Bestest WeCan DCON yet!

So pleased am I!! And happy for the We-Can District! 🙂

This weekend marked the most interesting DCON I have yet to have attended ever. Completely We-Can Style, I loved nearly every moment (well… the naptime I had arrive out of nowhere was pretty unexpected… but not unneeded!).
Notables follow
Friday: Another fantabulous trip to West Edmonton Mall (I adore being tour guide and entertaining guests around Edmonton!). We saw the Flamingos, the sea lions, the dragon (under repairs unfortunately so no fire), the amusement park (Galaxyland), various stores, the whale, the waterpark, Bourbon Street, Europa Boulevard, Chinatown and so much more. I even purchased a nice evening purse at The General Store. The 4 Ottawa (from Carlton) guests that I was entertaining totally enjoyed it! Then we headed to convention for some food, fellowship and service. I was in the picking garbage group, so we had some fun times helping beautify the location before heading over to Boston Pizza to wait for the Ronald McDonald House group. Also great times! That evening, I hosted 2 amazing girls (one from Winnipeg and the other from Ottawa) at my place.
Saturday: A late start… but a great one with the violent newspaper game, an AWESOME workshop on Better World Books, my TF presentation, and of course a delicious lunch (breakfast was good too). The Amazing CKI Race was a blast for the participants. The plastic bag change purses that people made were rather nifty and creative. The evening banquet was excellent. The service auction was super fun (I got a 'date' [for girl time!] with Sheena, and a spa gift certificate). I'm SO super happy with the newly elected board also!
Sunday: A board meeting, breakfast and some card making fun! Gotta love service!! 🙂

West Side Story — A Busy… unproductive… much needed day

The radio blared. I didn't want to wake up. Still tired. Yet, it was morning. I hit snooze. Knowing the radio would be on again in less than ten minutes, I slowly woke up more and more before perusing my Media/Society textbook. At 9:30 I was awake, out of bed and preparing for the day.

A quick phonecall. Some email reading. Some internet accomplishments, then off down the street to the mall for some much needed pampering. I was using a gift certificate for one of the things I appreciate the most: a massage. The weather was glorious: sunshine, springy air, and a slight breeze. In anticipation, I wandered the mall, walking into Bijoux Ternier (sp?) and glancing about before heading over to the counter of that glass-walled locale where I was heading: Eveline Charles Salon & Spa. The best spa in Edmonton (by some accounts), it looked immaculate, and relatively empty at 11:10AM. My appointment was for 11:30. The displays were spotless, no dust to be seen. The two women behind the counter were chipper and perfectly coiffed. One signed me into the system before taking my jacket and leading me upstairs This is the Cardiac aspect of your Eveline Charles Experience she said, making conversation.

The massage: well needed rest and relaxation. Perfect. The parts I wanted massaged the most were done with just enough pressure to make the experience worth it. If I had the money, I'd ensure that I could do this once a month (or so).

Then off I went… skin soft, and ready to meet the rest of the day. A bit of browsing through the mall's multitude of clothing shops, of course not finding anything in the jungle of pastel and pinks, and I was ready to hit the outdoors. Stopping at Starbucks for the first time ever to use my nifty Christmas gift card, I tasted some luxurious Chai Tea latte as I walked down the street. Warm but not too warm, wearing my beautiful winter jacket, I savoured each moment of bright warm sunshine.

Home to the computer I went. Soon catching up on emails, surveys, websites, and of course on CKI work, my school work still lies less than finished. A massive worry on its own, combined with other stressors, it's a slight blight on my good day. However, CKI work is getting accomplished. Tomorrow morning shall be a time to finish what little I yet have to accomplish or so I hope.

A brief visit with Anastasia as we loaded away 19 different items for a service auction (yay for DCON!), and then back to my work. Little is accomplished before off I go again for the evening's adventures. In anticipation of everything planned these next few days, I find it difficult to concentrate on school work in any case. My ride arrives, and to East Bound we go for some sushi. I eat just enough to satisfy my hunger before we make our way to the Citadel.

