On Super Size Me

Today I watched the movie Super Size Me. In general, within the several years, I had already come to the realization that most of the points discussed in this film were in fact the case… without having ever watched the film. HOWEVER, I was quite generally appalled by several facts, which I realize while not as bad in Canada, are the case in the United States, and are nearing this severity in our lovely country. In fact I read the Canadian statistics on the other day from a CBC news article… and was just as frustrated! Why is it that so few of our schools have physical education programs? Why do so many of our schools have 'single source beverage agreements' with such companies as Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola? Why is it that all of a sudden in the past couple years, I've become not a medium but a small or an extra-small when it comes to shirt sizes? (and I certainly haven't shrunk as far as I can tell)

This movie has a point. You know, I never realized the severity of the obesity epidemic in North America until I'd been there a few times more recently. And in the past year, I did this. And frankly, I couldn't stomach some of the food they eat, at least not in the quantities that it is eaten, at least not for as long. Not that it isn't tasty, or that Americans are in anyway different than we are, realistically, its just that they still have a higher obesity problem than we do (although we're catching up in the race). Generally, I could SEE the difference in the population, something I never even IMAGINED I could be able to do. Afterall, I'm not someone who doesn't come from a family with overweight people in it. That is the case, and I see this every single day. But there's something remarkably different about the American diet that I've noticed in my few trips to the United States. I could never put my finger on it (I still can't really), but when I got home from my longest trip (10 days last summer… this summer it'll be even longer) I was CRAVING Canadian food. Not that it's any different really, but it took me about a week of eating my own shoddy cooking to get back to feeling right about things in that regard.

Then again, I may just be the exception to the rule. I don't diet. I refuse to do rediculous things like count calories (or rather KILOcalories which is actually what one is counting when one counts calories, or when Cal is listed on a cereal box… the one big qualm I had with the film was that this wasn't explained quite right). I eat what I want, when I want. I refuse to skip breakfast (case in point, I would rather have fast food for breakfast than none at all… like at last year's ICON in Indy, where I HAD to eat something and thus had Steak 'n Shake… or on my way to Indy last time (late April) when since my mom picked me up before I had eaten we stopped off at McDonalds so that I could get a bite to eat before catching my plane (they certainly don't serve much for meals on airplanes anymore, and airport food is rediculously overpriced)). I tend to crave healthy food rather than junk most often… which I guess is a little odd for most people my age. I don't buy pop (partly 'cause I don't like the fizz overly much, partly 'cause I'm cheap, but also 'cause I really don't think that it's necessary). I don't tend to buy much junk food either (most of it I get through gifts or free at work, it tends to be a waste of money often times). I do eat whatever's in front of me often. I do tend to over eat (I still think that my stomach is the bottomless pit that it once was… it's not. I have to realize this sometime).

I also walk most places, especially in the summer. I'm too lazy to figure out bus schedules for connecting busses oftentimes, and so I walk places instead a lot of the time. Which is pretty cool. I may not like playing some sports, but I'll do so anyway if with my friends. I sometimes (gosh it's been a long long time) ballroom dance for fun. I tend to stretch at work, and follow ergonomical guidelines in the workplace (no WAY am I getting injured like so many of my co-workers). I try to stretch on occasion at home, occasionally do crunches and pushups, play with my handweights (they're good toys) [I wonder what I did with my stretch cords?].

*sighs*. That movie only confirmed for me the beliefs I had with reference to certain things. Some things, I'm not so sure about… but then I had other stats to coroborate with the claims previous to this point. Or I just plain knew otherwise. I work at a grocery store: what do we hype? Healthy living. What do we sell? A lot of junk food… but more and more customers are making the more healthy balanced purchases. What is on sale? The quick fix, junk usually… but more and more often the healthy stuff is indeed being sold as well, or advertized, or hyped just the same. The demand is increasing. But are we changing enough?

I somehow doubt it.

Just the same, it makes me happy to know that I still do eat WAY more healthily now that I don't live at home anymore. These past 4 years have been great for my healthy eating. Less junk… more really good balanced meals. And I honestly didn't put any effort into it. I just ate what I wanted, really. And if what I want is good for me, so be it.

