Procrastination… the bane of… well… getting things done… sometimes! :)

Things I gotta get done: Finish two essays (one is just a revision though), pack for Indianapolis, call the Airport shuttle to ensure that I'll be able to get to my flight (and remember to ask them for a receipt when I pay too!), do one presentation, finish reading Dante's Divine Comedy (selections from it) for class, perhaps get some mending done?, write and mail more Christmas cards, get American money from the bank, send some updates for CKI, and finally write out my notes on the board book (they're currently just in my head).

You know what? I adore Christmas. I always have.
I absolutely love putting together gifts for people… sure it's difficult often (and I certainly wish that people [eg. my brothers] would let me know more often what they actually wanted), but it's such fun to put together things for others! Cards for example are such fun to write… sure my style is pretty pathetic by my own standards, but 'tis life I guess.

It feels weird however to look out and see the lawn outside, still green. It is almost December, and yet where IS the snow? At least Christmas carols are playing at work already… and I know that my Santa hat will come out of storage as of Dec 1st. I love my Christmas CDs and tapes… the more Christmas music, the better! 🙂 Makes one feel so good inside…

And it's absolutely fabulous to be able to get donations for the Children's Miracle Network whilst working. Apparently I'm doing a rather good job at getting loads of these donations. It's just excellent! And supports my hypotheses that younger people (without families) people with families, and people who don't necessarily look like they can afford to donate are the ones who donate most frequently. I'm seriously considering making a good sized personal contribution to the Tomorrow Fund at this point also…

Yeah… I'd better quit procrastinating like a madwoman… and get some work done… like putting together my portfolio for class. Oups! 🙂

*smiles* Ali updates…

It's been a busy week. Lots of procrastination (unfortunately). However, it's also been a ton of fun. Especially the return to doing service. And the non-fiction reading, the festival of trees, and the High School Leadership conference. Not to mention of course the great fun of poetry writing, reading for class and, well, ummmm… getting up extraordinarily early.

Yeah. I'm heading off to Indianapolis again next weekend. It'll be fun. But a lot of work (and I still have to prepare, and hear back from the districts I'm liaison to on any feedback they have to provide for the board meeting. Buying another phone card should also be on my agenda, given that I'm certainly low on minutes. Right, and I'm slowly making inroads on Christmas cards too. I hope that I have somewhat accurate contact information for the majority of people…

I'm not terribly in the mood to type much tonight.

Oh and I really like this:

community service is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Christmas list… since I wanted to do it anyway… :)

I've been spending about a month trying to determine what I wanted for Christmas… why? 'cause people like my parents, and friends, and siblings and whatnot tend to want to know. Then my friends start doing this nifty Please do, following the rules. Make a list of things you genuinely want and post it, and if you see a friend wanting something that you can and want to give them, do so, with absolutely no strings attached. thing. And I think… why not? So here goes. Some of this I want a lot more than others.
And so I'll list those first. Well… I think I'll also let my parents and whatnot know about this list… so yeah. In no particular order:

1. a UofA Pedometer (or step counter) I REALLY want one of these!!

2. That '70s Show Season 1 DVDs (no burned copies thank you very much… I want the original!) found at:

3. Trivial Pursuit (various versions!)

4. The Time-Turner which can be found at:

5. Hermione Granger's Wand which can be found at:

6. a working three-hole punch

7. a small (personal) paper shredder

8. I'd love to own Nice Girls Don't Explode on VHS (I highly doubt that it's available on DVD)

9. I wanna see the part 2 of Angels In America. In fact, owning the whole thing would be great too!

10. a little photo printer with EasyShare Docking capability would be pretty cool (really pricey and unrealistic though)

11. better would be a 512 MB SD memory card for my Digital camera (or a 256MB one)

12. Money to donate to the Tomorrow Fund would rock! 🙂

13. More MAC cosmetics would be good too… I need more eyeshadow colours I think (that suit me anyhow).

14. Amore skin sense facial scrub bar [I think it's pumpkin… and it's for normal skin] (mine's almost gone) and new brush for it (mine's getting worn out)

15. Romeo and Juliet on DVD (or if not available, VHS). It's like one of my absolute fave movies of all time.

16. But more importantly… spend time with me!

17. Take me shopping for clothes and/or shoes that work/look good on me.

18. I love good food 🙂 especially with good company!

19. A new laundry basket

20. Help me take my bottles and cans to the bottle depot so I can donate the proceeds to the Tomorrow Fund of CKI

21. Help CKI acheive it's organizational goals of 13,500 members, 625,000 service hours, and $160,000 total donated to the Tomorrow Fund

22. Come out to the CKI gift wrap at the Bay Kingsway, Southgate or City Centre between the 18-24th of Dec, get some gifts wrapped and donate!

