lots of little stresses add up to… well… uh… my current state of mind perhaps?

It's healthy to worry I suppose. At least it's healthy to worry a bit. And have some stress in one's life. But, really sometimes I worry a bit much-ish. And sometimes it's just not exactly the smartest thing to do. So I go and try to destress. Or I be productive. Or I rehash things with people to whom the info is important. Or I just figure out some other semi-solution-esque thing. In any case, it is important that I get things done. Even if I procrastinate a LOT (which is in part a solution behaviour to dealing with my stress, thus allowing me to deal with it in smaller quantities) I still get things done. For example, I did in fact pay my tuition today, as planned. Maybe I put too much importance on the little things at times. Maybe I should spend more time doing crazy stuff like cleaning and dishes. I dunno, life is rather odd these days. It is taking quite some time to get used to this reading and writing game that school has now become. Especially odd is trying to figure out what reading to do when, and how to prioritize it all. Afterall, it is not all that difficult to make sure to be on top of things, if I decide that sleep is less important all the time, and continue to handle things in amusing orders (like the fact that I booked my tickets to Indy for December yesterday).
That is afterall my life: a mess of this and that and this and that… no seeming order in the mess, however it is afterall the chaos of real life experience. I'm loving doing my CKI stuff (although it remains akward to deal with my particular availability sometimes, especially to schedule phone calls and whatnot), and school work is a totally great challenge. I'm also happy with the hours I am getting at work (it will be a bit much perhaps once I'm not booking time off left and right, but I'll manage it somehow).
So I guess I should keep writing. Today I wrote a poem about my lack of inspiration today. Evoking the Muses, simply doesn't seem to work in this day and age, or so it seems. Unfortunate really. Perhaps it would be easier if life was not so packed with thing after thing after thing after thing… but perhaps I am just deluding myself into thinking that that could possibly be the case. Who knows anyhow?
What else is on my mind? Lots of little things: How much I miss my friends from ballroom dance. The fact that Darren still has my sunglasses. The fact that I almost fell asleep in class today (darn it!). The fact that Jackie's awesome enough to propose making me a nifty dress! The fact that my time is super scheduled. The fact that I see so few of my friends who have LJs these days. And I just plain am glad to have CSI available on TV again… it's just relaxing to watch that. How I tend to miss so much due to my being overscheduled (not that I would have it any other way). The fact that my contest entering is somewhat useful. The fact that travel agents are not nearly as difficult to deal with as I had imagined initially. The fact that I love the internet at times. The fact that I need more sleep. And of course some of those aren't really facts but perceptions or opinions. Now this reminds me of the passage we read in class a couple of days ago now.
At least my writing here isn't all women this women that like my classes seem to be as of late. I feel a bit innundated with women's issues. A little odd considering, but not entirely unexpected.
I guess that this would be enough self-absorbed ramblings for one night.

Back from Wisconsin Leaderscape! :)

So, I have returned from a weekend of experiences and friendships… and above all else, fun! Leaderscape in Wisconsin was absolutely AWESOME! Wendy Fraser, past CKI President, and facilitator for the weekend did a most excellent job, as did the 5 wonderful CKI and KCI facilitators: Gar, Jenna, Dan, Stephen, and Ben. The most beneficial thing was of course the Kiwanis Family togetherness. Not only were there a lot of great Key Club/Circle K friendships formed, but it was wonderful to see all the great Kiwanians present (even if they wouldn't always participate). Never would I have imagined to have been the marketting ploy behind the Well-Oiled Machine, being flipped end over end! It had been a while since I had done some of these games/challenges, and others were entirely new to me, so I most certainly learned a lot!
Not only that, but it was great to tour Madison and see the campus and Capital building on my way to and from Camp Wawbeek. Even the weather smiled at us!
Flying was fun, as usual. I've decided that time permitting, it is much nicer to have meals of the sitdown variety at the airport, given that they are usually of comparable price, and taste much better often times. Airport waitresses can be pretty stressed it seems (either that or totally helpful). I'm not a big fan of using Sky Shuttle, given how much time that that takes, or the amount of squishing that it can require, but it'll do when I don't have a ride I would suppose, even if their hours of operation aren't quite perfect.
So it's back to another week of school for me. Hopefully this means I'll quickly catch up on whatever readings and whatnot that I have yet to do, along with my forgotten homework.

Going to Wisconsin in mere hours!

So again, I'll be jetting off into the unknown…
This time it's Wisconsin! Never been to Wisconsin before! 🙂
I'm a bit nervous, of course, but what else is to be expected?
And also happy, since I was finally reimbursed a bit for some of my expenses from ICON!

Yeppers… this will be short, since I still have a zillion things to do before I leave….
But all is good-ish!
Smiles to all!

Hacking coughs, poetry, banks, and stories…

So, I learned today that I'm rather disruptive when I have a cough. But I feel much much better these days, now that I'm not so ill (at least sick-wise).

I read my poetry for my poetry class today. I wasn't terribly surprised at the response I got for it. It was afterall a rather odd poem… but stereotypical at the very same time… which was fun to write. Especially considering that I wrote it during my English class inspired by a poem that we were learning about in that particular class. I'm really going to like the challenge that that Write class poses.

To the bank I went today. This was good because I had money to deposit. I also needed some American cash for the next little bit (given my travels). Problem is of course that they never seem to keep enough American dollars at hand in the bank. And I rather hate travelling with really large bills, especially considering the counterfetting problem in the USA (yes, I've encountered it in Canada too… but that's in my place of employment). But those are the breaks I guess. Maybe people don't travel enough out of Edmonton? I dunno.

