Off to St. Louis very very soon….

I really ought to be packing, or otherwise doing something productive. Instead, I decided that updateing this before I left was a good idea… especially since people might wonder where I've disappeared to.

So I leave for LSSP on Thursday night (technically Friday morning) following the Orientation Volunteer BBQ. So I'll go to the BBQ, shower and change and then head on to the airport (yay for parents for driving!!!). So I still have yet to figure out just how I'm stuffing all my stuff into my luggage and so on… but it'll be done. Not quite the same stuff as last year (more books, school supplies, smaller and different gifts… slightly different amount of pins to trade (less), some other stuff… etc. And slightly different clothes. Hopefully it all fits. I'm going to cross my fingers on this one. At least St. Louis will be good and warm… so clothes don't have to be so bulky or anything.

In other news, I picked up a few more CDs at the CD sale (I gotta stop spending money like that… but honestly when else can I buy a CD for $2 benefitting such great causes as environmentalism or breast cancer?).

So I'll be back in town on the 6th… Don't expect to hear much from me until then. And I'm sure I'll get next to no sleep whilst gone.

The Terminal & Jeux d'enfants

So I've been watching a good number of semi-frustrating (BUT AMAZING) movies as of late.
This evening I saw The Terminal. Which was a fantastic portrayal of an airport terminal, and the US Airport staff/Immigration staff. Quite amazing. And Tom Hanks was rather great as well. He really looked the part (boy he'd gained weight) and the accent was impeccable. Such a sweet guy… Felt kind of sad about the poor friend at the end though. Made me wonder what would have actually happened to him. Catherine Zeta-Jones looked amazing in the flick… although I really didn't care much for her character, she wasn't all that charitable to Victor. Honestly! Anyway, so as not to give too much away… it's more a drama than a comedy really… so keep that in mind when you see it (though there's a LOT of funny bits!).
The other film I saw this week that fits that above description is Love Me if You Dare or Jeux d'enfants. A subtitled french film, which was playing at the Princess, this one shows how things might work if your entire relationship with someone worked around a giant game of dares. Quite frustrating because why would you want to do that to ANYONE, especially someone you love, and yet… sweet, and fun at the same time. Bizarre of course… and has a rather uhhh interesting ending (I refuse to give too much away, mind you!).
I fully reccomend both to everyone. Just don't see The Terminal right before taking off for the airport 😉

Golden Boy is…

… funny!! Great to sit down and watch some crazy anime for once. Really crazy stuff. I can't remember the stuff we watched first… although it seemed that there was this pedophile and these crazed characters… and it seemed rather like they were making fun of JPOP and a zillion other anime stuff. Suffice it to say that first anime stuff was quite silly. Golden Boy on the other hand was way more content rich… and funny! 🙂 The toilet obsessions! The objectification of women! The crude silliness! And the noble refusal to be anything but well… somewhat decent… whether wanting to or not is another story entirely… *laughs* Better than that even, it was great to see Sckott and Maria and Clarence again. And some nice bright funny stuff!! 🙂

In other news… the CD sale at the UofA Bookstore is now at 80% off. This means of course that the selection's getting rather picked over… but I still managed to find 9 CDs that I wanted (and if I don't end up liking a few, I'm positive that either my bro or dad will like them… but I'm pretty sure that they'll be good!). What'd I get? My fave record as a kid on CD (kids music!), a Loreena McKennitt Christmas CD (hey I like Christmas Music and restocked my entire Christmas music collection over this CD sale thing), God Bless America (hey as much as it's not Canada, the price is right, and I rather like the songs. Plus I rather need to re-learn the Star-Spangled Banner lyrics at some point anyway…), a Nana Mouskouri CD in french (she's pretty great last I checked, although all I ever had of her was Christmas stuff), the More Dirty Dancing CD (I rather like Salsa, Merengue and the like… plus that movie was rather great in my books…), the Roswell CD (from the tv show. Which I actually used to really like… but the soundtrack has such great stuff on it), a Billy Gilman CD (not the big one with One Voice on it, but another one entirely… hopefully it's just as great), and a double CD set of music from the golden age of hollywood musicals (I got to see these sometime I think!)… yes a wierd selection… but hey the sale's getting rather picked over… and I'm not about to start trying new artists without having listened to them first… at least a bit.

