A good (?) day…

So I think I'll take the time to list some pros and cons to this day:
Pro: I'm alive, and got out of bed without too much effort this morning.
Con: I slipped on the ice on my way to the LRT to get to school.
Pro: I made it to my tutorial on time
Con: Apparently I have no core sources for that particular term paper (drat!)
Pro: My evolutionary beauty class was great! I loved the presentation.
Con: The perfume samples gave me a headache (too much!)
Pro: I got to my midterm exam on time.
Con: I have no idea how I did on that exam. Slightly worrisome.
Pro: The midterm is OVER!
Con: I hadn't studied enough, I think.
Pro: My Comp Lit class rocked!
Con: When I was in Knowledge Common before Comp Lit, I couldn't get LJ to work right.
Pro: Got to hang out with Shreyo and Mike after class.
Con: Spent a little more than I probably should have on supper (but whatever, it was good).
Pro: Got to go play Wallyball with Circle K Club.
Con: Got to get hit by the ball.
Pro: I actually can hit the ball over the net.
Con: My wrist and arms turned nice and red and hurt.
Pro: I can usually serve okay.
Con: I got dizzy and sore neck and weak and so stopped.
Pro: This gave me the chance to read the newspaper.
Con: I didn't get undizzy (still am dizzy, my head still hurts).
Pro: I got home safely.
Con: I still feel pain.
Pro: Finally know who my IT is now.
Con: I don't think I know who this person is just yet.
Pro: I think I got all my forms to do my taxes now.
Con: My house is a mess.

Okay so I could go on like that for quite a while…. but in the meantime that made me feel a little bit more settled (but still in a rather lot of pain). Tomorrow I'm heading to Regina for Kiwanis Mid-Winter… so that should be fun!


I don't think I've been as tired as I was today for a VERY very very long day (hey…. even Shreyo was telling me to sleep… I really must have looked exhausted).
But I think that my 40 min nap in my own bed helped (as did the overdose on dessert and making cake, and dance class).
So now I should start some more studying for tomorrow's midterm, eh?
This should be amusing!
(I SO must get some sleep tomorrow night… although that may interfere with packing for my trip to Regina… but whatever)


So I ought to be doing like a million other things (as per usual)… but whatever, they'll get done.

This doesn't surprise me at all however:
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I'm a huge Harry Potter fan in any case, and Hermione is my fave. character anyway. So I'm glad with this result.

you are shakespeare!

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(with my goal to be a famous writer… this works!)

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(I'm actually surprised to receive this one — but cool!)

Heart of Crystal

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(the interesting thing is I have a real heart of crystal/glass, a gift from my Dad a few Christmases ago)

I think I'm going to go get something done. What, I don't know. But likely not enough of the studying for tomorrow's midterm. *sigh*

It was great to see so many of ya today… in real life especially… but also online of course.

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Murphy's law seems to tell me that whatever I expect will go wrong won't… so that's precisely what happened. And what I expected not to happen did.

But in any case… I'm well. DCON went well. And so on. So no complaints here, most certainly. In fact I'm quite pleased with certain aspects of things.

But whatever.
So I checked out this website www.namestatistics.com
and here's what I discovered:
Ali is the #2434 most common female name.
0.002% of females in the US are named Ali.
Around 2550 US females are named Ali!
Ali is the #614 most common male name.
0.012% of men in the US are named Ali.
Around 14700 US men are named Ali!
My last name claims to be unique.
This is yet another reason why most people just assume I'm male.

For my American friends (and those of you who have visited the States here's where I've been state-wise:

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I rather liked this!
You are Spearmint.
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(the one time I'm actually liking pink as a colour is….

So yeah… sure this update wastes the time etc. But hey I discovered more friends with LJs… and hopefully this trend will continue?

Going well?

Things are going well… *waits for Murphy's Law to kick in*
Now if only that would last, and school doesn't decide to reach up and bite me at any point in the next two months…. (what an idyllic dream!)

So CKI stuff seems to be going incredibly well (for the eve of Convention).
And so I look forward to the 'morrow with great anticipation….
Wish me luck! 🙂



I think that that word (along with the word beets!) really describes today. We powered through the chopping of beets today… 3 full hours of it! Such fun! Such accomplishment.
And I should SO be doing homework.
Rather than napping.
And attempting to read a chapter that I should have read a month ago.
And lazing about.
Like a bump on a log.
Sort of bored, but not really.
More wanting company.
But not getting it.
And maybe, just maybe I should go to the movies,

(but instead I get stuff accomplished. how exciting *rolls eyes*)

Animation Show…

So on the spur of the moment I was invited to come out and see this… and was absolutely blown away.
I especially loved… ALL OF IT! It would be far too difficult to choose.
But in any case I thought I'd post about the greatness of this.
Even if my description is rather pathetic and lacking in the greatness of the 'Animation Show'!
In other news, my alarm really ought to go off in the mornings! *grumble*