It's not as if I'm going to shun fast food forever (or anything rediculous like that)… I never really do. But if I only go to McDonalds 3 or 4 times a year (which currently is the case)… and frequent other fast food places maybe as often (depending)… so be it. I'm all about moderation really. A little bit of everything is great! I'd rather spend my money on a really good meal than squander it on something I'm not going to really enjoy anyway.

Worries… frustrations… and general rediculousness

So here I am procrastinating again (being an idiot again)… getting generally frustrated not only with the university (as per usual this month) but with my lack of prowness when it comes to putting together portfolios to get me into the WRITE courses I wanna take.
Dag-nabbit! These are my hopes and dreams I'm playing with! I'm playing with FIRE! And that disturbs me.
Because what if it DOESN'T work out?
What if the ceiling DOES come crashing in?
What if I AM alone forever?
I shouldn't be thinking in these 'what ifs'. But guess what? I am. Too much rides on my getting in to school for the fall (and the timing of that), on getting into courses for the fall, on some other stuff as well, and on just plain life.
And ye gads…. I'm also spending far too much money these days. It's supposed to come… eventually. People say it'll come sometime. But I tend to worry much. I guess I'm anal when it comes to my money. But I DO need to get myself through my next degree (assuming I get into the dratted thing)… and I do kinda spend more than I likely earn (if it wasn't for tuition… all would be well-ish).
And I do kind of travel rather lots for my current income as well.
And quite frankly, I'm worried.
About way more than I likely should be.

Why can't I just sit down and make things perfect if only for a little while?

June 2nd.

Hi all!
So Apparently… as much as I haven't yet been accepted into my program for the fall (and this frustrates me to no end)… I convocate from University on June 2nd.

Therefore, you are all hereby invited to celebrate with me! The evening of June 2nd.

At 6:30PM… I suppose would be a good time (I really don't wanna be organizing… but I've been inviting everyone to enjoy for a while now) to start… and how about we all just meet at my place?

The address is available upon request… it's downtown Edmonton in any case.
Let me know if you'll be coming. It'll be super casual just hanging out and talking (maybe even some card playing good times or something else like that) who knows. This should thus fit everyone's budget.
I wanna see you all there (if you're in the vicinity that is)! (it's a Wednesday night… feel free to not come if otherwise busy… leave early… come late (just let me know when) or not come at all. depending on what's up (in otherwords whatever other conflicts you may have eg. dance, work, life etc.)

Why answering the phone is important… :)

So I wake up this morning to the phone ringing. This, my friends, is not unusual, given that people do tend to call from my place of employment. Friends however do not call frequently at 8:30ish in the morning… as much as I love to hear from them (I really honestly don't mind phone calls at any time of the day… given that I'm home that is). Anywho… I answer it, and it's my work calling, telling me that the shift I was supposed to be working tonight was double scheduled (service clerk shift) and that since this was the case, would I like to work in the morning instead since someone was a no show for the 7AM-3PM shift (this happens too frequently!! Why is it that so many people neglect to show up for their shifts at work? I mean honestly! Then again, why am I complaining… I get more hours this way-) So I tell him yes, and arrive at work within half an hour… ready to rumble.

My feet are rather sore though. Wearing my new shoes for the very first time can do that I suppose. But I need to trash my old ones, so it's all good in the end.

In othernews… I spent a whole heck of a lot of money yesterday. Underwear and clothes are expensive. But at least I got a bunch of good deals and these were afterall items I needed. Like the Canadian Girls Rule for example, which will be perfect for ICON. Gotta love being in the States during Canada Day (really…!).

Keep smiling EVERYONE! I miss you all… and wanna hear from you. YES YOU! All of you!

And remember June 2nd in the evening… that's when I wanna see those of you who are nearby… So remember to pencil it into your calendars!


Some interesting stuff?