I'm 22 years old… so 22 things seems about right. As you may surmise, it took me all month to come up with this silly list for a reason: I honestly couldn't think of anything that I really wanted, asides from spending time with great people… and like a few material things. And usually Christmas lists are filled with material things… so I thought I'd try to scrounge up some of those (it makes things easier, I would imagine… I mean, 'World Peace' doesn't fit in a Christmas stocking!)

Crazy aren't I?

Great weekend!

This weekend was fab. Really, it was. Although, of course I didn't quite get as much homework done as originally planned, I did get a fair bit done. And I did work a couple good 8hr shifts (Friday and Sunday), by golly we're getting busy these days at SaveOn. You can totally tell that the holidays are coming. The lines are atrocious on a semi-regular basis now (especially when co-workers call in sick or just don't show up), but people are buying totally fun stuff! I just wish that we hadn't run out of Childrens Miracle Network paper snowmen: it was such fun selling those and knowing what a great cause they were going to.

Winter Waltz was amazing! Odd, mind you, since I'm realizing more and more these days how many of my friends have significant others compared to the previous year(s). A great thing though! 🙂 I adored the dancing: it had been since July that I'd been off the dance floor! So this felt great! And BPs afterward was great too! Stellar to just hang out with friends, and have a good time.

I just have 1.5 papers to write now (both by next week due to the going off into the wild blue yonder… Indianapolis… for CKI at the beginning of Dec), 1.5 poems (both by mid this week), one midterm and two finals… not to mention read a few pieces of lit (3) for class. The semester is totally winding down. Just in time for Christmas to pick up! 🙂

I'm thinking of typing up a similar list of stuff I want as my friends have been. I've been realizing as of late that there's a lot less stuff that I want that I can actually remember or put into words these days… we'll see what happens. Perhaps later I will do this, given that I've been trying to brainstorm a list like that anyway (I kinda have to every year anyhow).

And I'm also considering having a small holiday gathering some time… doubtful however… we'll see. In any case, I do know that I'm going to wanna get busy during the holidays… so dependant on my work schedule, there'll be a lot of volunteering, socializing, and partying if all goes well. 🙂 So I hope people stay in touch with me over the holidays 🙂

Happy—- !

So… the week's going well… 🙂 Or rather I'm doing well… or a combination thereof! 🙂

Tonight I'll return to the dance floor… after not really doing any good ballroom or anything since July (wow!). I'm totally looking forward to it! As for what I'll wear, well, I still have options… And I adore dressing up anyhow… so that'll be fun! 🙂

This morning I did some internet stuff, CKI stuff, and then watched some crappy TV before rewatching Spy Kids. Totally goofy movie in a sense, but one that makes me motivated to get stuff done. So I finished writing my Sestina about happiness and started listening to some groovy music ready to type my sestina up, and get some crazy fun stuff done… well homework and CKI work anyway… before stepping in the shower to get ready. If I'm lucky, I'll get all ready long before I need to and will thus get some other CKI or school work done before I need to leave for Winter Waltz anyhow.

I think I ought to start thinking 'bout Christmas sometime soon as well: I'm slowly compiling a list of what I need to get done (as per usual). So I've a ton of cards to write evidently, some more small gifts to put together for the CKI board (then again, I think they're going to be spoiled anyway at this rate… oups!), family and friends gifts to arrange, and well probably a few Christmas CDs and tapes to listen to (CAN'T wait! LOVE Christmas music… and to wear my Santa Hat… and to volunteer with kids! It's such a great time of year!!! Oh and right, I'm running a Secret Santa gift exchange too!). Evidently since people always wanna know what I want for Christmas I'm also making a list of that kind of thing… not getting far fast however, but it'll do.

And I guess I ought to update my resume and type up a cover letter if I'm even still thinking 'bout being a TF again. I adore doing it, even the bits that I'm not a fan of, so we'll see. I wonder what I'll actually get accomplished in the next little bit 🙂

Explanations… good. Homework… hmmm… Extentions… gah!

So, my frustration from Monday seems to have been easily explained away. Thankfully. That's always a positive anyway.

Monday in class we had a sort of Jam session with guitars and voices, and a harmonica occasionally too. That was rockin' fun! 🙂 So that totally made my day. Even inspired poetry. Four guitars, one a 12-string and three acoustics made for some interesting fun times! 🙂 I totally enjoyed listening… and occasionally singing along.

I'm absolutely adoring watching Angels in America Part 1: Millenium Approaches. It's really quite visually appealing, not to mention the great script that Kushner wrote for both the play and the screen play adaptation. Gosh! It's only too bad that it gets all split up watching it in class like this. I'd really like to watch the Part 2 of it though… it would really be quite great I believe.

Essays are getting semi-written. Never perfect mind you, and I still have one due tomorrow that I haven't really written at all. That's what I'll start in the next few moments I would imagine anyway. I'm getting a little frustrated however with the stupid extentions that we get in Arts classes. I'm totally used to the approach that if you don't get it done you don't get to hand it in, or even that you get deductions. I hate extentions… not in and of themselves, but because it really penalizes those who have put in a huge amount of effort to get it done on time, and THEN have the deadline moved. I mean, when in the real world does this ever happen? Newspapers, magazines, and newsletters don't have such mobile deadlines! Gah!

