Back from the USA…

This weekend… I visited 3 states… met with people from at least 7… and generally had an excellent time with Easter and the U-I District Convention.

Not only did I get the best nights' sleep that I've had in years (lovely king-sized bed in a luxurious hotel mini-suite, which fortunately did not cost their district anything more than a normal room), but I got to have many productive conversations, honour the individuals most deserving of said honours, and spent a wonderful Easter Sunday in Ontario, Oregon.

Mafia fun times were great… filled with intrigue of course! The house had the usual silliness (but a whole lot more productiveness and realistic goings on). The campus was great, the weather was utterly glorious… and I'm so proud of the district for having put on such a stellar weekend. Yay for Easter hunts, and the Service Fiesta of great times! 🙂

It feels kind of weird to be back home actually. Slowly, I'm catching up on email, internet and a good quality read-through of the board book.

This weekend feels surreal… such a successful one. And I even got to see Stacey, whom I hadn't seen in months. Very fabulous overall.

One more big travel to undertake during this school year.

Procrastinating still…

So I've an essay due tomorrow. It's not written (but should be in the next couple hours… or I've an issue to contend with! 😉 ).

In other news… after playing with it for hours… I finally did register for a few classes (not necessarily the ones I'll take… but ones that I can register in… 3 each term… and I'll add in some others and subtract a couple if all works out this summer…).

It frustrates me when my computer won't behave. But it does now.


I'm going to Idaho tomorrow immediately after class… just so you all know. I'll be back really late Sunday night.

Procrastinating again… *lacking motivation*

So I sit here… having watched about 3 hrs of CSI… and having run the majority of my 'MUST-DO' errands for the day… and I don't wanna write my essay. Sure it's technically no longer due tomorrow… but I know that I ought to do it by then… since I've a zillion other things to do between now and Thursday when I fly off to Idaho for the U-I DCON. While I've prepared a bunch of things for my visit and have pretty much finished that, I've yet to pack or get together a bunch of other stuff.

Perhaps I'll try calling people again. That may just be productive…? We'll see. My back hurts right where I can't really do anything about it myself. My feet ache (I likely need new work shoes again *sighs*) from having been on them too much as of late. I'm realizing more and more that I miss ballroom dance. Perhaps I need to go out sometime… not that that's likely since I'll be missing Top Hat for the 3rd year in a row (working this time).

Because Garrow did it first…

Here's the states that I've visted. In a week I'll have added one more: Idaho. Which, of course, is why I'm getting on the homework thing… and really getting it accomplished. Right. That's it. Uh huh…. yep… yeah…

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

In other news… I've been swamped (in a good way!). Good things for the most part… but I've had a LOT on my plate. It's that wonderous DCON season though (so I'm totally happy with it for the most part). It's also that let's have a zillion assignments due NOW time of year (which I'm surviving… somehow 🙂 ). And of course this is the time of year that we have a lack of co-workers at work, so I've been asked to work a lot (not a bad thing… afterall I just got a raise… but I don't know if I have time for it all).

I tried phoning a few people today. Like usual, most do not answer when I call. But I did call some people that I haven't heard from in what seems like ages.

Asides from all of this… life is chugging along quite well. I'm really enjoying CKI work… the more I do, the more I love it. School goes well. I'm considering taking less classes next year, partially because I only want to have certain ones to work on at a time. We'll see what ends up happening (I can register so soon!! Woohoo! 🙂

Anywho… back to the things that need to get done… Especially since I have work at 7 in the morning.

Oh… and I didn't mention that I got me some more nifty MAC samples and a fabulous new haircut in the past week also! Yay for finally checking the haircut off of my to do list! 🙂

I Believe…

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.

This was the message I received during my trip to the Western Canada Kiwanis MidWinter Training Conference. The defining statement is such an excellent tool to help bring Kiwanis into the new 21st century. By far the best MidWinter I have yet to attend, not only did I benefit greatly from education on Kiwanis itself, but I firmly believe that Mike (the other CKIer in attendance) and the Kiwanis district benefitted to no end.


Perhaps I'm one of the strongest supporters out there, but I do believe in Kiwanis. I'm passionate about the Kiwanis family. I love being a member of Circle K International. I love serving my community and the children of the world.

The enthousiasm gained from the excellent, invigorated Kiwanians there was outstanding. The TAG team, having recently returned from training in Vegas was an excellent addition to the conference. Courtright, as usual was a fabulous KI staff member present, his sessions were so fabulous it was hard not to buy into his message. Kiwanis MidWinter was: FUN. The district is going in the right direction. If the clubs follow suite, there's no end to how much excellence the We-Can Kiwanis district will have.

This is the first year for governor-elect race in years, and the highly contested region 2 trustee race will also be interesting. If I could be in two places at once I would: Gimli's Kiwanis DCON will be one of the best in recent years, and I wish I could be there although I KNOW that I'll be in Greensboro instead (which I want to be at even more).

I am so very proud of Mike for his excellent people skills, the fabulous job he did at promoting CKI and aiding his CKI district (not only his division!). I expected he'd do an amazing job, but he surpassed my expectations by a million fold. Quite impressive I think, and many Kiwanians remarked at his great skill set.

I'm pleased, and honoured yet again to receive such accolades and respect, support and guidance from Kiwanians present as I did this weekend. Every time I go to one of these, I return so much more enthousiastic, invigorated and ready to help change the world one child and one community at a time.

I BELIEVE in Kiwanis. I BELIEVE in the Kiwanis Family.

Buy tickets for the 12th of March!! (I SO wish I could be there!)

The Amnesty International and Circle K International student groups at the University of Alberta are putting on a benefit show at the Powerplant:
Get Up, Stand Up Benefit show
March 12, 2005
24 acts including Dominic's band, Manoj and Savannah's latin dancing, hip hop dancing, Capoeira, Clarice & Brian's latin dancing, Shawna Pandya's singing, The Janes, the Fool's Tongue, the Rapid Fire Theatre Improv group and SO MUCH more!
At $10 in advance (either from a booth on campus or from the SU Information Booths), and $12 at the door, it's a real steal! Tickets going fast, get yours soon! (~400 available in advance)
All proceeds will be split between the UofA CKI club and the UofA Amnesty International Club.
More information at

While I'll be unfortunately unable to be there (can't be in two places at once, and I've a certain Kiwanis Midwinter to attend), I want to share the world, since there's just so much great stuff happening for such an excellent price (not to mention a great cause!). I happen to know that a ton of the performers are EXCELLENT!