So… apparently I write a fair bit of really short sentences in my LJ these days. Who would have thought, what with all the quizzes?? 😉

ali_kira's Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 5
Average number of words per sentence: 8.96
Average number of syllables per word: 1.43
Total words in sample: 2688
Analyze your journal! Username:
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This one was fun you guys! It's the 12 days of Christmas with you guys as gifts! How rad, don'tcha think? 🙂

My LiveJournal 12 Days
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6 musicsdaughters a-rubbing.
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And a ve4jhj in a kiwi tree.
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Here's one for you all to do!
You answer these questions in the comments, then take the meme and post it on your own LJ, and I'll answer the same ones for you.

01. Who are you?
02. Do we comment back and forth often?
03. When and how did we meet?
04. Do you have a crush on me?
05. Would you hug me?
06. Describe me in one word.
07. What was your first impression?
08. Do you still think that way about me now?
09. What reminds you of me?
10. If I could give you anything, what would it be?
11. How well do you know me?
12. When's the last time you spoke to me?
13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

Requisite quizzes for the here and now….

So I thought I'd post a few of these…. as per usual.

What does your birth month say about YOU???
Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood.
Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation.
Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's feelings. Tactful.
Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and
easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets.
Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and
mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving.
Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges
people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves
to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Likes to be
quiet. Homely person. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not
aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach and dieting problems.
Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover

What does your birth month say about you?
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Am I really this type of writer?
You're a Dialogue/Character Writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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You are water. You're not really organic; you're
neither acidic nor basic, yet you're an acid
and a base at the same time. You're strong
willed and opinionated, but relaxed and ready
to flow. So while you often seem worthless,
without you, everything would just not work.
People should definitely drink more of you
every day.

Which Biological Molecule Are You?
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I love the perscription for all of you to take in more of me daily!!!

First job: SaveOnFoods Cashier
First screen name: I think something like menollyswimkid actually
First funeral: my Grandfather two days after my grade 12 grad.
First pet: n/a
First piercing/tattoo: n/a
First credit card: Mastercard
First real kiss: Scott
First love: no comment
First enemy: uh… well… I don't know.
First favorite musician: The Beatles likely…. either that or the Country artist who did Smalltown Saturday Night

Last car ride: Kenman gave me a ride home from bowling on Saturday night.
Last kiss: uh… I don't know… on the lips: Scott.
Last library book checked out: uh… something for my CKI/Volunteering Soc essay.
Last movie watched: Panic Room I guess (I more or less just overheard it though)… before that it would be Shallow Grave.
Last beverage drank: Water.
Last food consumed: a slice of pizza
Last time showered: yesterday.
Last CD played: I don't know actually
Last website visited: www.circlek.org

Single or Taken: Single.
Birthday: July 24
Sign: Leo
Siblings: 2 younger brothers
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Shoe size: uhhh… women's 7-9 depending on the shoe (I went shoe shopping today!)
Height: 5'3.25

1) Something important on your desk: my computer

2) When you sleep you wear: a nightshirt and underwear

3) If you could afford it at the moment, you would buy: uh… I'm in the mood to buy clothes from Maggie Watt Designs and more high quality shoes… which is totally NOT in my price range.

4) Something you don't have a lot of: sleep

5) If your house was burning and you could only save 3 items what would they be: My friends and family and my life (gosh… this is like my own worst nightmare all over again!)

6) If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: service. Seeing my friends. Not sleeping such as to get more done?

7) A time when you purposely hurt someone emotionally: Likely tonight when Colin was bugging me… but he sort of triggered it… not that I don't feel bad but whatever.

8) A time you accidentally hurt someone emotionally: I guess… when breaking up with my first ever boyfriend, before I actually did it… I was really mean… although it was all in effort not to hurt him… I probably hurt him worse (NEVER going to do things that way EVER again)

9) One person you have killed in your thoughts: whoever wrote that scathing letter to me in grade six. Although I don't know who that is.

10) Three traits you look for in a friend: able to hold his or her end in a conversation, to be kind, share some similar interests, and I guess to be honest enough.

11) Who makes you laugh most often: my roommate I guess. I see him most often!

12) A friend who you can tell anything: Can I really tell anyone ANYTHING?

13) A friend you can go to for advice: Anastasia

14) The best piece of advice you had been given: I don't know.