In still other news… Indian (from India) personal ads are quite quite amusing. Quite a difference from our personal ads. I'm really going to like this research project I'm working on!!

Oh and sleep is nice. 🙂

The Enigma that is life…

So I tend to like enigmas. Not that I'm terribly good at solving them, but I do. And I do eventually get at the solutions… however long it might take. Even when the enigmas are personal, or esoteric or or something.
So why is it that these enigmas like to hit me over the head with a sledge hammer when I least desire to solve them?

Anywho… Life still chugs along wonderfully. Hard to believe that at this point next week I ought to be en route to the airport… if not already almost there.

I can't wait until LSSP/ICON. To see so many amazing friends again will be so fantabulous!

I wish I had a personal masseuse.

How nice it feels…

… to be pampered… de-stressed… and happy. Sure I still need to fix me some delicious supper or something of the like… but I enjoy this day where: 1. I have finally registered for classes for the fall, 2. I got me a nice new haircut, 3. I had a wonderful massage for my tense shoulders, 3. I picked up some stuff at the bank for my trip… and also visited wonderful places like Staples to refill my pen supply…
and enjoyed far too much time on the computer… putting an extra class into my schedule (so i have 5 in winter… in case I don't get into the class I wanna take in winter (porfolio based).
In other news… there was still 5ish spots left in most of the classes I wanted to take! So registereing was a breeze!! 🙂 Now to get the letter from the registrar and whatnot taken care of 🙂

What do YOU remember??

bold what you remember:
These are all interesting things… Gosh and I remember a lot. A pop-culture junkie, am I? (or was I rather?)

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Fraggle Rock
G.I. Joe
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Secret World of Alex Mack
Nightmare Before Christmas

Welcome Freshman
Space Cases
The Muppet Show
Muppet Babies

Eureka's Castle
Salute Your Shorts
Hey Dude
Legends of the Hidden Temple
You Can't Do That On Television
What Would You Do?
Double Dare
Rocko's Modern Life
All That
Ren and Stimpy
Clarissa Explains It All
The Torklesons
Pete and Pete
Stick Stickley
Angry Beavers
Sponge Bob
Hey Arnold!
AAH! Real Monsters
Looney Toons
Pinky and the Brain
The Babysitter's Club

Gullah Gullah Island
Richard Scarry
Dumbo's Circus
Ocean Girl
Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
Snick Snacks
Koala Yummies
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Nick Magazine
The Goonies
Ernest Movies
Radio Flyer
Disney Watchers
Adentures in Wonderland
Homeward Bound
The Adventures of Yellow Dog
Milo and Otis
Neverending Story
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The Lion King

101 Dalmations
Secret Garden
Pete's Dragon

Hocus Pocus
Land Before Time
Secret of NIMH
Gummi Bears
Care Bears

A Little Princess
Little Pony
Black Beauty
Rainbow Brite
Lady Lovely Locks

Don't Wake Daddy

Don't Break the Ice
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Tinker Toys
Sky Dancers
Polly Pocket
Hypercolor T-Shirts
Lite Brite
Side Ponytails
Stirrup Pants

Saddle Shoes
Beanie Babies

Choose Your Own Adventure

Magic Attic Club
American Girl
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Saved by the Bell
Full House
Step By Step
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Boy Meets World
Mork and Mindy

Eerie Indiana
Third Rock From The Sun
Tracey Ullman Show
Growing Pains

Felix The Cat: The Movie
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Home Improvement
Tom and Huck

My Brother and Me
Kenan and Kel
Inspector Gadget
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Power Rangers
Hot Wheels
Creepy Crawlers
Easy Bake Oven
Flower Making Kits

