usual…

Afterall, this week I even DIDN'T lose at LaserQuest… so it's gotta be a good week!

Soul meme

You Are a Hunter Soul

You are driven and ambitious – totally self motiviated to succeed
Actively working to acheive what you want, you are skillful in many areas.
You are a natural predator with strong instincts … and more than a little demanding.
You are creative, energetic, and an extremely powerful force.

An outdoors person, you like animals and relate to them better than people.
You tend to have an explosive personality, but also a good sense of humor.
People sometimes see you as arrogant or a know it all.
You tend to be a bit of a loner, though you hate to be alone.

Souls you are most compatible with: Seeker Soul and Peacemaker Soul

If this is the case, it's one darn good sign for the coming weeks and months! 🙂

Flower meme!

You Are A Lily

You are a nurturer and all around natural therapist.
People see you as their rock. And they are able to depend on you.
You are a soothing influence. You can make people feel better with a few words.
Your caring has more of an impact than even you realize.


I'm in an odd mood this evening. Today I worked 8hours, went out to play frisbee with Jeff (which was mighty fun, I might add, having craved frisbee playing for months), and then sat myself back down at the computer… with the intent on installing Heroes of Might and Magic IV and playing it. No such luck. It installed all right (twice) but no playing was to be had. So I uninstalled it and shelved the CDs again… another time perhaps.

Maybe I was just in the mood to play D&D or some other similar role playing game. Maybe I just wanted to play a game of some sort… maybe.

Reading the book I'm reading (The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin) isn't doing it as much as I'm really enjoying the book.

And something tells me I ought to get at least 6ish hours of sleep this evening.

*sighs* life goes on. Something tells me however that folding and putting away my laundry is also not going to solve the mood I'm in.

Get to know me quiz from Beth

1. What time is it? 11:09pm
2. What's your full name: If you don't already know it, you don't know me well enough.
3. What are you most afraid of? Burning to death while awake and conscious (not from smoke inhalation but from *actual* fire. That or being alone forever.
4. What is the most recent movie that you have seen: Underworld: Evolution (again!) at the cheap theatres with Jeff… before that it was Hoodwinked also at the cheap theatres with Jeff… and before that V for Vendetta at Silvercity with Jeff.
5. Place of birth? Revelstoke
6. Favorite food? Gosh! Too many great choices to choose from… for example I adored the sashimi that Nicole and I had tonight.
7. What's your natural hair color? brown… just as it is now.
8. Dark or Milk Chocolate – Milk usually.
9. Ever been toilet papering rolling? No.
10. Love someone so much it made you cry? perhaps.
11. Been in a car accident? no, not really.
12. Croutons or bacon bits? *shrugs* not terribly attached to either.
13. Favorite day of the week? I like 'em all depending on what I've got planned.
14. Favorite Restaurant? Hmmm The Melting Pot in Indianapolis is right up there.
15. Favorite flower? ones that don't die. For example I really adore the fake rose Jeff got me for valentines… the dried rose that's sitting here at this desk… and of course the balloon flowers that somehow survived for well over a month.
16. Favorite sport to watch? It's likely still figure skating. But really I adore watching most sports live. And I love watching ice and water sports in general… etc.
17. Favorite Drink? uhh… there are far too many non-alcoholic great beverages. Jeff has also introduced me to rum and rye with gingerale (very weak beverages) which are great for the alcohol ones.
18. Favorite ice cream? LEVA's gelato…. either that or Marble Slab's maple ice cream with raspberries mixed in and hot caramel on top in a waffle bowl.
19. What mundane task do you find most difficult? I'm really really not a fan of vacuuming… vacuum cleaners are evil! That and washing floors.
20. Favorite fast food restaurant? Wendy/Hortons in Canada… or Steak 'n Shake in the USA!
21. What color is your bedroom carpet? beige… like in the rest of the apt.
22. How many times have you failed your driver's test? I haven't taken it yet… but I've a learners licence.
23. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail? Hmmm… good question… depending on the account… from some automated system likely.
24. What do you do most often when you are bored? Waste time online… or enter contests.
25. Bedtime? When I'm tired hopefully.
26. Which Chronicles of Narnia character do you most associate with and why? I honestly don't remember their names or character attributes well enough to answer this one.
27. What would you most likely be doing on a Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 p.m.? Either working at SaveOn, or getting errands done before work… likely some online fun too.
28. What is the biggest difference between your persona at a party, and your persona one on one? Depends on the party really. I'm more talkative and extroverted I think one on one… but it depends on whom I'm with.
29. Favorite TV shows? Gilmore Girls lately… since I haven't been watching ANY tv asides from my boxed sets.
What? no 30?
31. If you are given an early Christmas present, will you open it right away, or wait until Christmas morning? Depends on the situation… if the giver would like me to open it right away, I will… or if it's appropriate… otherwise it might wait.
32. What are you listening to right now? Black Eyed Peas — Let's get Retarded
33. What are your favorite colors? Red.
34. How many tattoos do you have? Zero.
35. How many pets do you have? none unless you include the pet rock that I might likely have missplaced… and/or lost
36. Which came first the chicken or the egg? The egg, of course. There were fish eggs millions of years before chickens came to be (apparently scientists now think chickens evolved from dinosaurs, like all birds). (good answer Beth!)
37. What would you like to accomplish before you die? In no particular order: be a successful author/writer of some sort, have a family of my own, be financially well off enough to travel and do what I desire to do without horribly cramping financial worries, have fun, and of course be myself!