15) The friend who uses up most of your energy: is there really anyone that I use most of my energy on??

16) Your 3 best qualities: I'm passionate about certain things, I'm creative, I like people

17) Your 3 worst qualities: I lack some of what people call 'common sense', I tend to dwell on things on occasion, I can complain too much.

18) Describe your Ideal self: more satisfied but yet more driven, more social life with better relationships with people.

19) You are embarrassed when: I do something thinking it's right and tell others that and later determine that I was wrong.

20) The greatest physical pain you ever endured: likely shooting chest pains. No clue why though… but accompanied with breathing problems is not fun.

21) The greatest emotional pain you ever endured: Likely knowing that I hurt someone, and that there's no way to rewind and make it all better for that person.

22) Moment you are most ashamed of: doing certain things to others without THINKING!

23) Your best physical feature: my shoulders and eyes.

24) Who/What makes you happy: CKI. My friends. Being loved. Life.

25) Who/what makes you sad: many things.

26) Emotion you hide most: hard to tell actually. I hide a lot sometimes.

27) The emotion you tend to experience most: confused, curious, puzzlement, happiness, and worry.

28) The emotion you are feeling most lately: pain (my head hurts)

29) You have a huge amount of guilt regarding: being an idiot when I should have known better.

30) When you are angry you need: do something else.

31) When you are sentimental you need: good ear to listen.

32) When you are in love you need: appropriate reciprocation.

33) One of your most peaceful memories: spending time with Josh during the Montana trip.

34) One of your most tragic memories: I don't know how to answer this one.

35) One of your angriest memories: ??

36) A memory that makes you laugh: The District Project this year… and the cards.

37) A memory that makes you happy: CKI events

38) Something someone can say or do that you find extremely attractive: kind words, but also a sweet smile with eyes AND mouth happy.

39) Something someone can say or do that you find unattractive: make racially oriented comments toward me (slurs), hurt myself or others intentially, poor cleanliness.

40) Two things appealing about people: a distinct personality, and a good mind

41) A personality trait you find appealing: strength of mind.

42) Your secret passion: if it were secret would I be typing it here?

43) What you enjoy most about having a committed relationship: I don't know. Never really had one long term. But knowing that there is someone there for me would be wonderful.

44) Do you have a bf/gf? nope.

45-48 Have been omitted (apparently. I have no clue what they were!)

49) Describe your ideal mate physically: I guess taller than me would be nice. Healthy physically. Not so old that they wouldn't have the chance to grow older with me. Clear complexion.

50) Describe your ideal mate's personality: caring, intelligent, interesting, thoughtful.

51) You feel most attractive when: dressed up.

52) If you had more time alone you would: sleep more?

53) If you had more patience you would: not worry enough to get anything done.

54) If you could change one thing about your physical appearance what would it be: I would love a better smile, although I don't wanna change mine actually. It would never fit well with my face if that were the case.

55) If you had no commitments what would you be doing: ??

56) If you could have one super power what would it be: The ability to talk mind to mind with the empathy to match.

57) If you could start all over: I would quite likely do a bunch of the same things.

LJ meet up… *sighs* and other random stuff.

Firstly, I'd like to start off by saying that I had a marvelous time at the meet up this time. It was quite pleasant. Especially talking and meeting with so many interesting people. vernondalhart was especially gifted with the talent for great conversations (and also intelligence)… quite the refreshing thing to see.

Honestly speaking it was quite interesting. And I think I'll explain why with a short list:

1. Carla sandwhich
2. Simon's great conversations
3. Jackie's magnificent artwork
4. Couch sitting
5. Hot chocolate
6. Colin's hat!!!
7. Squealing
8. Poking/tickle fights
9. Falling off the couch
10. Smoke inhalation *sighs* I'm just too darnned sensitive sometimes!
11. Pizza
12. The park (and mosquito bites)
13. Getting camera batteries from home
14. Walking with Jackie
15. Meeting new people
16. Good music
17. Crazy nice people
18. Getting such a nice warm welcome
19. It being so conveniently located
20. Of course great stories to hear! Kudos to Jackie, Shawna, Carla and Simon for these really!
21. Hitting my head (gosh I gotta stop doing that. I came to the meetup with a headache though and thus left without it)

And that's that for my short meetup summary.