There, I am dazzled by beauty in aesthetic pleasure and in sound. Never had I been to a musical at the Citadel… the only other musicals I ever had seen were high school productions. So involved am I with the plot that I feel quite emotionally linked. The songs I recognize as being so classic are finally heard in all of their splendor. Pleased am I!

I enjoy Anita's dresses from Act 1, Maria's mannerisms in general, Tony's voice (or rather, the actor's voice), and the overall performance, acrobatics and dancing was exquisitely well done! The set was so marvelously versatile also. Rough and tumble and yet clean and pristine, interesting, eye catching and unique. This musical epitomized what to me it should be.

And then it was over. We walked out in the crisp clear night… an experience I enjoy far too infrequently (for reasons easily noted when encountering the street denizens so frequently in the dark). To BP's (where else?) as seems the typical trend with most friend groups I seem to belong to we go. And now I prepare for a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday are all big days. Not necessarily for me, but rather for those who matter most for this particular weekend: the We-Can District. Fortunately, the travel won't be far… I'm already there. And I'll do my best to be as useful as possible.

Quit steaming up the back window… You're So HOT!

I love my friends. They're so utterly excellent!
While my homework is unfortunately not doing itself… *sighs* I've been having a glorious Reading Week! Not only have I been called HOT, but I've purchased excellent items, spent time on myself, relaxed, gotten healthier, and gone out to excellent restaurants, but I've seen my fabulous friends from various circles quite a bit also!

CKI things are coming along nicely. I received my tickets in the mail for Idaho and Indy… so that's set. And I'm definitely working hard at helping the WeCan with our DCON. Such fun!! I can't wait (well… actually I can… at least until I get my work done… but I really am looking forward to it!!!)!

Now if only my homework would do itself… 😉 Ta-Ta!

The Sun shines on Ali! :)

So for some odd reason either
a) The bad things are procrastinating their arrival
b) I'm ignoring the fact that such horrible things will happen
c) Things are going incredibly well temporarily
d) none of the above.

I'm going to think kindly of myself… and choose c. At least for the time being, anyway.

Asides from the fact that I am getting a rather little bit of sleep lately, and have not been doing enough homework just yet (although reading week only just started, I had hoped that I'd do a LOT of catching up), great things just keep falling into my lap: For example, I've been running into super awesome people lately! I got good tix for West Side Story for Thurs! I got an awesome donation for DCON from my work! I've been getting answers to my most crucial emails! I've been having a good happy social life! etc. etc.

And our afterschool program went super well today! The girls were super well behaved: we even played the hulahoop game (that's what I call that group activity… courtesy of Wisconsin Leaderscape…) They LOVED it… which made me oh so pleased!! Even my sore feet didn't ruin my day (and I've been getting super lots of stellar physical activity into my day)!

Now… back to earth with me. Or not? Afterall, I no longer feel sickish (still got a bit of a slight sore throat on occasion but much less coughing etc.).

I ought to be sleeping… but!

I totally ought to be sleeping. But I'm not. So I thought I'd take a touch of time to write in my LJ. Write. Write.. Write…

It was a dark and stormy night…

Okay so beginings such as Snoopy would write aren't my cup o' tea tonight… and I ought to get to the point and write something of worth. Now, given my sleep deprived state… and knowledge that I ought to wake up around 6AM so that I can be at work for 7AM… (YAY FOR READING WEEK!! YAY FOR TIME OFF OF SCHOOL to catch up on homework, get CKI work done and so on and so forth… not to mention social time etc.) I'm not likely to do that.

So tonight I volunteered at the Food Bank. It having been a long time since I last did this (note: they actually MOVED LOCATIONS since I last volunteered with them), I truly enjoyed myself. Perhaps I take a rather untraditional approach to my food sorting, but I think we all had an incredibly good time. We went to BPs afterward (where else?) and unfortunately Sheena was not feeling so well, although we also had a pretty decent time.

Side note: EVERYONE is sick these days. Not only my peers, but my co-workers, my friends, my roommate, myself etc.