Anyway, I think I'll still sort of follow the initial deadlines. It'll make me less stressed in the end I would surmise. And in any case, the semester's almost over, meaning I've a zillion other things to think about 🙂 Yay me! 😉

Phone calls, and websites… (I'm frustrated by the non-productive nature of my procrastination!)

So, I've one more essay to write for class due this week. And guess what? I don't wanna write it! 😉 No really, I don't. It ought to be the simplest, it's the shortest paper, and it's for the easiest class (relatively speaking) and it's the class with the lowest number even, but I don't wanna write it! So instead I spend my time writing CKI nonsense (Well actually it's not nonsense, but whatever) and trying to get CKI affairs done. And what happens: well the websites I wanna use don't work (when this happens for a paper, I just use something else, but this is for CKI matters, so there really aren't all that many other options (although some do exist)). So this is a frustration (actually it's been plaguing me all weekend, but all weekend I was sort of ACTUALLY doing my schoolwork (although it DID take twice to three times as long as it should of, due to procrastination, but that's normal. I PLAN for that. And I TRY to put PRODUCTIVE procrastination in my breaks (you know like doing CKI work in my homework breaks, or going to work or eating or housework or doing some other long forgotten task of utmost importance… like checking e-mail 😉 ) but really! How frustrating can things get? Not only that, but I got up and whatnot bright and early only to find that the person I was supposed to be able to reach by phone at that hour was unreachable. Frustrating. Not essential, but whatever. So my procrastination of a morning was entirely less fruitful than it should have been. At least I got one article written for CKI… that's something, isn't it? I mean, changing a word on my paper wasn't nearly as useful (considering it was like the title or something, and not some body paragraph, given that those haven't been written yet).
*sighs* when this week's done things will be a lot easier. Why? 'cause my essays (the bulk of which will be done.
Oh and I can't wait for the weekend… why? 'cause there's a BALL! 😉 Haven't danced since what, my birthday? (ballroom dancing that is, and not random whatever dancing… which is also fun, just not the same thing)
Anyway… I hope things improve. It's rather frustrating when things simply don't. I reserve Mondays for CKI/Kiwanis next semester, completely, so I hope that they become a bit more productive! 🙂 In any case… I think it will all work out!

Hmmm… Tomorrow Fund…

Okay, so I want to do the following: take all my bottles and cans to the recycling depot. Problem: I've probably 4+years worth (I don't drink much pop), and don't have a vehicle to help me do this. I'm thinking of donating all the proceeds to Circle K in one form or another (Tomorrow Fund likely, although if it's a CKIer who uses the car, half the money may go to the CKI club/district depending on what their preference is.

I really do wanna raise (just personally) some money for CKI. So I'm thinking of options. And that's come up, among other things. We'll see what else I come up with in the next little while. If you have any suggestions… let me know. Money doesn't grow on trees unfortunately.


I cried at this movie. And I laughed at this movie. This movie moved me.
Jaime Foxx deserves many accolades (especially the Oscar nomination and/or win) for that most excellent performance. WOW.
The music sits in my mind playing over and over. I wanna hear more… That was such a good use of my time.
Movies can sometimes be inspiring, make me want to get off my tush and get stuff done (homework or otherwise).
This one made me wanna do everything necessary to accomplish my dreams, my goals —

See this movie. It's SO worth every penny.

Another day of mishaps and well… accomplishment I guess…

So today I got up, lateish, but that's okay by my books. Spent the morning in front of this ol' computer getting some of the multitude of assignments done for class… and of course catching up on my internet stuff… great for edumacating meself 'bout stuff of note, I would presume.

Spruce Ave was fun as per usual. What was more amusing however was the blind guy on the bus today. Not because he was blind, but because of the way that he was talking to the bus driver. Very odd, not unexpected, but not of the usual. People around him seemed rather turned off by his mere presence (and I don't think that his talking about drinking like that was terribly attractive either, but people were rather rude).
It was a pretty great day, and it was nice to have good Cargo & James Tea downtown (and I saved 10% too! Yay for picking up discount cards!). I also liked my yummy dinner (and catching up with Trishi, Rich, Jasmine and Matt was great too!). Feels weird running into people I know from other places when hanging out with people I didn't know that they knew each other. (does that even make sense?)
Anyway… I managed to leave something at the restaurant (fortunately they have it on hold for me), and managed also to end up with two painful knees. VERY annoying. Otherwise I would have stayed at the Globe longer, because the smoke hadn't really gotten to me too much at that point (my chest was constricting, but I could have made it another half hour most likely). At least the Globe is conveniently located near me… I CAN'T wait for the smoking bylaw!!!