But as for other things:
I did the following today (in no particular order):

1. bought new shoes (thank goodness! Yay for my feet no longer hurting within the first few moments of work I hope!)
2. got a question answered by the English dept. (*grumble* why is it that people go on vacation right when I need to talk with them about something of import?)
3. got a haircut (I still don't really know if it's going to suit my purposes… but whatever)
4. bought wrap pants, and shorts (bought a wrap skirt yesterday)
5. sent my old roommate her mail and whatnot finally
6. other stuff.

Yep. My life is just enthralling, isn't it???

So, I was thinking…

I was thinking… since this journal-y thingy seems to include a lot of quizzes but not enough REAL writing, that I'd make sure to actually write something of use every time I posted a quiz (or thereabouts) since quizzes apparently aren't what most of you are here for (although some of you enjoy 'em… kudos to you!).

So… today I was Most definitely sore. All over. Partially from all the walking I've been doing, but also because of all the working, that little bit of soccer, and of course, the hand weights that I occasionally play with in my apartment. I was sore yesterday and the day before too, but today was exceptionally bad.

Also I've been eating junk. Yep. And been really intrigued by all the new-ish food possibilities at work these days. I rather liked the Parfait we sell (for $1.89!) at our Bakery… yum! I should really teach myself portion control better anyway.

Like I've told many of you, I convocate on June 2nd. And I was thinking I'd organize a gathering of friends that evening somewheres to celebrate (I'm doing the morn and convocation itself with my parents I guess mostly). I was thinking that we could hit a restaurant or something… and then do something else afterwards maybe (or just keep it low key at a restaurant or something with the majority of the group and those who CAN stay out later can do whatever else?). Any ideas or preferences? I was thinking somewheres to eat around here would be nice probably… ? (afterall it is a Wednesday)

Getting stuck at the Heritage Bus station was thoroughly entertaining today, I must say. Thank the lucky stars that Clarice and Alto Found me walking along the road around there… and took me to meet the rest of the group. What good luck Ali had….

Anywho… next time, I ought to pay better attention to the bus schedules. Apparently, I can't teleport from my work to the bus station I desired AND change within one minute flat.

Another quiz.

1.Name: Ali
2.Birthday: July 24, 1982
3.Age: 21
4.Zodiac Sign: Leo (isn't this obvious at this point?)
5.Where you live: Edmonton

6. If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything you own to? Probably to my family such that they could figure out what to do with it. But realistically I'd give the stuff that I ought to give to particular people anyway to those people! Then I'd do what is above listed (my friends could have their pick I suppose)
7. If you had to go live in borneo for the rest of your life and you could take one person on this earth, who would you take? Ack?!? If I had a soul mate, I'd pick that person. Sure. That's it.

8.Who is the one person that you could stand spending a straight 24 hours with and not get the slightest bit annoyed with? Well Anastasia has never annoyed me yet… so how about that?
9.If you woke up one morning and noticed that your leg was missing who would be the first person you would call? My parents honestly.
10.Let's say your dad came in your room one day and told you that you had to get married in the next week but you can pick the person but you have to stay with them for the rest of your life no getting out of it, who would you pick? My dad would NEVER do that. And no I have no clue.
11. What if you woke up tomorrow and you were someone else completely, who would you be? Anastasia (it would be interesting for a day anyway… I rather would prefer to be me thank you very much). If that wasn't a choice then probably Mercedes Lackey (but I'm not so sure about the birds….) or maybe J. K. Rowling (although she's a bit too famous somehow….)