School's out for the semester! :)

So as I print out the very last assignment (or really very last anything) required of me for my classes this semster (a paper which I had procrastinated far far too much, and which I'm sad to say I'm not nearly as happy with as I could be, although I don't doubt for one moment that it's a great paper… for some odd reason my pdf files didn't always open when I wanted them for sources so I didn't get to use a few. *shrugs*…) I look forward to getting a tonne of tasks accomplished in the next days and weeks.

I am happy though. Happy to be done… happy to be able to do so much research online these days (much easier to not have to worry about picking up books from the library and photocopying images or scanning them for appendices… ugh!

I imagine I've a ton of cleaning to work on… and a bundle o' other things too… but it's tuesday… it's the 18th of April only… and I'm done classes for the semester super early!

Now… goal for next semester(?) to work on getting things done marginally earlier? Afterall I know I only got like 4 hours of sleep last night (mind you I'm remarkably well rested).

Oh! And I can try my new sandals today I think! I can't wait! 🙂

I don't like stomach aches… and procrastination meme fun

So I've a stomach ache for yet the millionth time this month it seems… queasy. Fun.


Anywho… since I'm no longer chatting away on the phone 'cause Greg frightened me lots-ish and I hit my head on the under side of the table (which really truly hurt btw)…

Here's a meme courtesy of Mim before I get crackin' on the paper that's due tomorrow.

{ } do you have a couch in your front yard or porch?
{ } do you drive a four-wheeler?
{ } do you ride four-wheelers?
{ } do you like to get dirty?
{x} do you like country music?
{ } do you have a broken car in your back yard? Front yard, actually. Heh.
{ } do you own a cowboy hat?
{ } do you live on more then 2 acres?
{ } do you have more than 4 different animals at your home?
Total X's: 1

{x} do you wear black eyeliner? sometimes, sure.
{x} is most of your clothing dark?
{ } do you think about death often?
{ } do you want to die?
{ } are you a social outcast?
{ } are you pale?
{ } do you like Hot Topic?
{x} do you enjoy Tim Burton movies?
{ } are you mean?
Total X's: 3

{ } can you skateboard?
{ } do you wear vans?
{x} do you do stupid stuff with your friends?
{ } have you gotten in trouble with the cops?
{ } do you watch the x-games?
{ } do you have any piercings?
{ } do you like/wear mohawks?
{ } do you wear band t-shirts?
{ } have you called someone a poser?
Total X's: 1

{x} do you say the word like?
{ } do you shop at Hollister/Abercrombie&Fitch/Aero?
{ } do you pop the collar?
{ } do the people in Hot Topic scare you?
{ } is the only nerd you like Seth Cohen?
{ } do you watch Laguna Beach?
{x} do you like pop music? Some, not all. It depends.
{ } do you want/have a little dog?
Total X's: 2