Wild and Crazy Kids
Playdough McDonald's Sets
Rainbow Fish
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
Bailey School Kids
Wayside School
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
Boxcar Kids
Ramona Quimby
Amber Brown
Roald Dahl

Allegra's Window
3-2-1 Contact

Counting down the lists Quiz

13 random things you like :
01. My friends
02. CKI
03. Stickers
04. The colour red
05. Communicating
06. Helping People
07. My apartment
08. Reading
09. Good food
10. Travelling
11. Music
12. Photos
13. Ballroom Dance

12 movies you enjoy :
01. Nice Girls Don't Explode (I gotta get that one sometime!!)
02. Sleeping Beauty
03. The Pianist
04. The Princess Bride
05. Where the Heart Is
06. The X-Men Movies
07. 10 Things I Hate About You
08. The Harry Potter Movies
09. The Matrix (Trilogy)
10. The American Pie Movies
11. Johnny Depp Movies (I can't choose!)
12. A bunch of Robin Williams movies

11 good bands/artists :
01. Lamb
02. The Beatles
03. Aerosmith
04. Bob Marley
05. Sarah McLaughlan
06. Celine Dion
07. Steve Miller Band
08. The Byrds
09. Goo Goo Dolls
10. Savage Garden
11. Air

10 things about your physical appearance :
01. Brown eyes
02. Longish hair
03. Average build
04. 5'3.25
05. Hairy Toes
06. Really thick nails
07. Great shoulders
08. Dainty hands (so I'm told)
09. Round face
10. Unpearced ears.

9 good friends :
01. Kim
02. Anastasia
03. Josh
04. Lana
05. Shelly
06. Brendan
07. Krista
08. Brad
09. And so many others that I don't want to forget to list!

8 favorite foods/drinks :
01. Japanese (esp. when my grandma makes it!)
02. Exotic (or interesting) pizza
03. Bubble Tea
04. Cheese
05. Artichokes
06. Broccoli
07. Spinach
08. Raspberries

7 things you wear daily :
01. Underwear
02. Bra
03. a top of somesort
04. Watch
05. a bottom of somesort
06. moisturizer?
07. toner?

6 things that annoy you :
01. When my computer(or internet) crashes/doesn't work
02. When I don't hear what I need to know back from the University
03. When I'm trying to contact people and no one answers
04. When I have my birthday and end up in tears as a result (*sighs*)
05. When I blank during an exam
06. When I forget something important!

5 things you touch every day :
01. My face
02. My computer
03. My phone
04. Food
05. My bed

4 shows you watch :
01. CSI
02. ER
03. the news
04. various reality/other shows

3 celebrities you have a crush on :
01. I don't really.
02. n/a
03. nada

2 people on lj that you have kissed :
not applicable.

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with :
01. How about ME? 😉 (no really… that's likely the only person I will do so with… afterall, 100% of my life is spent with me)

Various little LJ things…

What kind of disease are you?


Ali is caused by bad television.

Ali complex makes you think you're important. You aren't.
To cure Ali, write bad goth poetry.


— I'm liking the Sheri Lewis pic that goes with this… This is one interesting disease!

Now for something rediculous:

and are having sweet, creamy buttsex!
runs a secret pornography ring. and are regular models.
knows the truth about and .
knows *just* how long to hold them down for.
has secret fantasies about George W. Bush…
collects other people's underwear – and has some from and !

Enter your username to dish the dirt on your friends!

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Tonight it looks like I'll be posting some real stuff… plus a few more quizzes I hadn't seen before. Be warned 🙂

An Actual real post… plus how to make an ali_kira cocktail (weren't you dying to know?)

How to make a ali_kira

1 part friendliness

3 parts crazyiness

1 part ego
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Top it off with a sprinkle of emotion and enjoy!