12.What would be the first thing you would do if you woke up one morning and you were the opposite sex? Try to figure out how on earth that happened…. and then try to figure out if I were still dreaming, or had somehow been transported to a world like that of The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin.
13.If all of a sudden you had the ability to do one thing better than everyone else, have one amazing talent, what would it be? I think it would be to develop stronger relationships with people.
14.If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change? Be a little more soft spoken in instances where this is warranted.
15.What is your dream career? Honestly, three things: Be a wife and parent, write fiction books successfully (published), and do service.
16.What is the one thing you just have to do before you die? LIVE!
17.If you could be a member of any band that has ever exsisted, what band would that be? Hmmmm…. how about the background dancer for The Byrds? (I would RUIN their sound if I opened my mouth!)
18.What is the thing you care about most in your life? Others.

19.winter or summer? Spring or Fall actually.
20.the beach or the mountains? the mountains.
21.pop or punk? pop
22.rock or rap? rock!!!
23.new york or L.A.? Would be nice to see NY.
24.milk chocolate or dark chocolate? milk chocolate.
25.dogs or cats? cats (not evil attack dogs… not that dogs are bad… I just have particular dislikes for several of them)
26.britney or christina? uh… Britney actually.
27.leno or letterman? No clue.
28.mtv or vh1? no clue. Never seen either really.
29.country or classical? Both actually
30.day or night? night is good (no sunburns!)
31.lake or ocean? hmmm… no clue. haven't seen the ocean in too long.
32.waffles or pancakes? pancakes.
33.soccer or football? Soccer I guess.
34.baseball or swimming? SWIMMING!
35.chocolate or vanilla? vanilla
36.sugar or spice? uh… both?
37.grisham or canyon vista? I is confused!!
38.eminem-please stand up or please shut up? combination of both. (I rather liked the song: Stan)

39.If you could be in any movie as the lead role what movie would it be? Why not 10 Things I Hate About You as Kat.
40.If you could design your perfect mate what would he/she look like and be like? Honestly? Looks: 1. Not be physically repulsive 2. takes good care of himself (to a certain extent please!) 3. Shows some emotion (even if only in private… If he's stolid all the time that's not exactly all that easy to deal with) 4. sure I might have preferences looks wise beyond that, but those are rather in combinations rather than just features. Personality: 1. Be kind. 2. Thoughtful (again to a certain extent. in both of these features being too nice CAN be a problem) 3. HAVE a personality! 4. Be able to keep up his end of a conversation (this would be nice!). 5. Probably share some interests… and probably my friends shouldn't hate his guts ('cause that likely indicates something negative)
41.If you won the lottery what would you do with your, let's say, 18 million dollars? Invest some, start a scholarship through CKI (why not?), build my dream house, travel more, buy new shoes! (mine are totally worn out!!!), pay for tuition… Use some to help start up a good CKI marketting campaign or something else equally useful…. donate some, have fun!
42.What is the single most embarressing thing that has ever happened to you? there is ONE?

43.fallen in front of someone you thought to be quite good looking? not especially.
44.run into a wall? YES.
45.sleep walked? nope.
46.gone skinny-dipping? unknown (if I did, I was awfully young to remember
47.kissed someone of the same sex? not in that way, no.
48.snuck out of the house at night? no need to sneek out of the house.
49.gotten in a car wreck where you are the driver? never (I don't drive) then again I have been close (but not in an accident, thank you very much)
50.laughed so hard that what you were drinking spewed out your nose? yes.
51.started laughing really hard so you just spit out what you had in your mouth cause you couldn't swallow? yep.
52.swallow a bug? yep.
53. have you ever actually kept a new year's resolution? not really formally… since I don't make them!

Why I don't go to sleep now is beyond me…. ;)

Hey all!
I know I haven't written anything at all significant as of late… but frankly I didn't feel like I had anything better than drivel for you all to read, and you honestly didn't deserve to read drivel that bad!
So I was browsing LJ tonight and ran across a link that you all might enjoy: J. K. Rowling's website!!! http://www.jkrowling.com/
Anywho… I'm still mega sore from the exceedingly lots of physical activity of the past few days (walking, working, more walking, soccer, walking, lifting hand weights, walking, (did I mention walking?).
I NEED new shoes. When my feet ache within the first few minutes of work… simply 'cause the shoes need replacing, I NEED new shoes!
Uh… yeah… and TTThhhat's ALL FOLKS!