{x} is your hair long?
{ } do you own a tie-dye shirt?
{ } do you want to save the animals?
{x} do you think war is unneccesary?
{x} do you like classic rock and trippy music?
{ } have you ever participated in a protest?
{ } have you ever been overcome with a desire to hug a tree?
Total X's: 3

{ } do you act ghetto?
{ } do you wear do-rags?
{ } do you like hip-hop?
{ } was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world?
{ } do you believe he's alive?
{ } do you like afros?
{ } have you ever said Fo Shizzle?
{x} do you like to dance?
{ } do you own any Baby Phat or G-Unit?
Total X's: 1

{ } do you cry often?
{x} do you wear hoodies?
{ } do you like screamo music?
{x} do people not understand you?
{x} do you write your own poems?
{ } ever dyed your hair red, black, or dark?
{ } do you cut your hair?
{ } are you lonely?
{ } is ohio is for lovers by Hawthorne Heights, a good song?
Total X's: 3

{ } do you surf?
{x} do you wear flip flops year-round?
{ } is your hair shaggy?
{ } do you wake up before 6 every morning?
{x} do you own any pairs of shorts?
{ } do you tan?
{ } do you want to be at the beach right now?
{x} do you like tourists?
Total X's: 3

{x} do you wear glasses?
{x} do you get good grades?
{ } do you use an inhaler?
{ } do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt pockets?
{ } does your mom pick out your clothes?
{x} are you on the computer often?
{x} do you ever get picked on?
{x} do you look forward to going to school?
{ } are you shy around the opposite sex?
{x} do you play video games?
Total X's: 6

So, apparently I'm a geek. How does that not surprise me?

Invigorated about the life I'm living

So I finally finished all three books that I'm reviewing for the July Elle magazine, days before the deadline too. And I must say that the books have somehow put me into an amazingly good mood regarding life. My life is, as I've said many times before, an adventure. And good golly am I ever learning tonnes from it… but hey, I'm sitting here, ready to tackle the future with a smile on my face (or rather I'd have a smile on my face if I wasn't giving myself a facial with a drying mask on my features at this precise moment).

Anywho… while I've a bajillion things on the go at the moment (as per the usual), and I've a tonne of stuff on my mental to-do list, I'm remarkably chipper about all of it… in an amazing good mood really… and looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

And yes that includes the essay that's due on Tuesday. Perhaps I've been procrastinating again, but I feel incredibly renewed today. Work was good (well it's Good Friday so people didn't start shopping until noon-ish and kind of stopped entirely around 6ish… but we were open our normal hours so that was fun)… I think I might even get off of work earlyish on Sunday (I work half an hour after we close that day since we close at 6pm then. Once we've gotten all the closing stuff done I can go home).

I love this song somehow… it so suits my mood… or rather it suits the mood that the book reading put me in.

I love the fact that I'm reading AND writing again.

Now to wash off this facial mask and get to writing those reviews among other things! 🙂

The Homestretch!

So… Wednesday (aka yesterday) was the last day of classes. Sure, I was motoring along to get my previously procrastinated homework done (really fun stuff if I think about it: putting together a portfolio of all my year's poetry in revised form), and sure I still had an exam to write (which I crammed for unfortunately… although really I think cramming was just about enough, as I think I did rather well, the questions seeming really easy at the time). But darn it, I had SO much adrenaline coming out of that exam knowing that yes, I'd had a good time in poetry class (we sort of partied with food and beverage and anonymous poems [great fun!]), and my exam had gone well… AND so when I finally showed up to the CKI year end party, I had enough energy to jump rope. Yep, I hadn't jumped rope at all since oh… International Board Training 2005 (for CKI). And while that was WAY more difficult than what I did last night (it's SO much easier when I'm jumping rope on my lonesome, I turn it and I know where it'll fall (etc.)).

Essentially this week I've been in a mighty good mood. Exciting opportunities play games in my mind, possibility, dreams, goals and so on… gotta love enthousiasm! You know, I've been far more happy, far more enthousiastic than ever before these days.