Personality cocktail

Okay… So I'm this incredibly sleep deprived, tired, grumpy person… and I realize that yet again, the dishes don't mysteriously do themselves (like they're supposed to)… I really don't want to tackle this mess, So here I am online… posting like a maniac (mostly quizzes, but what the hey, I'm not especially lucid today).

So in the past few days a few things happened:

1. I worked a whole bunch (I still am doing so). This is both good and bad. Good because I'll not be working when I head to St. Louis, and thus will need the hours now! (plus, if I remember correctly there should have been an automatic raise sometime recently for all our employees… which should help somewhat). The downside of course is that the shifts have been rather ummm early… which is nice 'cause there's less customers and time flies, but bad 'cause I'm super super tired as a result (I always tend to do this… go out and have fun and then get up for an EAAARRRLY shift…. *sighs*).

2. They finally gave me my Je parle Francais pin at work. This is 10 million times better than the I speak French nametags that some people at the St. Albert Store had, 'cause what exactly is the point if they can't read English or speak it well to begin with? However, the notable grammatical error (one DOESN'T capitalize the word 'francais' as a proper noun in French) did not make me too pleased. At least one customer has noticed this error (and yes, my store wouldn't have known better… so I'm not REALLY faulting them this time too much). This new fangled pin causes quite the interesting experiences. Not only do I get at least 10 times as many people speaking French to me at work per day now (I used to average at least one per day, now it's at least 10), which I serve in French, but the conversations now seem to have swelled into much more intelligent matter, and less akward silences. For example, nearly everyone wants to know where I'm from now, and where I learned French. I learned that there are a WHOLE LOT of people from Quebec and Paris specifically who frequent our store. So this is rather cool, I think. I'm going to like work more now with this change of pace… at least for the next few shifts, 'cause frankly, it's fun serving my customers in French! They never expect people to know these other languages!

3. So that was odd… my internet browser decided to not let the keyboard work temporarily. Odd.

4. So, I went out for East Indian food with a group of great friends (yay for great friends!) Saturday night after work. This was quite the new and yummy experience. Sure I didn't like everything… even when they took my stuff back to get it changed to what I had actually ordered, but the majority was good! Especially the vegetarian stuff and the appetizers I think. One thing I did confirm for myself… I do indeed ABHOR cilantro. I don't know why, but I just find it utterly repulsive. Annoying, really, 'cause I love Thai, Vietnamese, Indian etc. food, but hat Cilantro… which is used as a garnish on nearly everything. And, well, I'm incredibly sensitive to it it seems… so cilantro as a garnish is NO GOOD. My reaction to cilantro is only getting worse each time, so I think I shall try harder to avoid it. I find it odd that I'm discovering something that I dislike this much at this age though… especially considering how many different things I love to eat!

5. Dancing after not dancing at all since the second last dance class of the term, in March was odd. I felt incredibly klutzy, but was surprised at how well I was able to keep up after all of this time. Lindy-Mike likely taught me some new stuff too, which was nice, whether I'll remember it or not, is another story. Note that heavy dancing after eating HUGE meal (see above) does not necessarily agree with one. Especially if one is consuming carbonated beverages (which I sort of was).

6. So I got home Saturday night… ready to unwind a little… talked to Brendan a bit about random stuff (including stuff that pretains oddly enough to my Evolutionary Psychology of Beauty class: Plastic surgery… wierd stuff! Everyone wants to display those all too attractive neotenous traits it seems!), and caught a bit of Contact (I don't know HOW many times I've seen that movie… it still is a good one). Any particular reason why I didn't go to bed earlier, given that I had to get up at 6AM this morning? A really annoying but good one: HICCUPS! Yep, right before my head hit the pillow, I started to hiccup madly… resulting in quite a bit of difficulty sleeping. An hour later, I'm sure I was in dream land though… at least until 4AM, when I woke up… and then again at 6AM when I woke up for good (I worked today from 7AM-3PM). So I'm tired.

And I think that's a long enough post for a while.