So the short story that Butala read today at her reading was rather good. I'd love to be like her one day: be able to go around and read my eventual works like that. Wow. Or to even be nearly as eloquent as she… *sighs* How cool it is to listen to prose works (and poetry!) out loud.

I seem to be lacking in the realm of eloquence tonight, so I'll stop there for the time being.

I Hate being sick.

I highly dislike being rundown, sick, under the weather, stuffed up, miserable or anything of the like.

In other news, being under the weather totally de-motivates me from being productive… so this is a challenge. A huge challenge. *sighs*

At least I finally finished reading Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood for class. That made me feel good. Some accomplishment then.

My 200th post… and various other musings (why not?)

So as my post title says, this is my 200th post of the year. Given that I only started typing in this little thing on the 1st of January, this means that I've been typing a lot of drivel (and a few remarkably decent entries too) as of late. But just the same, I'm glad to have joined the online blog party (and LJ is most certainly one of the easiest ways of doing this… for my less than absolutely techno-skilled mind).

Life is interesting. I think that this school year will be a total challenge for me. Why? Because I've like upteen million things to do. Yep, that's right. And the fun starts now. I don't know how I'm going to keep up. Somehow I will, of course, but it's going to be a battle, and I'm not sure if I'm entirely ready for it. Maybe I'm just too used to being a Science student and winging it. I can't do that anymore though. *sigh*

Did you know how weird it is to realize that I keep running into people I hadn't heard from in YEARS on campus? Yes, I know, this happens to me nearly every semester now, given that at the begining of the semester I'm greeted by new classes, new plans for wandering campus, and whatnot, but still!! In any case it'll be an interesting adventure I think.

My writing courses are going to be the biggest challenge (plus staying on top of my readings for my other classes (which are much more literature based). Once I get the hang of things it shouldn't be as daunting of a task, or so I hope.

I have to interview an author. This week, I gotta find one, next week I gotta slot in that interview. *sighs*

Also can anyone drive me to the airport for 6ish (a bit after 6a.m. would work) on Friday September 24th and pick me up on Sunday September 26th at around 11p.m.? I'm heading to Wisconsin that weekend and would totally need a ride.

That should pretty much cover the few things that are on my mind (asides from whatever else I'm thinking of…. boy am I ever, uh, eloquent… yep… that's it… really… 😉 )


Ever felt absolutely calm, for no particularly glaring reason?

Today I woke up motivated to get stuff accomplished in the CKI realm. Then I promptly fell asleep and had some awfully weird dreams. But now that I'm back among the waking, and with just over an hour before my shift at work begins, I'm enjoying my day.

Things go well enough as of late. Sure the beginning of the school year is an adventure and a half, but that's only to be expected: afterall I just started a new degree, gained a new roommate, volunteered for a lot of great things, and well, in general am working on getting things back on the go in the CKI realm. Personal growth is of course going to be found to a great degree in the next year and beyond, and I'm looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead. Of course I doubt myself, but what else is expected, really? If I didn't doubt myself, I'd be rather disturbed, so all is good in effect.

And well, with this nice motivated calm, I suppose that I can likely accomplish many a thing.
Let's just hope that I somehow manage to finish my readings in time for classes :).

Balance is important afterall. And that's what I strive for, a good balance in my life.

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Back to the Books…

So school has begun. And brrr! it's chilly!

It's really hard to believe I've been hanging out on campus the past few days where I haven't necessary had any classes. But just the same I've attended three of my 5 classes, and spent a bundle on texts.

Since the question has arisen, here's my course schedule sort of:
I have 1 class on mondays from 3-6pm
1 class on tuesdays from 3:30-6:30pm
And the rest of my classes are tuesday thursday classes, making my day start at 9:30AM and going until 12:30pm, before starting again from 2-3:30pm.

And YES, this means I get long-ish weekends to work, do homework, do CKI stuff, and travel etc. No complaints there.

The reading is still daunting, and of course I still doubt myself (what else is new?), but overall, I'm pleased with things. Especially since this means that I'm settling in for another Rockin' AWESOME year of classes.

Even if I feel OLD (especially in 100-level classes!), I'm enjoying. Afterall, I may as well be happy-ish, right? 😉

Much needed rest…

Today, while colder than ANY first day of school for Fall semester ought to be, was a relaxing day. Yesterday, I completed my responsibilities as team facilitator for the most successful stint at volunteering for Orientation that I have had yet.

So last night, I finally got a good regular amount of sleep. Gosh that felt great! (now I got to get back to getting productive things done but that's life, and of course what makes it interesting!) I also was able to have a good relaxing day both on and off campus… some sleep today as naps, since I had no classes, and of course some good free stuff getting times (along with some fun and games… YAY for the first week of classes hubbub!).

In other news…

– my new roommate moved in during Orientation training. Still a lot of stuff to take care of with relation to this (of course!) but I expect that all will be in order soon enough.

– I'm definitely going to Utah in October. I just have to book my flights!

– I'm actually decent at getting people interested in CKI (eg. at the recruitment booth this year)

– I can still manage on crazy sleep schedules.

– All my goals to get things done before school started haven't yet been accomplished, but they're not so important that this matters terribly much. A lot of it has to do with the events of the past month or so — not a terribly good excuse — but whatever.

– I'm really uncertain about school. I dunno if I'm going to be able to do it, this Arts degree thing. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing. Maybe worrying is a good thing. It certainly tells me that I care about the next challenge that is posed. Just like CKI I guess… I really care about what's sitting there awaiting me. Yet, I worry, 'cause it's important. Maybe that's confirmation that I'm doing the right things. 🙂