So much is going well: I'm looking forward to Quebec, I'll be done this school term's work on the 18th, I'm planning on attending Kiwanis ICON at least for a little while (I wonder how many other people I know will be there), I'm pretty sure I'll be at LSSP and CKI ICON… and well… my day to day life is exciting and adventurous too! So many great things, small smiles, and laughs… great books to read (I'm reviewing a book for Elle magazine that I currently adore!) I think I've a lead to do similar things with fantasy novels… that is if Elizabeth was right (I'd only met her last night… so I'm not putting too much weight on this one). I've a ton of small fun hobbies… am a member of a ton of panels (which entertain me) and I'm still entering contests (although I'm not caught up…).

I mean… really fun and games balanced with work and adventure… stress and well… everything that goes along with it. I'm one happy girl these days… and I think I can do it all… or at least all of it that matters within the time frame appropriate for it.

Perhaps I'm a bit too excited about summer comming… but it's one darn good mood to be in to start another workweek (I work friday saturday sunday monday… I know… normal holidays for some people, but hey I'm in a good mood, I've work and school work to get DONE this weekend…).

Anywho… Yay life! 🙂

Quiz from Jackie and other musings

So, life trundles along… and I actually do get my grocery shopping done, not to mention start work on the essay that's due tomorrow (who would have thunk it? 😉 ). In any case I'm pleased. My book reading on the other hand for the reader reviews I'm doing for the July issue of Elle magazine is going slowly… I'm liking the book I'm reading now, but have yet to start the biggest one… so that's a slight worry.
Anywho… here's the quiz that proves that I'm decent at procrastinating my time away while listening to CKUA.

# Two Names You Go By
1. Ali
2. Ali Kira

# Two Parts of Your Heritage
1. Japanese
2. Polish

# Two Things That Scare You
1. not acheiving ANY of my life's goals
2. being alone forever

# Two of Your Everyday Essentials
1. food
2. getting out of the house and doing something (or at least doing something with someone.

# Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. My UA-WiSE zip hoodie
2. my black gromet covered leather belt

# Two of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists (at the moment)
1. Martin Kerr was great live
2. I'm still a huge Barrage fan.

# Two Things You Want in a Relationship (other than Real Love)
1. someone who believes in me.
2. someone respects me and who I respect

# Two Truths
1. I love taking long walks and can't wait until school's out for summer so that I'll have the time to take more!
2. I find life thoroughly invigorating lately.

# Two Physical Things that Appeal to You About the Opposite Sex
1. A generally well formed physical form.
2. An amazing smile.

# Two of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. reading
2. dancing

# Two Things You Want Really Badly
1. more hours in a day, either that or a time turner a la Harry Potter
2. the ability to actually write something of worth lately.

# Two Places You Want to go on Vacation
1. Can't wait to got to Montreal!!
2. Europe would be so cool eventually

# Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. fulfull some of (if not most or all) my life goals
2. have a family of my own.

# Two Ways That You are Stereotyped
1. I'm a student
2. apparently some people think I'm a 'goody-little-two-shoes' for example my prof blamed Heather for corrupting me… what's to say I wouldn't totally dress as a femme fatale anyway?

# Two Things You Are Thinking About Now
1. the fact that I'm procrastinating my essay
2. the fact that I somehow neglected to replace Jackie's answers to this question with my own earlier!

# Two Stores You Shop At
1. Vespucci (gotta love huge consignment stores!)
2. SaveOn

# Two people you haven't talked to in a while
1. Krista
2. Josh

# Two favorite web sites
2. a bunch o' blogs that I frequent frequently.

# Two pets you had/have
1. well… I did (I probably still do somewheres?) have a pet rock
2. n/a

# Two Favorite Sports
1. ballroom dancing
2. swimming

# Two things you did last night
1. looked for urban legends on the 'net for my paper.
2. spent time with Jeff

# Two shows you like to watch (currently airing)
1. Gilmore Girls
2. uh… when exactly do I have time for TV outside of the boxed sets of Gilmore Girls that I own?