So that was a good time. Tomorrow I'll show up at the after school program we run (I haven't done so for AGES) so that will hopefully be good also. Perhaps I'll cough even less (darn it! I should be sleeping!!).

Other good news: My midterm went well! So easy was it that I was incredibly surprised, especially given that it was a 300-level course. It felt like I was back in high school… or perhaps junior high, it was THAT simplistic! Secondly, after a month of work tracking down some CKI stuff, that job is successfully completed and DCON will have some interesting happenings as a result! 🙂 Thirdly, I saw a whole host of incredibly AWESOME people today! Fourthly hopefully I'll actually get to see West Side Story! Fifthly, my apartment is likely going to get much cleaner soon! So much utter AWESOMENESS!! 🙂

In any case… I have work in the morning so I really ought to call it quits for the night.

Sick with a cold, with a mess and with a happiness! :)

So here I sit, typing at my computer, with a cold (hoping to survive my shift at work later today). Yet, while my body seems to still desire to rebel against me, by not fighting this off nearly so well as I would hope, I am relatively happy.

Sure I'm surrounded by mess and disorder both in physical location and in the lack of homework getting itself done so quickly as I would imagine, but I'm not late on any deadlines.

Perhaps there's a zillion things to do with my time and yet I'm only just typing a small update to you, my friends. Yet, I'm enjoying myself.

Why? I'm surrounded by friends, happy wishes, family, CKIers, co-workers, aquaintances, material wealth, the knowledge that things are improving, and generally the bounteous greatness that is life in Canada at this juncture (and particularly Edmonton in the sun and warmth).

Sure it's an imperfect masterpiece. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love life. I love the challenges that it poses. I enjoy the breaths of fresh air, the enjoyable moments, and the chances to enjoy the time I have. Yes, I am stressed. But it's eustress, not distress. And nothing's not insurmountable. In fact, I think progress is being made. In what direction, who knows?

But the sun continues to shine.

BTW… does anyone want to go to West Side Story before it leaves the Citadel on the 26th? I REALLY wanna see it… and am free on Tuesday the 15th, Tuesday the 22nd and Thursday the 24th currently in order to see it. I don't wanna go alone…. and Tuesday-Thursday are the cheaper nights.

Need to do more… stuff!

So… it's been an interesting week. Interesting because I'm so terribly backlogged on things that I must do. Yet, still am accomplishing tonnes… *sighs*

In any case… this week not only do I have a midterm, but I'm working more hours than I have in a LONG time (since the holiday). This would be perfectly a-okay if it wasn't for the fact that clutter etc. tends to make me more stressed than I really ought to be. That said, it's been good, and I'll get it all done, as per the usual.

I got out of game addiction mode however, which is nice partly because it means that I'll actually accomplish some of my directives, homework assignments etc. I finished writing some valentines (I don't tend to do many of these if any usually… they're just for a certain group of people this year (takes ages to write… and well… I'm happy that that's done!).

Been having a lot of conversations about things. Perhaps my debating skills need work (yeah… I know. I always lose… nothing new there, but I learn things, which I enjoy).

The CKI Winter Formal was amazing. Really formal. Really fun. FABULOUS entertainment especially The Janes! People looked stellar, not to mention had a rockin' great time!

Anyway… I think I ought to a)either procrastinate differently or b)get something done.

A relaxing visit to my old home… and a great performance!

Last night I went home to the Fort for a bit. Mom and I went to see MacHomer together, which by the way was an astoundingly great performance… especially when you consider how excellently it comments upon society, our popular culture and so on. Very well done parody of a satire… or otherwise… still great! 🙂 I especially enjoyed the extra number at the end: Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody done by 25 different artists (note that this is a one man show!).

Got to spend a bunch of time with my little nephew. He certainly grows up fast! Much fun to have him climbing on me, and so on. Very enjoyable.

Didn't get much homework done. Will have to catch up mildly on that, and of course on my writing also. But now, I would imagine that I ought to get moving… an event to get to in the coming hours… and a night to enjoy. Perhaps eventually I'll write more about these things although not necessarily in this particular venue.